Author's Note: This isn't anything too special... I needed text for the background of a Fakiru picture, so I wrote this story. I thought it would look cooler in German, but I neither know German nor trust online translators, so I just capitalized all the nouns to give it a German "feel." So... yeah. This is Fakir's story to turn Duck back into a girl.

Once upon a Time, there lived a brave Knight and a beautiful Princess. At first the Two were Enemies, by the Will of the Knight, but in Time they were united by their Love of a Prince in a Battle against the Demon Crow who threatened him. And the Knight came to know that the Princess was only a Princess by the Power of an Enchantment—in fact, the Princess was only a Human by that same Enchantment. She had come into the World and had lived as a mere Duck until she met the Prince; her Love for him, both tender and true, made her animal Heart change and grow, until she had the Heart of a human Girl.

And as the Knight came to know her, and as they fought together against the Crow, he came to love her. When at last the Story of the Prince was complete, the Enchantment upon the Duck was broken, and she returned to her natural State; she lived together with the Knight, who had sworn to cherish and protect her for all of their Days. And the Two of them shared Happiness of a Kind, but the Duck with the human Heart was unhappy, for she was now bound to a Body that could not do all her Will. But her Knight's true Power was in Words, not in Weapons, and so he tried many Times to write a Story that would restore her to her human Form. Years passed with no Sign of Success, and he gave up Hope.

Yet one day, as the Knight was engaged in his daily Task of Writing, the Duck came to him. He was confused, and asked her why she had come. She said Nothing, for she could not, but she smiled tenderly at him and, in the wordless Language of Ballet, she told him for the first Time that she loved him as well. At that Moment, without his Will, the Knight's Pen began to write a new Story across the Page in front of him. And suddenly, a Flash of brilliant golden Light surrounded the Duck, and she stood before him, a human Girl once again. And so, after many lonely Years, the Knight and the Girl who had been a Duck lived happily ever after.