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It's mid October, and I'm in the attic, going through mom and dad's stuff. It's been 2 weeks since their passing – They were driving home from a weekend at the lake to celebrate their anniversary and dad lost control of the car, going over a bridge and into the river below. We're all hurting. We've cancelled our tour for this fall, and are taking time off until next summer. Looking at old pictures, and I'm crying once again. Until my phone rings:


? Hi Kevin, it's Tom, from the lawyer's office.

-What can I help you with Tom?

Tom: Well, I have some more forms for you to sign, and once those are filed, you will have full custody of your brothers. Congratulations man. I'm sure your parents would be very proud of you and Danielle for that matter, for stepping up.

-Thanks Tom. Can I meet you at your office in an hour?

Tom: For sure. See you then.


*end of phone conversation*

On my way to Tom's office, I drove by a little girl, carrying a suit case. She was walking down the street, in a sketchy neighbourhood of the city. She couldn't have been older than 9 I guess. I stopped, and figured that if I didn't help her get where she was going, something bad would happen. Its almost 4 in the afternoon, and it would get dark in 45mins. I parked and walked up to her.

-Hi. My name is Kevin. Do you need any help?

?*turns around and kicks Kevin in a very bad spot* DON'T TOUCH ME! LEAVE ME ALONE!

-*thinks: OWWW! WOW! She can kick* *in a small voice* I'm not going to hurt you; I was going to ask if I could take you back to your parents? You shouldn't be in this area by yourself, and it's going to get dark very soon. It's dangerous.

?-You really only stopped to help me?

-Yes. I have younger brothers, and if they were out here alone, I'd have a fit. Come on, I'll drive you home. *goes to help her with her bag and take her to his car*

?-NO! I'm not going back there! *she begins to cry*

-Shhh. It's ok. Why don't we go to the park and talk?

?-*sniffles* ok.

*they walk across the street to the park and sit down on a bench. The little girl is still sniffling.*

-So what's your name? I told you mine, it's Kevin.

?- Well, Kevin my name is Evangeline, but everyone calls me Lilly.

-Nice to meet you Lilly. So, why don't you want to go back to your parents?

Lilly- Because they're awful people. If I go back, they'll kill me! *crying again*

-Shhhh. *puts his arm around her* it's ok. They won't kill you kiddo, you're too cute and their daughter. They might be mad that you ran off, but they would never do anything to hurt you

Lilly - *puts her head on Kevin's chest* Yes they will. Eric will beat me again. And I'm not their daughter; I'm no one's daughter. My parents didn't want me, Eric and Carol are my foster parents, and they're awful! *sobbing into Kevin's chest now*

-*speechless. This poor little girl! She's in so much pain!* Come here Lilly *puts her on his lap and cuddles her close* I have somewhere to be, but will you please come with me? It won't take long, and then I want to take you home to my brothers. Would that be ok?

Lilly- You really want me around? *saying between sobs*

-Yes. I want to talk to my brothers about adopting you.

Lilly-*looks up at Kevin with a look of astonishment* ...



-Lilly, are you ok? Say something, please?

Lilly- I...but...Kev...Yes!

-*chuckles* ok, let's go then.

We get into my car; I put her bag in the trunk. She's stopped crying now, but doesn't want to leave my side. It's like she's afraid somebody's going to take her from my side. I sign the papers, and tell Tom that I'm considering adopting Lilly, but need to talk to Dani and the boys first. He seemed sceptical, given everything that's happened in the last month, but once I explained her position, and when Lilly went to the bathroom, I told him I want to adopt her as my daughter not sister, he understood. We got home, to Dani making dinner in the kitchen, and Joe and Nick playing in the music studio in the basement. Lilly looked really nervous as we entered the kitchen. I was carrying her, and set her on the counter, then went and kissed Dani's neck from behind.

Dani- Hey Kev. You were gone a long while, is everything ok? *she turns and saw Lilly sitting on the counter, looking petrified, and with tears in her eyes* who's this?

