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Chapter 11 – Grand Finale.

Mikaela slammed her foot on the accelerator and the truck sped off. Bumblebee sat secure on the back with his canon out, ready to shoot. Mikaela drove us for a bit, but, all of a sudden, she took a sharp right turn and drove down an alley and stopped. I looked at her confused and saw that she had slumped forward and was pressing her forehead to the wheel. I frowned and looked at her, concerned. "Mikaela?" I asked softly. "Mikaela, are you all right?" She raised her head weakly and looked at me. Her face was pale and she looked terrified. "Mikaela, it's gonna be okay. We need to do this; we need to help the Autobots." I said softly, laying a hand on her shoulder. She nodded, sucked in a breath and looked back at Bumblebee. I looked back at him also, and saw him nod, signifying to go. Mikaela turned back to the wheel, her face fierce with determination. I smiled and turned back also. "Let's do this!" I said. She set the gears and slammed her foot into the accelerator; the truck pulled out back on to the main road. Mikaela quickly, and skillfully, slid to a stop. She turned back to Bumblebee. "I'll drive! You shoot!" She shouted. She put the truck in reverse and drove backwards down the street. Cars that got in the way were easily knocked aside by Bumblebee. People were screaming and up the road, the battle with the Decepticons was still continuing. "Oh, left a little bit, left." I told Mikaela, leaning out my window and looking back down the street. "Oh, no, wait, I meant right, your right, not mine." I chuckled nervously as I glanced back into the truck, Mikaela looking at me with a raised eyebrow. I smiled sheepishly. "Sorry."

We approached the battle and I began chanting at Bumblebee. "Shoot! Shoot!" I said. The yellow robot nodded and began firing his canon arm at the tank Decepticon. Shot after shot was fired and the robot became weaker and weaker; eventually he was having trouble standing. Down the road two cars sat, blocking our paths. I heard Bumblebee whirl in warning so I turned to Mikaela. "Mikaela, two cars coming up. Go right, go right!" Mikaela listen and maneuvered past them, Bumblebee helping by knocking them out the way a little. I suddenly began smiling, and it grew wider and wider until I was in a fit of giggles. "This is so much fun! I can't believe we're doing this! Yeah, you get them Bumblebee!" I yelled out the window, pumping my fist in the air. Bumblebee whirled back laughing, and Mikaela giggled slightly. Bumblebee fired up his arm and shot one last time. The blast met with the Decepticons chest, and the robot roared with pain before crashing to the ground dead. Mikaela stopped and everything was silent as the dust cleared. I smiled and hopped out the truck and ran around to Bumblebee. I grinned up at him and breathed, "Wow. That was so cool!" Bumblebee whirled and gave thumbs up in response and transformed his canon back into his arm. Mikaela jumped out and walked around to us. "Nice shot." She complimented. The soldiers emerged cautiously from the rubble and we all gathered around the dead Decepticon. "That tank is definitely dead now." One soldier commented. I nodded, still smiling.

"All right, let's go! We got business!" The lead soldier shouted and everyone began moving. I turned towards the building Sam was ordered to run to, looking for any sign he had received help. I scanned the horizon before I spotted the red smoke. "Sam!" I cried in surprise as I saw my brother reach out towards a nearby helicopter. But, my heart sank when I saw Starscream perched on a nearby rooftop. "Oh no." I gasped. My heart sunk as I watched the missile shot by the Decepticon hit the helicopter. I felt my blood run cold as it burst into flames and fell from the sky. Next thing I knew, the roof that Sam was on began smashing as a large silver, red eyed robot emerged. I grabbed onto Mikaela's arm and pointed. "Sam! It's Sam, he's in trouble!" I cried. Her eyes turned up to the building and she gasped. "Oh my god! Sam!" She screamed. We both stood, gaping in fear as Sam clung to a statue right on the edge of the roof. I whimpered as Megatron became visible and he approached Sam menacingly. Sam, please be okay, please. Don't die! I chanted in my head, my fingers crossed. Two helicopters flew by and Megatron looked at them like they were flies buzzing around his head. The silver Decepticon turned his red eyes back to Sam and sneered. Time seemed to go in slow motion as Megatron swung his arm; ball and chain destroying the roof and sending Sam falling. "Sam!" I screamed and Mikaela squeezed my arm so tight I felt like the circulation would be cut off. I could hear Sam's echoing cries as he tumbled through the air. No! Sam! Slowly Sam fell but all of a sudden he was saved from his decent by a giant metal hand. I gasped and smiled. "Optimus... OPTIMUS SAVED SAM!" I screamed and began jumping up and down, shaking Mikaela. "Sam's okay! Sam's okay! Did you see that! He was falling and poof, Optimus comes out of nowhere and saves the day!" I giggled and glanced at Bumblebee, catching him watching me. I blushed and calmed myself down. Mikaela glanced from me to Bumblebee and giggled, a large grin spread across her face.

