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Lightning flashed across the dark rumbling night sky. Rain was pounding hard against the trees like bullets and the leaves rustled quite loudly as though to make the spooky wind more chilling to the sound. The long grasses that grew wild here moved in a uniform manner, like waves rolling across the ocean. There was no one out here… well correction, there were only two people out here – one hunting for the other who was running for his life.

After the flash of lightning, the man took a deep breath and slowly counted.

One Castelia… Two Castelia… Three Castelia…

BOOM! Thunder immediately roared and shook the ground with its powerful vibrations. The man gritted his teeth from the sensation. The lightning was close but not too far, perhaps three miles if he was counting correctly. Unlike most people, the man was happy that the weather was wet and miserable. Well, for all of the wrong reasons of course.

"LET GO OF ME!" a voice cried out.

"Bingo…" The man thought, knowing that he had finally caught his prey. Carefully, the man walked quickly to the source of the screams. Drops of water splattered across his face and his wet shirt and pants cling to his skin. His sneakers were drenched and he could feel the cold wet rain soak through his socks but he didn't care. He had to finish this once and for all. Finally, past a clearing, the man finally encountered the person he had been hunting down in this forest.

"LET GO OF ME!" the boy yelled again. It was amazing how loud he could still scream and be heard despite the thunder and wind around him. However, his strength wasn't as strong as his voice for the boy was being held down quite firmly by the man's Pokemon.

No, the man stopped himself from thinking like that, not his Pokemon, his friends… they were not his slaves… The man watched as the poor boy struggled against his friends. Gurdurr, a fighting Pokemon that carried a steel bar with it, and Pidove who was on the boy's chest, ready to sink its claw into it. The boy was trying to struggle against the fighting Pokemon but the difference in strength was too great.

"What do you want from me?" The boy demanded when he saw the man. The man was impressed at the boy for his eyes did not contain fear but rather anger and perhaps annoyance. The boy still continued to struggle and said, "Get your Pokemon off of me! I told you before! I'm just a trainer! I'm traveling around the region! I don't know what you were talking about!"

Of course you don't, the man thought as the boy continued to yell as though he still have a huge pack of energy within him. It was taking all of Gurrdur's strength to keep the boy in check. It hasn't happen yet.

The man closed his eyes as he remembered what the old woman had said – The Warning. She had told him that he will meet someone who will change the very course of his life.

She spoke in riddles.. but the picture she painted, it was coming together and this boy here is proof.

Of course, there was more to The Warning, but the man could still remember the words that depicted this scene. He slowly moved his mouth to the words, repeating what the old woman had said. This boy was dangerous. He was going to ruin all of his plans – plans for a better world. The answer was right there in front of him. He knew what he had to do... Yet… why is he still hesitating? Perhaps it is because fortune telling is never as clear cut as it seemed or perhaps a bit of… pity?

"YOU!" The boy continued to yell, bring the man back to reality, "Why do you think you're doing the right thing? You keep talking about thinking only for the good of Pokemon, but right now, you're doing a lousy job convincing me!"

That did it. The man's eyes immediately flashed dangerously. He slowly put his hand to his belt and took out something that was held there. The boy stopped struggling for a moment and stared wide eye as the man slowly enlarged and pulled the Poke ball out in front of him. It was as though seeing it was killing the man for his face was filled with pain. Then the man opened the Poke ball and a bright light appeared before showing a Purrlion.

However, this was not the average purple cat Pokemon that walks on all four legs. Instead, it was standing on its hind legs – like a human being. It's pink eyelids gave its green feline eyes a mysterious appearance, and, as though it had been prepared to do this, it slowly walked up to the boy, who was muted by shock and was starting to have fear in his eyes. He was struggling harder now but it was useless as much as it had been before. Pidove immediately flew away to give room for Purrlion to step forward. Slowly, but carefully, Purrlionplaced its purple dagger-like tail on top of the boy's chest.

There was a moment of silence and the only sounds were the wind rustling through the tree branches and the splatter of large raindrops. The boy was breathing heavily now out of fear. It was in his eyes now. The man wouldn't kill him… would he? More silence… and then…

"Thunder Wave," the man whispered. Immediately, electricity filled the air.

"AHHHHHHH!" the boy yelled as the yellow crackling electricity attack went down the purple cat's tail and wrapped around his body like a thin rope. Gurdurr immediately let go of the boy as soon as the attack was issued. There was no need to hold the boy down now for he was unable to move due to pain. His arms were rigid and couldn't stop shaking as the electric current rush through them. Purrlion continued and increased the power of its attack.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The screams and yells were now drowned out by the thundering and rumbling sound from the clouds. The rain was pouring down hard now and the wind carried his voice far away. No one could hear him. No one except the man before him…

"I won't kill you," the man said softly as though he knew what was going through the boy's mind right before Purrlion's attack. But the boy didn't hear him as he continued to scream in pain. Strange how the man was feeling remorse now when just before, the young boy's words made him furious.

Suffering this much, the man thought sadly, The boy probably won't be able to function anymore. Suddenly the boy stopped in mid-scream.

Finally, it was quiet. Thunder still rumbled across the sky but now the screaming has stop. His eyes which had been widened in pain now became dull and blank as though he lost conscious. The boy's arms were now limp and fell to his side. Purrlion withdrew its tail from the boy's chest immediately and waited. No more sounds came from the boy's mouth except the small gasps of breath. The man saw that the boy's chest was moving up and down, but barely. He might live, he might not. The man grabbed his cap and pushed it down to cover his eyes, as though he couldn't bear to see what he had just done to the boy. Still, without hesitation, he turned and left. Behind him, his Purrlion followed.

"But I won't save you either."

Author's Notes


Who is this mysterious man and who is this boy that we don't know if he is dead or alive?

By the way, anybody know a good Pokemon word that can replace the word 'Mississippi'?

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