I didn't like the other one so this is the better on. Kait's a vamp, wild power and Jez's twin sister. Happens around the time that Jez is staked.

Kait new something was wrong. She could feel it. she hadn't fed in 2 days (her twin sister hasn't fed in 1 year) Kait and Jez had a bond so they could tell each other's thoughts and emotions but Jez didn't usually block her out, now she was.
Kait came back to the present, she was standing under a tree on the side of a meadow, being so deep in thought she didn't know that was asking/yelling at her to choose a side. How could she have chosen a side her best friend Anna or her soul mate Gabriel? No she didn't count Rob she just used him for blood and a way to try to get Gabriel of her mind. He didn't even know they were soul mates and Kait tried so hard to keep it from him. Now looking at the 2 sides, both ready for battle she new Zetes would win.

All of a sudden pain shot through her chest, she new it wasn't her pain it was Jez's and she was in real pain. Normally it was only a prick of emotion at the back of her mind but now it was full blown pain that made her double over and nearly looses her shields. Kait herd her friends screaming at her asking what was wrong. Kait new if she tried to do anything her walls would crumble and they would see that she wasn't human, that Gabriel wasn't the only one to kill, that he was a saint compared to her, that she was a telepath. That she was a wild power.
She felt hands on her shoulders, golden energy humming around her. Rob was trying to heal her, but it wouldn't work she new that much. All the other times it was her own power and blood that healed her not Rob.
And then it all... stopped. Kait could feel nothing from her sister. Kait had stopped screaming in pain and just lied still, she let down all her walls between her and her sister but still... nothing. Not even a heart beat.
Kait got flickers of images from her sister, a pale blond golden eyed girl, her great great whatever great aunt many figures in the background, a blond haired blue eyed boy she new as Pierce. A blond haired boy Kait had only met once or twice Hugh was his name if she could remember correctly and she'd be a werewolf if she didn't. Another was a dark haired girl there Cousin Clare and some thing that surprised her, a black haired green eyed boy, Jez's frenemy, Morgead.
And then the faintest heart beat. Thump... thump-thump. After a moment, satisfied that Jez was in safe hands she severed contact and looked around. Everyone was staring at her, some worried, same with hatred and some (Gabriel) were just blank. Kait stood up, tiered and week from her ordeal and lack of blood. She needed to feed NOW! If she didn't she would feed off of someone right hear, right now. So she backed up and melted into the shadows, disappearing from their sight.
Kait flitted into the bad part of town and found a drunken gang member to drink from. It wasn't the best meal she'd had but it would do. Looking around Kait couldn't help remembering all that she had done to people. Killing so many, from murderers, to gang members all the way to rapists and every thing in between. Kait looked down at the young man who was going to have a hell of a headache tomorrow morning. She could have killed him, like so many others before, but she was too worried about her little (twin) sister.
Kait headed down the street to a payphone and called Lord Thierry.
"Thierry!" a bored male voice said when he picked up.
"Why do you sound so happy?" Kait asked in a rather cold voice, the voice she always if no humans were around, just in case she scared them off unnecessarily.
"Kait? Long time no see or... hear... you get what I mean. So what can I do for you?"
"Jez was stacked, she is still alive and I think Morgead is getting her to the nearest circle daybreak headquarters."
"Well I'm sorry, really I am" and he was by the tone of his voice, "but I still don't get what you need."
"'One from the dayworld were two eyes are watching' that's her, a wild power."
There was only silence on the other end of the line for a long time before he finally replied quickly, "come again? I think I might have miss heard you, my hearings probably off."
"You heard me Thierry, there is nothing wrong with your hearing, and it never failed you in the last few thousand years. Jez. Is. a. wild. Power!"
There was yelling on the other line, lord Thierry giving orders, before he thanked me and promised to get in touch if anything happened before hanging up.

Now she had to decide if she was going to go to Rob, Gabriel or somewhere else.