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Memories of a Broken Kid.

The Little Runaway

I remember the night Sam left. I was ten years old and still naïve of the world despite my harsh upbringing. Dad sugar coated everything and Dean was overprotective as hell. I was lonely as a kid. I had no friends. I had an imaginary friend called Billy when I was eight but it turned out it was a creature that fed on children's souls or some crap like that. That's what Dean said anyway. The only real friend I had was in Sam. I doted on him and he even nick named me Shadow as I followed him everywhere. I suppose it was an act of kindness when he broke it to me about Dad and where him and Dean disappeared to all the time. He wanted me to know and not to be in the dark anymore. Dean and Dad were furious with Sam for him telling me everything. Dean later confessed to me that he only wanted to shield me from the danger that Dad dealt with. He also said he wanted me to be like a normal kid. At least for a while. From that point I never knew normality again.

2OO2 was just another year for me and my family. I had always assumed Dad just liked travelling. Boy was I stupid. Routine for me was hours sitting in the back of the Impala with Sam, then a few days in some crap hole somewhere then we were off again in the Impala. After Sam confessed everything and show me Dad's journal, I was forever asking questions. Did Vampires and Werewolves really exists? Was there something hiding under my bed when I was smaller? I obviously pissed Dad off with my constant bombardment of questions. He always barked at me to shut up and to stay put either in the Impala or back at the motel. There was no point in asking Dean. Yet with Sam he always tried to find an answer for me.

I can't quiet remember were we were. It think it was Arizona. Anyway. We were at this motel. We had been their for almost three weeks, which was an unusually long time. I didn't mind really. I amused myself by colouring and drawing in a small notepad with my crayons and playing a solo game of catch with my baseball. Sam found me sitting alone near the Impala one day.

"Hey Shadow," he smiled crouching on his haunches "Watcha doing?"

"Nothin much" I said tossing the ball between my small hands. Sam sat down beside me. He noticed my notepad and was flipping through it. His eyes full of glee.

"Is that Dean?" he inquired pointing to a picture in which was a stick like figure with a large head and green circles for eyes.

"Yup" I replied looking it over with a grin creeping on my face "I think it looks like him."

Sam then asked with a chuckle "Why does he have a big head?"

I looked at Sam with raised eyebrows "Because he does have a big head. Come on Sammy you mean to say you've never noticed?"

Sam just laughed and pulled my baseball cap over my eyes as we both stood up. I couldn't see anything. I started to laugh myself and I knew what Sam was up to.

"Marco" he said.

"Polo" I giggled in reply trying to search for him in the dark.

We carried on with our shenanigans until Dad barked at us to behave ourselves. It was only a two days after our game of Marco Polo that the laughter stopped.

The sun had just went down and I was scribbling away in my notepad when Sam walked in waving a letter in his hands. I looked up in curiosity along with Dean who was busying with research. Sam looked excited but with a mixture of fear and dread.

"What's that?" I asked brightly putting down my crayons.

"Yeah Sam?" Dean questioned snatching it from Sam's hand.

"Dude?" said Sam in annoyance making a grab for it "Give it back."

Dean wasn't listening. He was reading the letter, his face fell then he frowned. He still kept the letter from Sam. Whatever the letter said, Dean was pissed.

"When did you apply for Stanford?" he hissed angrily.

Sam gulped but was ready to stand his ground. Then Dad entered the room. He looked at us and the letter in Dean's hand.

"What's this?" he asked taking it from Dean, after he read the first few lines his face had hardened and he glowered at Sam.

"Your not going" he stated firmly, his dark eyes light with a burning anger.

"I am Dad" replied Sam calmly "I'm going to Stanford."

Then it kicked off. Dad started yelling at Sam while Dean just stood there with his arms folded. I swear I saw a hint of jealously in his eyes at that one brief moment. Then Sam gained his courage and started answering back in an equally pissed off tone. Dad looked like he was ready to sock him in the face. I was scared of Dad when he got mad and at the heat of the argument I scurried over to Sam.

"Chrissie stay back" growled Dad to which Dean came and held me back in case it got violent.

Sam gave me a small sad smile and turned on his heels grabbing his bags as he headed for the door.

"You walk out that door," Dad warned him "Don't you ever come back!"

Sam looked at me and Dean and then slammed the door behind him. I wretched myself away from Dean and avoided Dad as I dived outside and raced towards Sam as he was passing by the parking lot.

"Sammy!" I cried out "Sammy don't go!"

Sam turned, tears falling down his face "Go back Chrissie."

"No!" I replied defiantly going after him again but then I was caught in Dean's arms. Sam turned back and continued walking along the street.

I struggled and thrashed about howling for Sam as Dean brought me back inside. I glared at Dad with tears streaming down my face. Dad then left with a guilt ridden expression on his face. I knew where he was going. I was off to get wasted. That made me even more angry and upset. Why did he fight with Sam all the time? Why wasn't he letting Sam go to College? Why couldn't he be more normal?

I continued to fight with Dean as he planted me back on the ground. He grabbed my shoulders to try and calm me down. He looked at me sadly but I was pissed at him.

"Why didn't you stop him!" I sobbed punching him repeatedly "I want Sam!"

"Quit hitting me kiddo I'm on your side" he said taking hold of my wrists.

"No your not!" I wept avoiding eye contact "You always take Dad's side. I hate him!"

Dean looked at me square in the eye "No you don't."

Tears still dripped down my cheeks and I finally managed to wriggle away from Dean.

"I hate you!" I spat tearfully to which Dean was taken aback and a forlorn look washed over his face.

When I look back on that moment it is something I was I could erase completely. I knew when I uttered those words, Dean's heart broke.