-Dani, this is Lilly. Lilly, this is my fiancée Danielle.

Lilly- *small voice shaking with tears she's holding back* Nice to meet you Danielle.

- Lilly, why don't you go sit in the living room while I talk to Dani?

Lilly- OK Kevin.

Dani-Kevin, what is going on? *stern, nervous voice*

-Well, I got the papers singed at Tom's office, and everything is official now. I'm the legal guardian of my brothers. But, on my way to Tom's, I saw Lilly. Dani *in a hurt voice* she's orphaned because her parents didn't want her and she's abused by her foster parents. I'm the only person in the world she trusts, and I want us to adopt her as our daughter. I can't stand to see her in this much pain. I know the pain of being orphaned *pauses, his voice cracked*

Dani-Kev, *pauses*...I think it's a wonderful idea. But, are you sure we're ready to be parents?

-*smile comes over his face, the first smile since the accident* I've never been surer.


Kevin and Danielle have been talking for a long time. I'm sitting on the couch in Kevin's sitting room, hugging my knees to my chest, when two boys walk in. My eyes go wide in fear, and I freeze. They notice my body language, and their faces turn to concern.

?-Uh, hi. I'm Nick. Are you ok?

-y.. ye... yes *stammers*

Nick-Are you sure? And can I ask why you're in our living room?

Kevin-*from the door way* 'Cause she lives here.

My face goes wide in shock. I stare at Kevin, waiting for him to say, "Just kidding! Now get back to Eric and Carol's." But the expression on his face was sincere.


Kevin- yes baby girl. I want you to be my daughter.

I jumped up, tears running down my face, and ran into Kevin's arms. I jumped onto his front and just sobbed into his chest. I've been waiting for years for someone to save me from my life of hell, to tell me I'm worth living, and to want me. I don't know how long I stayed there, but it was a very long time. I slowly fell asleep in Kevin's arms.


I explained how Lilly and I met, and told my brothers how things went with Tom. Dani came and sat next to me, I had Lilly asleep in my arms. She's so cute when she's sleeping. I already love her so much, and I've known her for an afternoon.

-Guys, I'm sorry I didn't talk to you first, but Lilly really needs us. Is it ok with you?

Nick- Kev, it's your life. She seems really sweet, and she obviously loves you. I can't believe anybody could treat a little girl like that. It's disgusting. I don't see that there's anything else to do; I think the right thing to do is for you and Dani to adopt her.

-*emotion in his voice* Thanks Nick, it means a lot that you're ok with this.

Joe- Kevin, I respect any decision you make for this family, and will stand behind you no matter what. I'm glad that you and Dani are going to adopt her, like Nick said; it's the right thing to do.

-Thanks guys. Do you think you guys could help get a room ready for her? I'm going to have to take her back to the foster home or a group home until everything's settled. She can have the room next to yours Nick.

Boys- Sure thing Kev.

Nick- We'll get started right away. Come on Joe. That room needs cleaning out before we can decorate.

Dani- I'll order the furniture online.

- Thanks so much guys. I'm going to take her to the foster agency, and have her put in a better home. I'll be back later. I have my cell if you need me. Dani, I think you should come with me

Dani- sure thing. *goes and gets her coat and purse*

With that, I left my brothers to start on Lilly's new room. I carried Lilly to the car, and put her in the back seat. She slept the whole way to the foster agency. I took her out of the back seat, and carried her. She stirred.

Lilly- Kevin, where are we? *sleepily mumbles*

-Shh. Sweetie, we're at the foster agency. I'm not taking you back to Eric and Carol's.

Lilly- *eyes go wide in fear* *voice cracks with emotion* But...you said...*tears fill her eyes*

-Oh shhhhh. Lilly, we're going to adopt you. This is only for a few weeks while the papers get signed. I can't take you before its finalized, that's called kidnapping.

Lilly- *disappointed and scared* ok Kevin.

