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"Hey, Em!" Opening the door Andy rejoiced at the visit, in her face, a broad smile.

The redhead smiled in response and returned the clunky hug due to Andy's prominent belly, and followed her inside.

"I don't know how you can manage these miracles", Emily feigned an air of boredom, sitting beside her friend on one of the big and comfortable couches in the living room.

Andy chuckled. "Oh, but we know that her benevolence is not only in favor of our gossiping time. I bet that my beloved partner said to you take advantage of the visit to hear about the girls and see how the huge pregnant is feeling", despite the amused tone, Andy had a sweet smile.

Miranda did not bother with niceties.

When she was forced to leave home were not rare sudden visits of their friends at the townhouse. The editor knew that such moments relaxed her partner, her concern with Andrea even more pronounced, those days.

Emily's reaction was a snort and eye roll. She gave a smirk. "Okay. My 'good life' is exactly sixty minutes to finish; so, going straight to the point: how are the girls?"

Andy's happy feature wavered. "They are in the same..." Her voice was low and gravelly.

Suddenly, the house seemed cooler.

The months of treatment demanded their debt, the fight against time, merciless. While serving to contain the spread of the illness, the heavy medication gradually weakened the twins. The exercises with Sophie, that they both loved, became increasingly limited, until they summarized the cautious stretching and massages to relieve muscle pain, more intense and constant. Last week, worryingly gaunt, the girls were laid up in bed.

Just like the other times she was there at Miranda's request, Emily studied Andy attentively. Except for the suddenly tense feature and a slight tired look that showed a bit of her inner turmoil, physically, she seemed well. Despite the stretched belly by the proximity of the baby's birth, Andy barely gained weight. A balanced diet (not including the candies and weird things, which she still tried to eat cautiously) and proper exercises (over the months, only stretching and aqua-aerobics) meant that Andy got to that stage in good shape and with the unique beauty of the pregnant women.

"And you, how have you been?" While Emily had idea, and she understood how it affected Andy, she knew that her friend needed to feel cared for and have the opportunity to vent things out, if she wanted.

Andy sighed and ran a hand through her shorter hair, shoulder-length, easier to handle in her current condition. "Also in the same..." Her voice sounded a little shaky. "Except for back pain and swollen feet, plus the hassle of having to pee every fifteen minutes, physically, I'm fine..."

Emily gave her a reassuring squeeze on the knee. "And about the rest?" She instigated softly.

Andy breathed deeply. "Hard, Em... But I still try to stay whole… For the girls…for him…" She gently began stroking her belly, a bittersweet smile on her face.

Emily nodded in understanding, with a saddened look. It was suffered for those who loved her see Andy in such an ordeal. Emily knew how complicated it was for Andy, how much her sacrifice to keep the pain hidden demanded.

Andy sighed and gave a tight smile. "Well, but now we go to the party of yours. Did you have settled all your stuff in your new home? And the buffet that Eliza recommended? Is everything right?"

Emily nodded and smiled at the change of subject. "Unlike clothing, I didn't take too much, but because my lack of time, things was crawling. However, everything is finally in place. I loved the buffet menu, light, sophisticated and affordable prices. Eliza has excellent contacts in the area. I think she got us a good discount."

Just over a month, Emily, more tense than usual, had asked Andy for help. She needed advice! The issue was that Serena had suggested that they should live together. After all, many of Emily's clothes were already in the former model's closets and Emily spent more time in her girlfriend's apartment than in her own home. Although she knew it was true, the redhead still felt insecure. Would not they be rushing into things? They were dating for only a few months. Additionally, despite she spent much time with Serena, Emily had a place to return, if she needed space.

Andy, however, raised some questions: Did Emily feel real need to stay away from Serena? Did she really have to be alone to do her stuff?

Emily's answer was negative. Even before the dating, even when together, they also did things separately.

Andy then was accurate to say that, in their current situation, Emily have a place to get away was not a sign of independence, but of cowardice. The respect between Serena and she was mutual, they knew their limits. They were friends for years. Their dating could be recent, but their intimacy, no. They would only be taking a convenient step in relation to locomotion and time, the rest, they already had.

After the talk, things flowed quickly. Emily announced her decision to her girlfriend and soon they had a date for her move. Andy then suggested a celebration of welcome to the new home. Emily, the practical one, was reluctant. After all, it was not a new home, in fact. But Serena, the bright and emotional side of the couple, also thinking that a relaxation moment would be good for everyone, convinced her grumbler redhead.

x x x x

As she closed the door behind her, Miranda Priestly took a deep breath and let her tense shoulders relax a little; her strong facade of businesswoman giving way to a downcast expression.

The house was dark, silent.

Miranda instinctively checked her delicate watch. It was almost midnight.

She sighed slowly.

Miranda could not remember the last time she had eaten something. And yet so, exhausted, she just wanted a shower and bed.

When the editor left for the day full of meetings she knew that it would be long. However, even aware that she would have some annoyances, they were beyond her expectations. At least Nigel and the assistants were in tune with her needs. After what seemed endless debates, the dismissal of an employee and relocation of other two, Runway finally was ready for a few more days on the rails.

The editor sighed, grabbed her cell phone and threw the purse on the sideboard. She put the device in the blazer's pocket and ran a hand through her hair distractedly. Miranda took off her shoes, just with her feet, and left them right there in the hallway, and followed it by memory, even without light. She went up the stairs in slow paces, each step more difficult to overcome, metaphorically associated with what the destination represented.