We continued watching as Optimus began sliding down the buildings, Megatron in tow. Megatron launched himself at Optimus and knocked him to the ground, sending out a seismic thud that shook the earth. "Sam!" I yelled and immediately forgot everything and threw myself towards the crash site. I had got no more than three feet before a metal hand clasped around me, preventing me from coming to my brothers aid. "Hey! What the..." I was gently picked up by Bumblebee and brought to his eye level. I gasped. "Bumblebee, please. I have to go help Sam!" Bumblebee whirled and shook his head 'no'. I also shook my head. "Bumblebee! Please!" I begged desperately, trying to clamber over his hand. But he put his other hand there, holding me like one would hold a hamster; me running from hand to hand. I eventually got sick of it and stayed still, turning to his blue eyes. "Bumblebee..." I whispered, growing more stressed and scared by the second. He only whirled apologetically, so I turned back to the fight. Optimus and Megatron were fighting in the street and I couldn't see Sam. My chocolate yes scanned the broken ground looking for any signs of life. Sam, where the hell are you? Are you safe? A sudden wind hit me as a helicopter flew over us, transforming into a robot near the fight. I scoffed. Why do they have so many bad guys! They just keep poofing out of thing air! This is ridicules! The army moved and circled the big robot (by now I was sure that it was Decepticon) and they fired green lights on it, marking its body. I watched (and laughed slightly) as the lead soldier grabbed a motor bike and revved its engine. The tension built and I knew the army were waiting for something. Perhaps an air strike? Suddenly, the helicopter robot spotted the green light on its hand and turned fully towards the soldiers. They all screamed and ran as a powerful blast was fired from the robot. The nearby cars exploded and burst into flames. The soldier on the bike revved and shot off, slipping in-between cars and dodging the few remaining civilians. He jumped off the bike and slid along the ground, aiming his weapon skywards. My eyes widened. Wow, look at him go! I wish I could do that! He slid under the robot and fired at its face I grinned even wider as the robot was taken down. Down and out!

I looked at Bumblebee out of the corner of my eye and saw that he wasn't paying full attention to be, he was watching the battle. I took a calming breath and leapt from his hand; making sure to keep my tatted dress down. As soon as I landed I sprung up and ran away, ignoring Mikaela's screams and Bumblebee's whirling. I glanced back to see the two staring at me. Sorry guys, but I have to help my brother. I ran past the soldiers as quick as I could (which was pretty quick) and slipped into a long scar like crater in the road. I landed in the shallow water that was in it and frowned. "Urgh. Wet." I ran along it, listening to the planes soaring overhead and the missiles exploding. I peeked over the edge and spotted Megatron clawing at the ground. Sam was backing away from Megatron, his eyes bulging with fear. "Sam..." I whispered, terrified. "Sam!" I screamed louder this time. Sam's eyes turned to me.

"Tiff. Tiffany? Tiffany! Help!" He screamed. Optimus turned to Sam.

