A/N: hi guys! This will be my second official story! It is a downer so I warn you now! Do not read if you are looking for something cheery! Also, this is book/ musicalverse where Elphaba's mother loves her and also father (hence why he calls her Fabala). Btw, I don't own wicked, or I wouldn't be here!

"Mommy mommy!" a little green three year old named Elphaba ran down the hall to her mother's room where she had heard her mother was excepting visitors. Elphaba's mother had just given birth to her second child. When Elphaba reached and entered the room, she found everyone had grim looks upon their faces.

"Why is everyone so sad? Mommy just had MY little sister!" Elphaba shouted. Frexapar Thropp slowly walked Elphaba to a corner.

"My little Fabala. Everyone is happy for your sister. Her name is Nessarose." He said.

"What a pretty name daddy! I will call her Nessa or Nessie for short!" the girl said, still perky.

"Elphaba. The problem is Nessa didn't quite come out right. She'll never be able to use her legs. And…" Frex sighed." your mother isn't going to make it." Frex turned away, wiping the tears from his eyes. "Go say good-bye".

The little girl, though only 3, grasped this concept totally. She wasn't crying though. Not because she isn't sympathetic, but she was stunned. She walked over to her barely conscious mother. To Elphaba, she looked so sickly, so helpless.

"M-m-m-mommy?" the little girl said, just barely quivering.

"Yes darling?" Melena said, in a barely audible whisper.

"I love you. So much. Never ever forget mommy. Will you?" the girl said with a serious tone in her voice.

"Of course not my green little flower. I will also always love you. and YOU never forget that."

"Goodbye mommy." Elphaba said, but she didn't sound sad. This is because Elphaba knew that one day she would see her mother again. She would never forget her. Not ever in her whole life. Never. And Elphaba realized something that some comes into the world, another leaves. But the one leaving always went to a better place.