Last chapter is up. I am glad that so many people enjoyed it…even though it was totally different and unexpected. I think I managed to write beyond the request five positions - and yes, the last one is a plausible sex act. If I can cause one person's mouth to hit their desk, then I think I have accomplished what I set out to do. This completes the story for good. There will not be a sequel.

I don't own Criminal Minds. All positions are the result of an overactive imagination and too many books and not enough TV growing up.

Song prompt: "Get Off" by Prince.

Get Off

"23 positions in a one night stand."

As JJ's mouth closed over Emily's swollen and throbbing clit, Emily nearly passed out from pleasure. Her eyes rolled up in her head as her body jerked forward. This wasn't the first time she had been eaten out by another woman, but this was the first time she had an orgasm from the first lick. Weaving her hands in JJ's long blonde hair, she held the other woman's head still.

JJ didn't know where the courage had come from - maybe it was the moment, or just being comfortable around the people in the room that she could finally let her inhibitions go. Hotch had nearly worn her out, but the moment she spied Emily lying on the bed, her libido had gone into overdrive. Hotch and Dave had had their taste, and she wanted hers.

Moving her tongue over Emily's clit, JJ moaned as her sweet honey and Dave's musk coated her tongue. Each one was delicious, but combined they made for a powerful treat that caused the juices to flow and run down her thighs.

Dipping her tongue in, she tried to lap up her friend's hot, wet cum. But the faster she licked, the more excited Emily became. It was almost too good to be true.

Emily was losing her mind. She had been with men and women in her lifetime, but none had done to her what JJ was doing. The woman might be inexperienced in the art of female love-making, but her tongue was magic. Pure magic. At least until she decided to use her hands.

Stroking slowly at first, JJ tried to imagine if she was on the other end, how she would want to be treated. Sliding two fingers in, she was surprised to feel Em's hot velvet walls clamp down on her and pull her forward. Thrusting in and out, JJ increased her speed as Em's moans grew louder. Faster she moved then inserted a third finger.

"JJ," Emily moaned, her head thrashing back and forth from pleasure. She wanted to reach out and touch her lover, but the first wave of an orgasm gripped her.

"You like that, baby?" JJ encouraged, her strokes becoming bolder. Em's walls clamped down as a powerful orgasm vibrated thru her body. "Are you coming for me?"

"Oh fuck! Fuck me!"

"That's what I'm doing," the blonde whispered and moved her lips toward Em's clit. "Oh yeah. That's it." As Em's body began to jerk, JJ closed her mouth over the swollen nub and sucked. Em screamed from the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced.

Wave after wave coursed thru her body as JJ continued as though nothing was happening.

"You're killing me!" Em gasped, unable to think or comprehend.

"Hmmm hmmm," came the simple reply.

"Oh shit! JJ, where did you learn to do that? Oh God!" Breathing heavily, Em tried to get herself under control.

JJ pulled her fingers out and licked them. "That's good. So good. You want a taste?" she offered and stuck a finger in Em's mouth. Thrusting it in and out, JJ felt her lower body tighten as the brunette sucked greedily. She needed release. And fast.

Turning around, she lowered her throbbing pussy onto Em's face and nearly lost her breath as a hot wet tongue began to stroke her. Em's lips on her swollen slick folds was ecstasy beyond anything any man had ever given her.

Meanwhile, Dave tried to get himself together. His dry spell had nearly done him in, but he wasn't going to complain. Between his three friends, he was finding his second wind. As his cock slowly stirred back to life, he felt the urge to continue on. The sight of the two women beside him, giving each other pleasure, was too tempting to resist. He might die, but what a hell of a way to go!

Reaching down, he grabbed his cock and began stroking. Gently at first, but as Em's moans and JJ's cries of pleasure filled the room, he increased the speed. There was no way he was going to lie there and let them have all the fun. After all, he had a reputation to protect.

Springing back to life, he wasn't completely hard, but it was good enough to do the job. Rolling over, he stood on the side of the bed. Wrapping an arm around JJ's waist, he pulled her toward him.

"What?" JJ protested as Dave pulled her on all fours toward him.

"This," he groaned and shoved himself deep into her slick folds. Thrusting hard, he reached under and grabbed her breasts. Squeezing, he matched his grip with his thrusts.

Hotch was still stunned that the moment was even happening. All of his life he had tried to follow the rules. Now, one night with soulful confessions had led him to fucking his co-workers as though his life had depended on it. And maybe it did. Hell, he was going to have to let go once in a while…or maybe more after what he had done. It was a tiny drug that had corrupted his system.

He was far from gay, but there was no denying that Dave was a helluva kisser. He had wondered what all the fuss had been about, and now he knew as he had watched his best friend fuck Emily to the point of insanity.