"Sam" put the cube in my chest! Now!" He ordered. I gasped as Sam clambered to his feet and raised the all spark to Megatron's chest.

"Sam!" I yelled. I gripped onto the rubble as Sam rose the all spark and an orange light burst from it.

"Sam! No Sam!" Optimus yelled. I gasped as the all spark disappeared and burnt up in Megatron's chest. Megatron writhed with pain, choking and gasping, before he crashed to the ground. He's dead. Everything was deathly quiet before I snapped back to my senses. "S-Sam!" I climbed over the edge and ran to my brother, my eyes watering. Optimus got to his feet slowly and walked over as I leapt on Sam and wrapped him up in a hug. "You left me no choice brother." Optimus whispered to himself. Sam and I hugged tightly, I didn't want to let him go.

"Sam, you could have died." I gasped, leaning back and wiping the tears from my brown eyes. "Are you okay?" I asked, grabbing his shoulders. He nodded, smiling a little.

"Yeah, I-I'm fine, a little shaken but fine."

I smiled before raising my left hand. "Oh, and one more thing." I swiftly slapped Sam across the face, not too hard but hard enough to get the message across. Sam yelped and held his cheek.

"What the hell!" He shouted. I smiled.

"Don't ever do that again. Ever." He rolled his eyes and the two of us turned to Optimus as he leant down.

"Sam, Tiffany, I owe you my life. We are in your debt." I nodded and Sam just gaped. Optimus stood back up and turned to the approaching Autobots. Jazz walked up to me and bent down a little.

"Yo, Tiff. If it weren't for you I'd be dead. Thanks." I grinned at Jazz and nodded.

"No problem." I giggled. "Dude." Jazz chuckled and leant back up, turning to Optimus. Mikaela pulled up with Bumblebee still sitting on the truck. I gulped and slipped towards Bumblebee as Sam and Mikaela smiled at each other. I approached Bumblebee cautiously. "Erm... hey." I said quietly, hoping he wouldn't hear. Unfortunately, he did. He turned towards me and frowned; flailing his arms around and whirling (his version of telling me off). I sighed, "Look, 'Bee, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run off like that, it's just that... well Sam's my brother and I was scared for him. I wanted to be there and help him in whatever way possible." Bumblebee's expression softened and he laid his hand out, whirling softly. I looked at him, a smile growing. I climbed on and he lifted me up, holding me close to his chest. "So, do you forgive me?" Bumblebee smiled and lifted me up to his cheek and rubbed me affectionately against it. I giggled and hugged his face. Optimus took a step forward.

"Today, we gained new comrades." As he spoke Bumblebee leant forward.

"Permission to speak sir." Bumblebee said. I gasped. That didn't sound like the radio. Was that... was that Bumblebee! He's sounds so cute! I grinned and Sam spun around.

"You speak now!" Sam asked. Optimus smiled.

"Permission granted, old friend."

"I wish to stay with the Witwickys." I grinned and gazed up at him as he looked down and we met eyes.

"Yes." Bumblebee smiled. I suddenly gasped. "Oh my god, Sam!" Sam turned and looked at me, his eyes bulging.


"Where the hell are Mom and Dad!"

The government, being the sneaky bastards they are, decided to bury the remains of Megatron in the sea. The Laurentian Abyss is the deepest place on our planet so it was the perfect place to hide the remains of a giant robot alien. Sector 7 was also destroyed (not that it existed in the first place) and everything was perfect. I looked up at the sky, facing away from the sunset. I cast a long shadow over the back of Bumblebee as I sat on the roof, my legs crossed. My shoes were discarded carelessly on the ground and behind me on the hood Mikaela and Sam were laid together, making out. I glanced back and rolled my eyes. At least my brother got the girl of his dreams. I smiled and turned back to the darkening sky. Everything that had happened ran through my head and I couldn't stop the growing grin. I gently rubbed Bumblebee's roof and felt him shake just a little. I giggled at him. You're so adorable, my sweet little 'Bee.

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