We talked to Lilly's advocate – the person in charge of her case. Lilly told Mrs. Cope that she didn't tell her what was going on at Eric and Carol's because she didn't have access to a phone. She was locked in the attic at all times, given food 2ice a day, and let out only to use the bathroom a few times a day, and she was escorted by Eric. She wasn't allowed to be in the bathroom alone. It was terrible to have to hear what he did to her. It broke my heart to hear the pain she was in and everything she's been through.

Mrs. Cope – Now, Kevin and Danielle is it? Are you sure that you're ready to make this commitment so young in life? Clearly, Evangeline has some emotional issues that cannot be taken lightly. This is not going to be an easy adjustment for anyone.

-Mrs. Cope. I have never been more sure of anything. I just took guardianship over my younger brothers as my parents perished in a car accident at the beginning of the month. My brothers are fully supportive of this adoption, and are very excited to have a sister/niece.

Mrs. Cope- OK. Well, in the mean time, I'm going t put Evangeline in a group home. You will be able to visit her whenever you want until the adoption is finalized. Do you have her stuff from Eric and Carol's?

-Yes. It's in the car.

Mrs. Cope- very well. Evangeline, say good bye to Kevin and Danielle for now. You and I need to go to Eric and Carol's and tell them what's going on.

Lilly- *petrified. She grabs onto Kevin, and won't let go of his arm* No. I'm not going back there, EVER. They'll hurt me *crying again*

-Mrs. Cope. Maybe, would it be ok if Dani and I join you at Eric and Carol's? Lilly, I mean, Evangeline might feel better if we were there to protect her.

Lilly- *shocked* you'd do that for me?

-Of course I would baby. I'd do anything for you *kisses the top of her head*

Lilly- *silently crying into Kevin's chest*

Mrs Cope- that would be wonderful. Why don't you follow me there.

We get into our cars, and drive down to Eric and Carol's. Lilly is shaking in the back seat. She's petrified! My poor baby.

Dani- *whispers so Lilly won't hear* keep your cool. Remember we're here for Lilly, not for them.

I love her so much. She always knows what to say to make me feel better. I relax my grip on the steering wheel as I pull up to their house. It's in the bad neighbourhood that I found Lilly in. This can't be good.


We pulled up to Eric and Carol's. I was shaking in fear. I got out of the car and jumped into Kevin's arms without invitation. He carried me to the front door. Mrs Cope rang the door bell, with me Kevin and Danielle behind her. Eric opened the door, and when he saw me in Kevin's arms began to shout.

Eric- Where the fuck have you been? Get your ass in the house and up to the attic. You're going to wish you were never born, girl! MOVE IT!

Mrs. Cope- Eric, I'm Mrs. Cope, Evangeline's social worker. Can we please come in? We have some things to discuss.

We went into the living room, and Carol joined us. I stayed in Kevin's arms, shaking and crying. I didn't want to be here. They scare me so much.

Mrs. Cope- I would like to introduce Kevin and Danielle Jonas. They're going to adopt Evangeline. We came here to let you know that she's going to a group home until the adoption is finalized. So, if there is anything you left her Evangeline, now would be the time to get it.

I silently shook my head no.

Eric- You're taking her? You know that she's a manipulative little bitch right? She has no respect, and doesn't listen. You know what, good luck to yah. She's all yours. I don't even care. Good riddance.

There was a small knock at the door, and then three police officers walked in. They took Eric and Carol off to jail, charging them with child endangerment and cruelty. We left, and Kevin and Dani drove me to the group home. I got into my room, and Kevin tucked me into bed.

Kevin – I'm sorry you had to be there for that baby. I know how much you never wanted to go there again. Sleep well, and I'll come see you tomorrow. OK?

-Sure Kevin. Night *kisses his cheek*

Kevin-*smiles**kisses her forehead* Night baby girl. Sleep tight.

Kevin and Danielle leave, and I slowly fall asleep.

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