A lone male sat within a large scarlet red puddle. A mutilated corpse slumped next to the young male, the deceased being's head resting on it's murderer's lap. Blood soaked onto the clothes and skin of the male, as he gripped onto a bronze coloured chalice, which was full to the brim of crimson fluid.

Moonlight beamed of the male's back, as it glimmered off his dark skin. The male whispered an odd incantation, whilst he continued to hold onto the chalice. He blinked to reveal his black eyes. The possessed male nodded as the chalice of blood spoke to him in a demonic language.

"I will make sure the plan will go ahead smoothly this time, without any hiccups. Yes, I'm aware the previous encounters deemed unsuccessful, but this time, failure is not an option" he said.

The male nodded once again, as the chalice replied back in an angry sounding tone.

"I completely understand it won't be that simple, because I was at the boathouse, remember. I was the only one to escape the carnage that befell us all," answered the demon. "I know what is at state, and the price we will all pay if this goes wrong. I will make sure Azazel's plan will go ahead, once his chosen ones are of age. I know the problem has to be removed for this plan to remain untreated. I will eliminate the target, and this time I will not fail, not like the previous time."

The chalice continued to gurgle and roar, to which the demon simply nodded calmly. An image appeared in the blood filled chalice. The 11 year old Chris Winchester materialized within the bloody substance.

"The child must die. The child will die" repeated the demon, in a monotone voice, his eyes remaining black.

A/N: And so starts the new story arc, a demon who managed to escape the wrath of Dean and John during Chris's kidnapping, but this demon still has a deadly job to carry out. How will this demon carry out his assassination plan?

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