Miranda was not straight to her bedroom. She knew where to find Andrea.

At the entrance of her daughters' bedroom, the woman once more breathed consciously, she squared her shoulders, one of her masks back in place.

Miranda opened and closed the door carefully. Inside, she gave a nod of recognition to the nurse, who was reading next to the lamp at the end of the room, and then turned her attention to her family.

Miranda tried in vain to contain the squeeze in her chest and her eyes sting. As much as she knew the reality of the situation, there would not be once to see her girls in such a condition would not shock her. For that served the disguises. They needed her whole.

They were so pale and frail. The catheters and mechanical noises, invaders, hated. Vital.

Miranda sighed and obtained the courage to move her legs. She looked at Andrea, who slept awkwardly on an armchair at the feet of the beds. While reclining, the upholstered was not comfortable enough for a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy. But Andrea was adamant in maintaining the vigil, her love and efforts for the twins, relentless.

Miranda went to her daughters and placed a gentle kiss on the forehead of each. She pursed her lips to feel Cassidy a little hot. Or was Caroline who was too cold? The editor looked at the machines, which she already knew understand, and saw that everything was "normal". Miranda sighed in dismay. She also knew to be "normal" the fluctuations in temperature.

After observing tenderly the twins for some time, the editor went to Andrea and studied her. Suddenly the longing was bothering her, as if Miranda had not seen her partner for days. She bent down and sniffed Andrea's hair and gave on them an affectionate kiss. "Love... Wake up..." She whispered in her left ear, not wanting to wake the girls too. "Andrea... Come to bed."

Andy's heavy eyelids fluttered and they opened lazily. Her blurry eyes met with a pair of soft and tired blue-green ones. She put a hand over her mouth to stifle a yawn. "You came home," Andy said the obvious softly in a thick tone, while Miranda helped her sit up.

Seeing the small grimace that crossed Andrea's face, even knowing that the reprimand would be a futile effort, the older woman had to hold not to scold her for having once again fallen asleep on the armchair. Instead, Miranda sweetly incited, "Come on, darling, let's go to bed." Then, she helped her get up.

After they exchanged a soft kiss and a consuming hug, Miranda patiently guided Andrea so she could say goodbye to the twins. On leaving the room the editor offered a nod to the nurse and a meaningful look toward her daughters, reminding her to be on the alert.

Miranda led her half-asleep partner to their bedroom. While Andrea was using the toilet, the older woman quickly straightened the bed for them. Next, she carefully helped Andrea to lie down. Miranda ran a gentle hand on her belly, kissed it and then covered the younger woman with the soft comforter. As she undid the buttons on her blazer, Miranda planted a lengthy kiss on Andrea's forehead. "I will take a quick shower." She stroked Andrea's thick and messy hair, a sweet smile spreading across her face.

"Don't take too long... Hold me later?" Despite almost inaudible by the sleep, the request had a needy tone, the heavy day treacherously taking its toll.

Miranda gently moved aside some brown-reddish strands that fell over Andrea's face and kissed the corner of her lips. "Always..."

Miranda ran her eyes over the group, pleased. Andrea, Eliza, Sophie, Serena, Lillian, Diana and four other friends of the hosts chatted animatedly as they savored the delicacies of the small celebration. Emily, Nigel, Gustaf, Alicia and Annabelle were with the editor, while trying not to speak too much about work.

Miranda rolled her eyes at Emily, who could not resist mentioning one of the articles of clothing worn on the photo shoot early, and soon the others at her side pointed observations. As she listened to the debate, the editor peripherally watched Andrea. Although they could not stay long because of the twins, Miranda smiled tenderly to see how much the time with friends relaxed her partner. And she admitted that it was being good for her as well.

Miranda had a small smile while looking at the other corner of the room, where lay a pile of gifts that the host couple won for their "new home". After drinking some of her whiskey, she smirked as she remembered the faces of astonishment at her pampering. The legend was true, when wanted, Miranda Priestly knew how to gifting.

The editor was taken from her fun by a sudden sound. She pursed her lips. It was her private cell phone. Miranda promptly picked the device from her pocket and her heart beat faster to see of where the call came from. "Yes?" She answered in a tone unusually uncertain, and the rest of her group instantly stood silent, worried.

Miranda listened intently to the other end, her heart ever accelerating, in proportion as her body froze and trembled.

Andy, who was surprised by the known ring tone, looked at her partner. Noticing Miranda pale, she immediately went to her. Andy placed a hand on her back and waited the other to finish the conversation. The older woman was strangely monosyllabic.

Miranda cleared her throat. "Okay... My..." Her voice cracked, and she swallowed as her mouth went dry. "My staff will contact you shortly to handle the details..." Miranda was firmer, though still in a heavy tone. "I appreciate that you have called so quickly... Yes... Again, thank you..." The editor ended up the call and looked at the cell phone in her hand, as if it was an exotic animal.

Then she noticed the silence.

There were not voices or background music anymore, just a grave, fearful silence.

"Um... Miranda...?" Also in a distressed state, Andy finally plucked up the courage to call her attention, not supporting to see anymore the older woman's fight trying to contain her emotions.

Miranda took a deep breath, raised her head and stared at her apprehensive partner. The editor's face had an expression that most there had never seen before: Incredulous happiness. "It was..." Her voice choked out, and Miranda sighed, needing to collect herself. It was not time for her to break apart, much had to be done, and urgently. "It was from the marrow bank... They found a donor for the girls...

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