Hades and Rayne

Chapter 1: Not Your Usual Work Day

Rayne sighed as she continued to cook for the 500 residents in the nursing home, many who were wheel chair bound and always had an opinion about everything.

Rayne groaned as Amelia wheeled away changing her mind yet again about what she wanted for dinner but moved to make the older woman her food.

Rayne blinked in surprise when all the lights suddenly went out but her eyes instantly adjusted to the sudden lack of light.

What no one knew about Rayne was that she was an ex-marine as well as an ex-mercenary and knew how to handle herself very well.

Rayne moved past her kitchen helpers grabbing their hands before she walked them out into the halls and let them outside, giving them emergency flashlights, "Head to the old nursing wing. I'll be over there as soon as I can."

The kitchen help nodded and headed off as quickly as they could as Rayne turned back and headed further inside the nursing home.

Rayne wheeled out several of the residents and the kitchen helpers helped them over to the old nursing wing seeing to their needs as best they could.

Rayne heard a soft shriek and froze before she looked over her shoulder to see a xenomorph slowly stalking towards her, "No. No. No, dear god no!"

Rayne immediately slid back into a fighter's stance waiting for the xenomorph to attack.

The xenomorph burst forwards in an explosion of motion, lashing out with its tail that was immediately countered by the large nine inch blade that Rayne had pulled from her boot at the last second.

Rayne blocked the bladed tail again before the xenomorph lunged at her.

Rayne grunted as she was tackled onto her back but began to avoid the xenomorph's inner mouth, crying out when the claws slashed deep into her hips.

Rayne snarled and kicked the xenomorph hard in its chest, kicking it over her head and into the wall.

Rayne leapt onto the back of the xenomorph before it had time to recover and quickly snapped its neck, looking over her shoulder to see the xenomorph's bladed tail just inches from her chest before its tail went limp and fell to the ground.

Rayne stood and began to walk, ignoring the blood that dripped from her hips for the wounds were not life threatening despite the fact that they were pretty deep.

Rayne walked down the darkened halls as silent as a shadow, continuously moving to try and keep ahead of the xenomorphs.

Amanda rushed into the dining hall and as soon as Denise rushed through the doors they slammed them closed and leaned back against the door panting in exhaustion.

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