Author's notes: Many facts about Santorini were taken from Frommer's Guide to Greece. The Spiliotica Villa is a real place and the mirrored ceiling in the honeymoon suite that's mentioned in this chapter is prominently mentioned in the resort's advertising literature.

Marie and Logan took the hydrofoil over to Santorini Island in the Cyclades Islands, 130 miles south of Piraeus, Greece. They had booked the Honeymoon Suite at the Spiliotica Villa; a two story house that featured, much to Logan's delight a mirrored ceiling in the bedroom. The view of the Aegean Sea from the private veranda was nothing short of breathtaking with a spectacular view of the Caldera Volcano; the volcano many believe destroyed the city of Atlantis.

Logan sat in the kitchen still trying to figure out how many drachmas equalled a dollar before giving up and simply tossing the coins on the table in disgust.

"I give up. Let's just use the credit cards for everything and be done with it."

"Logan, I told you it's 235 drachmas to a dollar – it's not that difficult."

He pushed the pile of money towards Marie. "Fine, you use the cash, I'll stick with my credit cards."

"Do you wanna go exploring a little before dinner? The desk clerk told me about some great places to shop in Karterados."

"We come halfway around the world and you wanna hit the mall?"

"Not a mall, silly, just a collection of stores in the village. Or we could go exploring at Lontza Castle or we could …"

"Spend the afternoon making love ... this is our honeymoon, after all."

"Hmm, decisions, decisions … what to do, what to do," Marie said tapping the side of her cheek in a mock thinking gesture.

Logan made the decision for her when he swept her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom – with the mirrored ceiling.

Quickly stripping her of her travel clothes and divesting himself of his own, he backed her up until she bumped into the bed. Reaching down to capture her mouth in a searing kiss he lowered her to the bed smoothly and began kissing her neck while his hands moved lower. Marie glanced up and watched in the mirror as Logan explored her body with his hands and his mouth – this was going to be fun she decided. As his hands moved further down her body he stopped to spend extra time caressing her stomach, which had become a ritual whenever they made love. Eventually, his hand moved even further down to tickle her pubic mound while his other hand and mouth alternated between massaging and kissing her full breasts. Marie just moaned quietly and continued watching Logan's attentions reflected in the mirror. His mouth started travelling down the same path his hand had taken and she knew where he was heading and smiled at the thought. She loved to be stimulated that way and he was happy to oblige. Parting her legs, he buried his face in the sweet, hot center of her femininity and lathed her with his tongue. Marie watched as she lifted her hips off the bed to thrust against his mouth – it was so erotic to watch herself being administered to in this way.

She'd never watched the video that they'd made the night of their engagement, although she knew he'd enjoyed several viewings. Getting closer to the edge Marie forced herself to keep her eyes open so that she could watch herself orgasm.

"Oh, God…Logan…yes, yes, yes!" she screamed as the orgasm washed over her.

Logan moved up her body and positioning himself between her legs, quickly entered her while she was still in the throws of her orgasm, causing her to clench around him tightly as if giving his cock a little hug. The contracting muscles of her vagina almost made him climax immediately himself, but he wanted to prolong the ecstasy as long as possible and struggled to maintain control. After just a few minutes, he gave in and submitted to his own mind-numbing orgasm. Marie pushed on Logan's chest and moved to flip them over so that she was now straddled on top of him, giving him the opportunity to watch them in the mirror. Allowing him time to recover, she began dusting his chest with soft, butterfly kisses while her hands ran up and down his muscular arms. She then trailed kisses along the line of hair that ran from his chest all the way down his hard stomach and finally to his beautiful cock, that even now was starting to harden again. She licked the tip playfully and swirled her tongue around the head, planting soft kisses up and down the shaft before taking him into her mouth. Above her Logan let out a soft contented growl and watched in the mirror as she'd done before. With equal amounts of teeth and tongue, she soon had him on the edge again and continued sucking gently until he exploded in her mouth. He pulled her up into his arms and they held each other and just cuddled for a while before falling into a post-orgasmic sleep.

That evening they enjoyed cocktails at Franco's in the town of Fira while watching the glorious sunset over the Caldera. The desk clerk had recommended The Kastro Restaurant on Gold Street for traditional native cuisine and the Kirathira Bar that played jazz at a level that permitted conversation. They finally made their way to the Tropical Bar, which attracted a louder, rowdier crowd, but was great for dancing. Dragging back to the Villa past 2:00 am, they fell into bed not even having fun with the mirrored ceiling again.

The next morning they decided to be lazy and spend it in bed making love and didn't venture out until after lunchtime. They decided to spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach and made their way to Kamari Beach, a little over halfway down the coast. It was fairly crowed as it was considered the best beach on the island, something that disappointed Logan immensely as he'd hoped to get Marie alone in a deserted spot. He was adjusting his chair when he glanced over and noticed that Marie had removed her bikini top.

