My Ex-girlfriend



Part Five

"San, if I have to wait for this woman….New York is great…Please don't put your….Hi Rachel….Yes New York is wonderful, Wicked still playing and yes Rachel. Could you put….Thank you San…God your girlfriend hyper today." Isabella said and then there was a slam of the door. Quinn hung up and Solomon was pissed off.

Quinn asked what happened and he told her that Isabella got someone listen to the track, they love it but just not him in it. "That song won a statewide talent show." Quinn said and Solomon was told that the guy said that it's a surprised that Ohio of all places liked the song since they don't know true hip-hop. "Isabella ripped him but that's not why I'm really pissed because I have a few connections plus my mom set the copyright through." Solomon said and added, "Guess who's coming to our school?"

Quinn gave that look and Solomon wasn't too happy either. Two days later it was time to go back home and Quinn rested on Solomon's shoulder. Quinn knew that Isabella was going to be annoying but as she kissed her man's shoulder and neck. Solomon turned to kissed her back. Quinn started to nipple on his neck and Solomon then touched her face. "You know baby I was thinking that maybe it's time for you to bring the band back together." Solomon said and Quinn didn't know what he was talking about at first.. He pointed about how the Cole and Zacchara family would very tight knit group. Quinn with Brittany and Santana could stopped from any take over.