Back To Port Charles



Author's Notes: This is connected to My ex-girlfriend

Part One

Claudia opened the door to see her daughter is back and she gave her mother a big hug. Then her little sister came running as well and asked a million question a minute. "She misses her big sister." Claudia said and Lila wanted to know everything about New York. Claudia told Isabella that Michael has been asking about her and that he still with Abby. "Oh great. How's Helena and Spinelli?" Isabella asked and Lila tease about them being in love. "Your father and I are good too. He's still really sorry about New York some time ago." Claudia said and so Isabella took her little sister with mom to the Metro court Grill.

"You could have anything you want." Isabella said and Brenda walked over to also welcome Isabella back to Port Charles. Isabella gave her a nod and since they would all in the Carly hates me club they all decided to share a table. Carly saw them all. "Isabella nice to see you back and I think we should talk." Carly said and Isabella responded, "About what? Me and Michael's happy reunion." "You are a hypocrite! You only want Isabella back with…" Claudia said and Isabella responded, "Mom…." Isabella gave Carly a look and Claudia sat down.