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Summary: Ivy Sharp and Ted Dibiase Jr. have been friends since the first day they met. But as Ted's marriage begins to sour, Ted and Ivy begin to discover what had really been there all along.

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Ted Dibiase Jr. sighed as he sat down on the bed in his hotel room. He had just gotten off the phone with his wife and the conversation had been extremely unpleasant. Kristen had been extremely unhappy lately. She would always complain about not seeing Ted because he was on the road and she stayed in their home in Florida.

Ted sighed as he ran a hand through his short brown hair. He and Kristen had been married for over a year and but they had been together for much longer than that. However, recently it seemed like all they ever did was fight.

"Another rough call?" Ted looked up to see Cody standing in the doorway. Ted nodded and Cody walked in. Cody had pretty much become one of Ted's closest friends since he entered the company. They had known each other before working as a team, from when they were younger. Ted and Cody used to hang out backstage when their dads were the big time wrestlers.

"I just don't know what to do," Ted said, putting his head in his hands. Cody patted his back supportively.

"Teddy!" Ted looked up to see his other best friend standing in the doorway. Ivy Sharp was a small girl, at least in Ted's eyes, about five feet six inches height wise and thin. She had shoulder length brown that was mostly straight but curved into waves at the ends, something that always annoyed Ivy.

"Hey Ivy," Ted said, a bit of a smile on his face. Ivy had been his best friend since his first day at FCW. He had been feeling a little lost on his first day. But then he met Ivy who was extremely nice to him by showing him around and introducing him to everyone.

"Teddy what's wrong?" Ivy asked sitting down next to him.

"Kristen and I got into another argument," Ted said. He was looking down at the floor and didn't see Ivy's body stiffen when Ted mentioned his wife's name. However, Cody saw it and gave Ivy a look. She glared at him and put her finger up to her mouth. "I just don't know what to do?"

"Couples counseling?" Ivy asked and Ted looked up at her like she was crazy.

"Nice one," Cody said. Ivy glared at him before reaching past Ted to smack him.

"The problem is I don't know if it's even worth it," Ted said. "If she's even worth it." Ivy sighed and stood up.

"No more moping!" Ivy said, putting her hands on her hips. "We're going to go out to the club and dance and drink until our problems go away."

"I don't really want to," Ted said. "Go without me."

"But Teddy," Ivy whined. "Cody always ditches me to flirt with other girls. And you need to have fun." Ted sighed, realizing Ivy wasn't going to leave alone. He stood up.

"Fine," Ted said. "Give me a second." He walked into the bathroom. Ivy smiled triumphantly before turning towards Cody. He was staring at her.

"What?" She asked. Cody stood up and sighed.

"You still haven't told him," Cody said walking towards her.

"He doesn't need to know," Ivy hissed at Cody. "It's not that important."

"With all that's happening with Kristen," Cody said. "It actually is. If he knew,"

"He'd be destroyed," Ivy said. "Ted and Kristen have been together since high school."

"But he doesn't want to be with her anymore," Cody said. "I can just tell." Ivy stepped towards Cody and looked him in the eye.

"I am never telling Ted about that," Ivy said, emphasizing the word that. "And neither will you." Cody was going to respond but they heard the bathroom door open. Ivy stepped away from Cody.

"Ready to go?" She asked and Ted nodded. Then the three friends exited the room.

"How could you even think that?" Ted was sitting in a bar with Ivy. He had just finished his first day of FCW and Ivy had convinced him to go out with her and other members of the FCW roster. "I could so take Trish Stratus!"

"I don't know Ivy," Ted said. "I think she's a little too extreme for you."

"Puh-lease," Ivy said. "I used to wrestle with my older brother. I could give her a run for her money."

"But would you win?" Ted asked. Ivy bit her lip. "Yeah I thought so." Ivy smacked Ted's arm. "So you have an older brother?"

"Yeah Danny," Ivy said, wrapping her finger around some of her hair. "He's four years older than me."

"What does he do?" Ted asked.

"He's in the army," Ivy said.

"Wow," Ted said.

"Yeah," Ivy said. "My dad was in the army and Danny always wanted to be just like him." Ivy looked down at her drink.

"Something wrong?" Ted asked.

"I just worry about my brother a lot," Ivy said. "He's overseas fighting in the war. I mean what if something happens to him." Ivy put her hand in her hands.

"Hey," Ted said. Ivy looked up at him. "Your brother is going to be alright." He put his on hers. "And when he does come home, he's going to come home as a hero." Ivy smiled.

"Thanks Ted," Ivy said and Ted smiled. "Alright back to our dream matches." Ted smiled as the two continued to talk.

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