Hades and Rayne

Chapter 39: Permission Granted

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Hades sighed in defeat, knowing that he needed to stop hiding and face his feelings, "Very well. I will ask Elder Bloody Talon for permission to court Rayne to see where it goes." K'herivak nodded, "I wish you luck. You will never find a mate like Rayne and she will be a damn good one."

Hades nodded in thanks before K'herivak stood and walked out of the training room as Hades forced himself to his feet and headed to the Elder's quarters to request permission to court Rayne.

Rayne had just finished the last of her meat when her wrist computer beeped and she flicked it open to see that her father wished to speak to her. Rayne stood and set Azure Eyes on her shoulder, making sure to push her hair to the side before she headed to her father's quarters though she had never actually been there.

Rayne stood awkwardly outside of her father's quarters before she tapped on the door and it opened before she walked inside cautiously, "Father?"

Bloody Talon looked up to see Rayne and motioned her further inside and she obeyed before he motioned for her to sit beside him and again she obeyed, "Hades has asked to court you." Rayne's eyes widened in shock, "Say what?!" Bloody Talon nodded, "He has asked to court you and I have given him permission." Rayne stared at her father in utter shock before finding her voice, "But he hates me!" Bloody Talon shrugged, "Maybe that is not so but at least this will help you both figure out what it is you both feel towards each other. And if it does not work out you both may separate with no shame and you will both know where you stand." Rayne groaned softly in irritation, "Fine."

Rayne flopped back on the large couch like furniture as Azure Eyes rolled off of her shoulder squealing before she instantly reached up and grabbed hold of him before he could roll off the couch and pressed her back against the back of the couch and curled around Azure Eyes who began to purr.

Rayne unknowingly slid into sleep and her father looked over at her before he motioned one of his Aseigan forwards and he moved forwards with a large fur and carefully draped it over his master's adopted daughter before he stepped back into the shadows.

Rayne jerked awake from her short nap when someone lifted her up into their arms and her metal talons unconsciously dug into the shoulder of who held her before she heard a familiar purr and relaxed, knowing that it was Hades and slid back into sleep as her talons slid out of Hades's shoulder and draped limply over his arm.

Hades shifted slightly trying to lift Azure Eyes up as well but an Aseigan timidly walked forwards and gently picked up the pup and set him on his mother's stomach as Hades nodded in thanks and the male quickly lowered his head and stepped back into the shadows.

Hades carried Rayne back to her quarters having requested that the Elder not give them a courtship room for there would still be two beds but the constant sight of Rayne lying asleep might have had some…repercussions.

Hades carefully lay Rayne in her bed and made sure that Azure Eyes did not roll and fall onto the bed before he pulled a fur up to Rayne's chest, making sure that Azure Eyes's head was not covered.

Hades kneeled at the edge of the bed and reached down, grabbing Rayne's wrist carefully as he began to detach her taloned glove. Rayne awoke feeling her wrist being held and unconsciously jerked hard.

Hades bit back a roar as Rayne jerked, tipping him over the edge of the bed where he fell on top of Rayne though thankfully Azure Eyes was a bit farther away from Rayne than he usually was and this little fact kept him from being crushed under Hades's weight.

Rayne grunted as a weight pressed over her body and immediately began to push at the large chest, pinning her to the bed before she heard Hades hiss, "Hold still dammit!" Rayne growled softly, unconsciously baring her teeth like a wolf as Hades struggled to get his arms untangled from the furs, having to rock slightly against Rayne, noting that his hips pinned her own and his body stiffened slightly.

Rayne blinked catching a slightly spicy scent to Hades's usual scent as he struggled to get free before it finally clicked and she hissed, "Oh hell! Get off! Last thing I need is for you getting all hot and bothered on top of me!"

Hades managed to free an arm and slammed it onto the top of Rayne's shoulder, pinning her slightly, "Shut up. I'm trying to get loose." Rayne snorted and brushed her knee carefully against Hades, "Oh yeah? What's that then?"

Hades choked on a purr feeling Rayne brush her knee against him and his body stiffened even further but he struggled to free his other arm, growling in frustration as he finally shook the last of the furs off of his arm and pushed himself to all fours, still having his hand pinning Rayne down to her bed to make sure she didn't try and lash out at him as he tried to stand.

Hades finally managed to straighten and kneeled over Rayne's waist, "Try to refrain from attacking me." Rayne snorted softly before Hades released her shoulder and he stood and quickly climbed out of her bed, "For the record I was trying to take your gloves off that way you didn't accidentally cut yourself or Azure Eyes with them. You awoke and apparently thought I was someone else because you jerked me in." Rayne snorted, "Yeah because had you not landed on me I would have ripped your throat out."

Hades shrugged before he grabbed Rayne's wrists again, pinning them together as he pulled her up to where she was sitting with her back against the bed side, "Hey what the hell?!"

Hades ignored Rayne as he began to try and take her gloves off only to have her arch her body and she actually managed to use him to twist up into the air and she landed on his back, standing on his hips as he remained crouched over Rayne's bed and he still held onto her wrists.

Rayne looked over at Hades and tugged on her wrists, "Let go. There's no way in hell I could sleep now with you having practically mauled me." Hades released Rayne's wrists and looked over at her, "I didn't maul you on purpose." Rayne smirked, "But you just admitted that you mauled me."

Hades looked over at Rayne in confusion before he chuckled and sat down, "I'm surprised you agreed to my courtship." Rayne snorted, "I'm surprised you even asked. Aren't you supposed to hate my very existence and always think that I am beneath you?"

Hades smirked, "I wouldn't mind having you beneath me." Rayne stared at Hades in shock at the blatantly perverted come back before she chuckled, "Fat chance of that happening big boy." Hades smirked over at Rayne, "I'd love to take that on as a challenge." Rayne shook her head, "Man did your attitude do a 180 since this morning." Hades sighed, "You were the reason I was like that this morning." Rayne nodded, "I figured as much but I won't worry to much about it."

Hades nodded, glad that Rayne was not going to try and ask him why he was so hostile this morning. Rayne fiddled with her talons as she and Hades sat in a rather awkward silence before Hades suddenly leaned forwards and placed his hand over the scars on the right side of her face and carefully scraped his own talons down them as she closed her right eye.

Rayne shivered when Hades slid his hand back over her ear which unlike normal humans it was pointed much like an elf's in fairytales but they were also incredibly freaking sensitive.

Hades went still, simply cradling the right side of Rayne's face in his large palm and to his surprise she leaned slightly against his hand instead of pulling away and he unconsciously let out a soft purr which Rayne answered with a purr of her own.

Rayne yelped when Hades suddenly lifted her up and carefully set her in his lap before his large head rested on top of hers and he began to purr, wrapping his arms around her waist as her legs curled up along side his left leg and thigh.

Rayne blinked a couple of times in surprise before she allowed herself to relax and ended up sliding into sleep with her head resting on Hades' chest and his head resting upon her own.

Hades sighed softly in contentment, leaning back against the large couch and he too slid into sleep. Azure Eyes peeked out over the side of the bed, a smile twisting his small mandibles as he crawled out of the bed and jumped onto the couch, laying his head on his mother's stomach, feeling her hand come up to rest on his back and he purred softly as he slid back into sleep.