"Marie, for God's sake, what do you think you're doing?"

"Logan, look around … all the women are topless. I'd look odd if I kept mine on."

He shifted to look around and realized she was right; all the other women were topless, too. Funny, he hadn't noticed that when they arrived.

"I just don't know, Marie. I mean you have beautiful breasts, but I don't want other guys ogling you," he stated – his possessive caveman quality kicking into high gear.

"Women get to ogle your gorgeous muscular chest all the time. They're just my boobs, it's no big deal."

She decided to appease him momentarily by laying on her stomach, therefore, not displaying her generous assets to the entire male population of the beach. Satisfied, Logan settled down into the beach chair and closed his eyes, the warm sun making him sleepy, he drifted off into a light sleep. When he awoke a little while later he was annoyed to find that Marie had turned over and was now displaying her bare breasts for the viewing pleasure of the entire beach.

Throwing a towel over her as she tried not to laugh, he asked her, "How would you like it if I stripped off my shorts and gave every woman here a cheap thrill?"

"You wouldn't be alone – although, I'm sure you'd garner the most attention, babe."

Logan looked around and realized that about half the beach patrons were bottomless as well as topless and then he remembered Marie telling him that Santorini was famous for its nude beaches. An idea that had intrigued him back in New York, but didn't seem so appealing now they were actually here. Marie could no longer suppress a giggle, especially when Logan announced he'd had enough of the beach for one day.

The next day, to avoid the beach, they explored the ruins of Ancient Thira, first inhabited by the Dorians in the 9th century B.C. They oohed and awed over the symbols carved into the rocks: the eagle of Zeus, the lion of Apollo and the dolphin of Poseidon. The sanctuary of Apollo featured graffiti from 800 B.C. and the view of the sea 1,200 feet below was nothing short of breathtaking.

The two weeks passed quickly and soon the couple were winging their way back to New York. It had been a dream wedding and the perfect honeymoon. They were madly in love, they had a baby on the way – life was good.


Marie and Logan had purchased a new colonial-style house with a wraparound porch in the front and an acre of lawn in the back that prominently featured their wedding gazebo. Scott and Ororo had purchased a house just two streets away – it was great having them as neighbors and the two families got together every Sunday for dinner.

Getting Logan to move permanently to the suburbs had been relatively easy once he discovered that he and Scott could drive to the Westchester Airstrip and fly the corporate helicopter into the city every day. Logan complained mercilessly about Scott's shitty skills as a pilot until Scott, fed up with the constant bitching and moaning, reminded him that he was welcome to take twice the amount of time and drive in daily. From then on Logan was a good passenger – a quiet passenger.

Right after they moved into their new house, Marie surprised Logan with a Golden Retriever puppy that had come into the shelter. Rogue, not too thrilled at first with having to share her territory, eventually learned to tolerate the bouncing bundle of energy Logan named Scooter. He figured, for the sake of peace, if he couldn't use the nickname for Scott anymore, he'd at least needle him every time he called the dog.

Marie was reclining on a chaise lounge on the back patio watching in amusement as Logan sat in the kiddie pool allowing himself to be splashed by Savannah, their fifteen month-old daughter. She was the spitting image of her mother with her chestnut hair and large brown eyes, she could even produce the same darling little pout – which they both used on Logan whenever either one of them wanted something. She was her daddy's little princess and had him wrapped around her little finger. Marie glanced down at the sleeping bundle in her arms. Savannah's six week-old brother, Alexander was a miniature version of his handsome father. Two kids in just over a year had earned them lots of good-natured teasing from everyone. Marie had promised Logan a houseful of kids and she now jokingly asked him just how big of a house did he actually mean and could they renegotiate? She was so proud of him; he'd turned into the consummate husband and father. Tackling both roles with his usual verve and passion.

Scott and Ororo had created a little honeymoon baby of their own – or babies to be precise. Twins Harrison and Meggie, named in memory of Scott and Marie's parents, were born a couple of months after Savannah. Aside from the occasional ribbing and practical jokes on each other, Scott and Logan had made their peace with one another and discovered they made better friends than enemies. Scott now counted Logan amongst his closet friends and allies – would miracles never cease?

Logan sat patiently enduring the splashing of his adorable daughter. Normally, he would have been humiliated for anyone to see him trying to wedge himself into the tiny kiddie pool, but Savannah, like her mother, had a knack for making him do just about anything for her. He turned to look at his wife as she sat in the chaise lounge cradling the latest addition to their little family. His family. Sometimes he still couldn't believe how he'd gotten so lucky to have the three of them in his life. Marie and their two little miracles. His former, empty bachelor's life was just a distant memory now. Marie had done what many had thought was impossible, she had tamed the Wolverine. Life was good.