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Ivy DiBiase slowly opened her eyes. She pushed some of her brown hair out of her face and rolled over. She smiled as she saw her husband, still fast asleep. She couldn't believe today was their tenth wedding anniversary. She sighed and shook his shoulder gently. Ted grumbled in response.

"Sweetie you have to wake up," Ivy said. Ted groaned.

"Five more minutes, hun?" Ted asked. Ivy chuckled.

"If you don't wake up now," Ivy said. "Then you're going to get the wakeup call from the cavalry." Ted sighed and sat up. "Good morning handsome." Ted rolled his eyes before kissing his wife. They heard the sounds of footsteps coming towards the door.

"Here comes the cavalry," Ted said. The door flew open and three small children bounded into the room and onto the bed.

"Morning mom and dad!" Mackenzie, their eldest, said. Mackenzie was nine years old. She had wild brown hair that reminded Ivy of her hair when she was younger. Mackenzie was almost the spitting image of Ivy as a child.

"Happy Anni," Ted and Ivy's middle child Helena, stumbled over the words.

"Anniversary kiddo," Ivy said, scooping Helena up and putting her in her lap. Helena was seven and a half years old. She had short brown hair and the same eyes as her father. While Mackenzie was very outgoing, Helena was a little bit shy.

"We made you this," Theo, their youngest, said. He handed them a card. Theo was five years old. Ted Sr. said that Theo acted just like Ted did when he was that age, joking that at five years old Ted was a "high energy pain in the ass". While he was kidding, Ivy could see the similarities between Ted and Theo.

"You three are the best," Ted said, putting the card on the nightstand.

"I wrote it," Mackenzie said, very proudly.

"I drew the picture," Helena said quietly.

"I helped!" Theo said. Ivy couldn't help chuckle at her son's comment.

"Mom can we watch Smackdown tonight?" Mackenzie asked. "Please?"

"Yeah please?" Helena asked. "Aunt April said that Uncle Cody has a big match tonight. Damian thinks he might win a title!" Ivy smiled. Helena's best friend was April and Cody's son Damian. Cody and April had gotten married about a year after Ivy and Ted. Damian was there oldest. They also had a daughter who was three years old.

"I don't know," Ivy said. "That's up to your Uncle Danny and Aunt Nikki. They're babysitting you three tonight."

"Is Mia coming?" Theo asked. Ivy nodded and Theo smiled. Mia was Danny and Nikki's daughter. She was the same age as Theo and the two cousins were extremely close.

"Uncle Danny will definitely say yes," Mackenzie said, smiling. "He loves wrestling almost as much as we do!" Ted chuckled at his eldest's comment.

"Who wants breakfast?" Ted asked, changing the subject. The three children started shouting. "What should we make honey?" He turned to Ivy. Ivy smiled.

"How about," She looked at her children, who were all staring at her with pleading eyes. "Pancakes!" The three children cheered and ran out of the room. Ted chuckled and got out of bed. He grabbed a T-shirt from his dresser and put it on, along with a pair of black shorts. He turned to Ivy, who had thrown on a green sundress. Ted smiled and walked over to his wife.

"How'd I get so lucky?" Ted asked, as he wrapped his arms around his wife's waist. Ivy smiled and draped her arms around Ted's neck.

"It had nothing to do with luck," Ivy said. Ted smiled before kissing Ivy.

"Mom, Dad!" Their three children shouted. Ivy chuckled as she pulled away from Ted.

"Time to feed the troops," Ivy said. Ted smirked and they headed downstairs. As Ted followed his wife down the stairs, he couldn't help think about what Ivy said. She was right; luck had nothing to do with the two of them getting together. Ivy had just been there all along.

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