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Part Two

"Michael was happy with you." Carly said and Isabella responded, "I was happy with him but you and my mother here couldn't stand it. Now I have a life so please we would like to eat." Carly wasn't about to give up because Michael was out with an older woman and Isabella was better for him. "I promise that if you two get back together you won't hear a peep from me." Carly said and Isabella then told her that she's seeing someone.. His name is Solomon and Claudia knew that name. "Oh. Well if you break up." Carly said and Claudia then motion to her black berry as they would eating. So Brenda did the next step and told them they will be back. Still they whipped out there blackberries…

Claudia text: Have you not forgotten who his mother is?

Isabella text: I know mom he's with someone, I was bullshitting.

Claudia Text: Carly's going to check on that.

Isabella Text: So…

Claudia Text: Don't you think his girlfriend might be pissed?

Isabella Text: I will tell Solomon…

Claudia removed herself and so Isabella pull out her blackberry..

Isabella text: Solomon, are you there?

Solomon's phone: No it's his girlfriend..

Isabella text: I need to talk to him.

Solomon's phone: Is it about business?

Isabella text: Sort of…

Isabella then went to Jason's to see Spinelli. "The most awesome Bella…" Spinelli said and he got a big hug from her. So they would talking about his relationship and she asked if he could do some research for her. He told her the name of Solomon's girlfriend but to do it later. Spinelli told her about the Balkan, her mother Claudia and Gabriel have been doing good. "How's Michael?" Isabella can't believe she asked and Spinelli told her that they are good. "He asked sometimes about you and I make sure I give him a deceptive answer." Spinelli said and added, "And he's coming by with Kristina."

Kristina before Isabella left tried her best to defend her brother but it was a very heated talk and they left on the outs. There was the knock on the door, Michael and Kristina was there for the welcome back party for Jason and Sam's second honeymoon. As Spinelli opened the door, Michael saw Isabella.