I have been thinking about writing a chapter about phantastic fashions for a while. If you can sew your own clothes, or are artsy in any way, more power to you, you'll like what's in store. If you can't sew at all, I'll tell you what kinds of clothes that can work.

All stores listed below are some of my favorite places to go, please don't sue me for using the names( I am recommending them, I promise)

Note that the clothes I wear are very costumey, and sometimes that is not the style, but I don't care! I think fashion should consist of what the person is comfortable with wearing and helps define them as a person. So to the girls at school that say you are only allowed to wear a certain style and whatever people who seem to shape the fashion of today, screw them! They can't define the individually that is you! Also note that the things I wear listed below are only things I wear to shape my personality more, so if you like to dress the way you do, stick with it! The whole idea of this Phan Guide is to tell you what I like to do, and hope that I inspire you to dig further into your heart and reach a new level of individuality while thinking about what you are really into. So enjoy!

If your like me( level 4's and 5's will be more like this) you like to set your own fashions in your school/town. I'm known as the girl who looks like a Victorian style romantic, always with a flower in my hair(hair flowers are my favorite!). The main colors I use are black, dark royal purple, rose pink, rose red, creme, and a darker green. In this chapter I will describe modern day phantom fashions(I think while I shop, 'Is this something a modern day Christine would wear') I wear every day from head to toe.
Now back to hair flowers, they are some of my favorite things in the world; I always have them on my head. If I don't wear a flower, I wear head bands and ribbons(like dark see through lacy ribbon). I get my hair flowers from Claire's, Sam Moon, and Hobby Lobby(they are there, I promise). I am a sucker for roses, but I also like other flowers. If there is a flower I want, but they don't have it, I go to craft stores and get felt, hair clips, some super glue, and some nice fake flowers and ending up making my own. If I feel it needs a little uniqueness, I would add lace, feathers, and maybe some glitter to add a zing. I also buy a bouquet of fake small flowers and glue them on a hair band so I can still have some flowers in my hair if I'm in a rush and need to just brush my hair and put it up. Style wise, I also usually have my hair up in a half ponytail(I have long hair, if you have medium hair it will work too). Sometimes, if I go to a nice event, or feel like sprucing myself up, I will curl my hair in that half ponytail. It just gives it more of a girly feel that is also very Christine like.

Shirts are sometimes hard to find; I go hunting for shirts for almost hours at a time. I like shirts in the same colors mentioned in the first paragraph that are a little bit girly and dressy, but not a lot. Some of my favorite shirts are lacy and have poofy sleeves, and have a fabric that is see through(I like to wear camisoles and undershirts that complement the top layer). I also like to wear jean vests over a plain shirt(with a big hair flower in my head to add the romantic effect) and the vests can add a slimmer effect on some people. I also like corset style shirts(not like what strippers wear, but more moderate) they are very sexy looking!

I'm also not a person who wears skirts all the time(I will if I'm in a really good mood in the summer, or if it's my Point of No Return skirt) but I do wear skinny jeans, all denim colors are good, but I prefer really dark. If you do wear skirts, I like longer skirts that have ruffles in the back that is very costumey.

Dresses are also a wonderful aspect of having phantom fashion! Dark, knee length, and semi poofy are my favorite to wear. I wore a dress like that and it had a bottom layer of dark pink( like it was almost black) and a top layer of see through fabric with flowers sewn up top to my schools phantom of the opera masquerade ball(loved every second of it!) Also, you have probably heard from everywhere you go, every girl needs what is called, a little black dress. I must agree, because it is there when you need it and you can spruce it up with anything that will go for the occasion.

Shoes are, well shoes. They help tie in your whole outfit and keep your feet protected from the dangers in the ground(like the thumbtack I stepped on the other day... That hurt) I normally wear tennis shoes everyday because I have to walk to school, but I love dressy shoes. From heels to nice ballet flats, I just love the way they look on my feet. If I want to wear tennis shoes that are not like the ones I wear everyday, I have a pair of canvas shoes(like converse)that I painted over to make phantom of the opera shoes. They are easy to make, and you can paint just about anything on canvas shoes, acrylic paint works best. If you don't want to paint, you can also write on them with permanent ink. Heels that I like are Mary Jane's, or as I knew them in theater, my character shoes. I wear them with my dresses and when I feel like being casual, but dressy, I wear them with skinny jeans. My pair of black flats are my other favorite, like the little black dress every girl needs at least one pair of black flats in their closet.

Other things like jewelry, purses, coats, and scarfs can also tie the outfit all together in a way that can also help define your individuality. In jewelry, I love cameos; I can't get enough of them. I also like putting antique keys on a chain for my neck, as well as several charms. I also like simple small purses, black clutches are my favorite. I love finding unique coats, but my favorite one is my black dress coat that has coat tails in the back; I wear I with practically everything in the wintertime when its not too cold. Scarves are also very fun to have in the winter, can be fuzzy for very cold weather, or light and casual for the summertime.

Places to go to buy clothes/accessories:
Craft stores- you can get hair flowers as well as patterns and fabric if you make your clothes
Thrift stores- has a lot of old clothes for really cheap, you can sometimes find really good stuff there
Sample sales- I like to go to sample sales of unknown designers. One lady that is a close family friend has two sample sales a year in a big warehouse. She sometimes makes these really unique shirts and jackets, and I buy a ton of them in different colors!
Costume shops- like I said earlier, I have a very costumey taste in clothes. I sometimes find wonderful skirts(like my point of no return skirt) that are handmade(if lucky). I like more of the handmade costumes than factory produced costumes; to me it makes the costumes seem more like clothes.
Online stores- they have some really neat stuff online. Just make sure you can return it if it doesn't fit. I only buy one size fits all from online bidding areas like EBay.
Antique stores- have some really cool jewelry and outfit ideas. I live finding small antiques that I can wear, it feels like I'm becoming part of a story.

Well summer is here, and I plan to work on some of my other fan fictions while on break. I promise the phan guide is not done for good, only put on hold until I get a brilliant idea for it, or when the school year starts up again. If you have anything you would like to hear about in the future, tell me in a comment. Thanks for following me through this experience so far. I think I really got to think deeper than before and see who I really am, as a Phan and as a person. I promise I will not put this on the back-burner forever! Remember to review the chapter and tell me what you would like to hear about In the future! I'll miss you, but you can follow me through my other fan fic, phantom of the arts magnet( I'm re writing the first and second chapter so it can be better as a whole)! See you relatively soon!