Looking out of the corner of his eye, he had watched with perverse pleasure as Dave fucked Emily, then JJ took her turn. He should have been disgusted, but the exact opposite occurred as his dick stirred and then came back to life. Stiff and proud, it jerked with need as it searched for warmth of a hot pussy.

Groaning, he reached down and wrapped his hand around his throbbing staff. He felt the urge to cum as JJ lowered her body onto Em's face. He had tasted both women, but he was needing more. As Dave moved behind JJ and impaled her with his thick staff, Hotch nearly exploded. Hot was an understatement. Moving off the bed, he glanced at Em's body.

It called out to him to fuck her like he had always wanted to fuck someone. It taunted him with promises that he could do whatever he wanted.

Turning Em over onto all fours, he thrust into her waiting body. Hot, wet, tight…no wonder Dave nearly died. How had he denied himself this for all these years? He had imposed celibacy as punishment for failing, when everyday this had been passing by his office. He was a fool. Yeah, but he was a fool fucking Emily Prentiss.

Deeper and faster his thrusts became. He didn't want to start slow. He had spent too many years doing the right thing. Tonight was about pleasure and senseless fucking. As her body grasped his cock, he swung his hips harder.

Looking down, he saw JJ's head thrown back, her eyes closed as Dave moved in and out of her body. Leaning over, he took JJ's lips with his for an open mouth kiss. His tongue thrust into her mouth as his cock thrust in Emily in perfect timing.

Dave took his friend's lead and lowered his head to kiss Em as he continued fucking JJ. He thought he had done everything possible when it came to sex…had every possible position - and maybe invented a few - but leave it to Hotch to teach the old dog a new trick. Too bad after this, his heart might give out or else he would pay his friend back.

Concentrating on their partners both beneath and beside them, the men moved in tandem as their women's cried of pleasure increased.

Hotch moved faster as his body screamed for release. But he wanted to make it last. Except Em's body was being torn in two with an incredible orgasm and she was determined not to enjoy it alone. Undulating her hips, she arched up and took Hotch deep, deep inside.

He lost his mind. Faster he thrust. Harder he pounded into her. Her cries filled his ears, as a roar erupted from deep inside. He was almost there. Faster, faster, faster… Suddenly, without warning, he pulled out of Em and thrust his swollen cock at JJ.

Opening her mouth, she took Hotch inside. Her tongue made two strokes before he exploded in her mouth and warm jets of delicious cum ran down her throat. Swallowing quickly, she held still until he stopped thrusting. Sucking him off, she licked his tip and then released him.

Meanwhile, Dave thought he was losing his mind. Had he seen Hotch do what he thought he saw? Oh fuck, that was hot! Hotter than anything he had ever seen or read about. It was one thing to watch his best friend fuck a woman right before his eyes, but it was another to see him fuck one woman then cum inside the mouth of another. He felt his balls rise from pleasure.

Faster he pushed inside JJ. He wanted to come inside of her, but he wanted to do what Hotch had just done. Throwing his head back, he swung his hips.

"Dave," Em moaned. "Now."

Pulling out of JJ, Dave grabbed his cock and gave two quick jerks before he exploded hard and violently. Em barely had time to open her mouth as his hot, salty cum filled her mouth in fast spurts. His body jerked as her tongue caressed him and then sucked him off. Then she released him.

As the four adults tried to gather their senses and tried to comprehend what had just transpired, no one could deny that the atmosphere had lightened.

With his arms wrapped around JJ's waist, Dave nestled his face in her blonde hair.

"That was amazing," he remarked, his eyes closed as the world slowly stopped spinning.

"I know," she replied. "We should thank Emily."

"All in due time, Cara. I think I might have to make an appointment with my cardiologist before agreeing to this again."

"You want to do this again?" Hotch asked, as he nuzzled Em's soft neck.

"Don't you?" Em murmured.

"Oh yeah," JJ agreed. "Even if the guys don't want to join."

"Don't count me out," Hotch protested. "I wouldn't pass this up."

"Even if it means we're breaking the rules?" Em teased.

"Rules," Dave scoffed. "They don't apply here." He covered JJ's mouth with his for a wet kiss.

"I'm jealous," Hotch whispered in Em's ear.

"Of Dave?"

"No, of JJ."

Em's eyes twinkled. "Are you saying…? Well, he is a great kisser."

"I know where I want those lips next time."

"Oh…" Em felt her body grow wet at the thought of her two male partners going at it. "I can't wait to see you talk him into it."

"I shared both my women with him; he owes me."

"I heard that," Dave growled. "The only lips coming near mine are these two women."

"Give him time; he might change his mind," JJ offered.

"Well, at least no one can say that we didn't have fun tonight," Em spoke up. "That was one helluva stress reliever."

Exhausted, worn out, and completely sated, the other three could only agree. It had been one helluva stress reliever.

And an enjoyable one too.

The End.