Hello, and welcome to my readers guide for everything you need to know about phans. To start off I would like to thank Le Fantome Victorien for the permission to use an idea that she came up with. She works very hard to produce stories that I dearly love, and I thought that this guide book needed to move on to describe the other Phangirls/Phanboys.

I do not, nor (unfortunately) will I ever own anything about the Phantom of the Opera. All I want to do is write a guide book about the phans. I do not own IPods, or ITunes, fan fiction, EBay

Chapter 1: Who/What are Phans?

Phans: People (mostly girls) who have a complete obsession over The Phantom of the Opera. They go crazy over anything related to Phantom in different ways, depending on what type of phan they are and the phan level they have. There are 5 levels of a phan:

Level 1: They've borrowed the movie from a friend/library/Movie rental store and have seen it at least once and enjoy it. They have some songs on their ITunes (most likely Music of the Night, All I Ask of You, and Point of No Return) and slightly know the tune to only the ones they have. They don't talk to their friends about it unless brought up, and they defiantly aren't completely obsessed (they don't even know what a phan is).

Level 2: They own the one disk movie and seen the movie at least 3 times and love it. They have most of the songs, but not all of them, and for the ones they have they know the lyrics by heart. When their bored they will hum the songs until they realize their doing it and sometimes stop. They sometimes bring it up in conversations, but when the topic gets struck down they leave it, not to bring it up again for a while. They like it, so they are slightly obsessed, but not enough to be a Level 3. They have heard of the term phan before but know little about it.

Level 3: They own the 2 disk special edition copy of the movie and looked at both disks several times. They own all the songs and listen to the songs at least once a week and know the lyrics by heart. When they hear Down Once more/ Track Down this Murderer they cry at the end sometimes. They own a Phantom T-shirt, but only wear it around the house. They read fan fictions by other phans, but don't write them with fear that the level four and five phans will yell at them if they mess up. They have only read one book or seen a movie (besides the 2004 version) about phantom. They can bring it up with their non phan friends, but don't hold the conversation for long, but bring it up a lot (which can really annoy the friends). They are obsessed, but not completely. They know that they are phans and are slightly proud of it.

Level 4: They own the 2 disk special edition copy of the movie and have watched both disks so many times. They own and have memorized all the songs, listen to at least one song every day, have the whole soundtrack on their IPod, and even have made some choreography of their own to go along with it. They cry every time they hear Down Once More/ Track Down this Murderer. They own at least one Phantom t-shirt and they gladly wear it to many occasions. They read and write fan fictions and help the want to be Level fours get back on track to where they are or help them become level fours. They have seen a couple of other movies and read a book or two about the Phantom. They sniff out the phans at their school and become friends with them, that way they could talk about phan stuff. They are proud to be phans and they know they are completely obsessed.

Level 5: Level five phans take it to the extreme. They own all the Phantom movies they can find and have a Phantom movie marathon at least twice a month. They collect books that include the Phantom or have a similar story. In their free time they write and read fan fictions. They also find other phans by having a Phan Alliance for their school. They go to EBay to buy phantom style clothes (ex. Cloaks, Victorian style outfits, and masks) and when they have to look "normal" they wear phantom shirts. They will also put on a private show in their room singing and dancing to Phantom (This includes costume, make-up, sets, and dramatic lighting). They watch the stage production at any chance they have, weather it is from an online site or if the production is in town. If they are creative enough they can make little dolls of the characters (from barbies or make them from scratch with felt and fabric) and play with them. Their room has a theme that is, or related to, Phantom (ex. Paris- wall to wall in Eiffel towers and arc de triumph's, with other famous sights). If they are nice, they will help the smaller level people become level fives (hoping for WORLD DOMINATION!)

There are also 4 types of phans that I will go over later in detail. They are:

Phans of the man

Phans of the story

Phans of the music

Phans of the romance

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