I had to get away from them that night. So I packed my rucksack which in contrast with my tiny frame at the time-I was only ten remember-looked rather funny. I tied the laces of my high top sneakers and put on my trusty baseball cap I got from Bobby Singer-a family friend-three years previous, I called it my lucky cap though good luck was hard to come by in my family. I left a note saying Gone to find Sam, Chris, then I sneaked out the door being careful to wake a sleeping Dean. Then with my lucky cap, I ran off into the night.

Walking down a dark road at night was frightening. I was nervous but I was tougher than the average ten year old. I had a flashlight and I was making my way soundly without a care. I was going to find a bus station and from there I was going to Stanford. Despite my large rucksack it was not as heavy as it appeared. It contained all the possessions I owned. Two t-shirts; a yoyo; a baseball; my Pokemon cards; my notepad and crayons; a pair of jeans; three socks; my clean underwear; an Atlanta Braves shirt; and a book of Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers. I also stole thirty dollars from Dean in order to get food and travel, it was nestled in my rucksack in an old wallet I found in a dumpster. I also started singing to myself as I toddled along the highway.

"I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was," I sang waving my flashlight about as if it was a lightsaber, "To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause!"

My mood was being lifted and I started skipping and brandishing my "Lightsaber" as I continued to sing to the moon.

"I will travel across the land. Searching far and wide! Each Pokemon to understand. The power that's inside"

I had not noticed that one single car had slowed down and was following me.

"Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all!"

Suddenly the car beeped its horn startling me and flashed it's headlights almost blinding me that I almost dropped my flashlight. I panicked. Was it the Impala? I checked. It wasn't. I was an old rust bucket of a car. A man with a plaid shirt and glasses was in the driving seat. He rolled down the window as I approached the car cautiously. He smiled at me sweetly.

"Hi there" he said turning off the engine "What's a little girl like you doing out on the highway at this time of night?"

"I'm going to find my big brother" I replied clutching the flashlight nervously.

"Oh," said the man "And where is he?"

"He's heading for Stanford in California," I answered "I was heading for a bus station. Is there one near here?"

"Not for miles" said the man "Sorry."

"It's cool" I said moving away from the car carefully "I'll find a way."

The man was creepy and Dean had always warned me about strangers, as brothers do, but this guy was persistent.

"I can drive you to the bus station. Or Stanford for that matter." he offered with a glint in his brown eyes.

"Like I said Mister" I said "I can find my own way there."

His eyes hardened and he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. He smiled again but sourly.

"Get in the car kid" he snarled diving out and lunging towards me.

I yelped and attempted to run for it but he caught my rucksack with one hand and threw it inside his car whilst holding me by the scruff of the neck with the other. He struck me across the face and pressed me against the hood, clamping his sweaty hand over my mouth to muffle my screams.

"You're a pretty little girl" he whispered sickly.

As started touching me inappropriately I was relieved to hear a familiar sound. It was the sound of the Impala tearing down the highway. It skidded to a halt and the pervert froze in blind panic. Suddenly Dad and Dean emerged from the car in an almighty fury.

"Get your hands off my little girl you sick bastard!" roared Dad charging over then punched him in the face then tackling him to the ground, and repeating the process whilst screaming at him.

Dean dashed over to me and lifted me up into a tight embrace. He was shaking just as bad as I was but I knew I was safe. I began to cry, my arms around Dean's neck. He carried me back to the Impala and placed me gently down in the back seat to which he joined me.

"Honey look at me" he said holding my face in his hands "Did he hurt you?"

I shook my head tearfully forgetting the bruises on my face and upper arms. Dean noticed however.

"That son of a bitch!" he growled through gritted teeth, his eyes welling with tears.

"I'm sorry Dean" I whimpered clinging to him "I don't hate you."

"I know" he said smiling down at me, wiping my tears away with his thumb.

"I just wanted to find Sammy" I snivelled "I didn't mean to run away."

"I know honey" he said hushing me "I know."

Dad suddenly reappeared with my rucksack and placed it beside me. Dean hastily wiped away his own tears as Dad sat beside us in the back seat.

Dad hugged me close "Don't ever run away like that again. You gave me and your brother such a scare."

"I'm sorry Daddy" I whispered as he rocked me back and forth ."I'm sorry."

Dad then motion for Dean to take me again to he could slip back into the driving seat and take us back to the motel. Back to safety. Dad kept a close eye on me in the rear view mirror as the Impala drove away. I was exhausted with emotion and I remember drifting in and out of sleep as we got back to the motel.

"We better call Sam" said Dean as he carried me back into the motel room. Dad was quiet but he nodded. I was then passed to Dad who sat me down on the bed while Dean called Sam on his cell phone updating the current situation. Then the phone was handed to me.

"Sammy" I said hoarsely smiling.

"Hey kiddo are you okay? What happened?" Sam said on the other end of the phone, he sounded relieved to hear my voice.

"It was my fault Sammy, I ran away from Dad and Dean" I said.

Sam replied "I know. Dean called me. I'm just glad that your safe."

Dean then took the phone back and they said their goodbyes. Sam promised he'd keep in touch whenever he could. It put my mind at ease know that he wasn't going to forget us. Maybe one day he would come back. But in the meantime it was just me, Dean and Dad.

It was nearly daybreak when I finally crawled into bed. Then I felt movement next to me and I turned over to see Dean.

"It's just you, me and Dad now kid" he whispered ruffling my hair, "Think you can handle it."

I giggled sleepily as I cuddled into Dean "Were family so I guess I'm gonna have to."

"Yeah" said Dean resting his chin on the top of my head "I love you so much Chris."

"I love you to Dean" I mumbled as I my eyes closed.

I knew at that point that Dean wasn't gonna let me out of his sight. If anything messed with me. They'd have to get pasted Dean first.

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