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I grabbed a banana and sat down at the breakfast bar. Once I finished, daddy told me to get my shoes and a jacket so we could go. We got in his car; we were heading to school to meet with the principal. I'm really nervous.

Kevin- You ok kiddo? You're shaking like a leaf. *he chuckled*

-I'm nervous daddy. What if he doesn't like me?

Kevin- He doesn't have to like you; he just needs to admit you to the school. It'll be cake, honest.

We pulled up to the school and walked to the office. I held onto daddy's hand and stayed close to his side. I was scared someone was going to try and grab me from behind or else take me away from daddy and mommy. Plus, I was just scared to meet the principal and daddy makes me feel better. We walked into the principal's office and sat in the chairs across from the desk. I didn't like not being close to daddy anymore, but if I was going to school, I would be on my own anyways. The principal was a scaring looking guy.

Principal- Hello Kevin. I'm so sorry to hear about your parents. Now, who is this lovely lady?

I blushed, but continued to look down.

Kevin- Principal Carter, this is my adopted daughter, Summer.

I turned to daddy, shock on my face. Him and mommy agreed! Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! Tears came to my eyes. Daddy grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight.

Principal- Nice to meet you Summer.

Daddy squeezed my hand, meaning I should say something.

-N...Nice to meet you too...sir *stutters*

Principal- So Kevin, where has she attended school?

Kevin- Well, she hasn't had formal schooling. She was in foster care and was abused by her last guardians, so she never went to school.

Principal- Kevin, how am I supposed to admit her? She hasn't had any formal schooling and I think she'd have difficulties matriculating and keeping up with school work. I really don't think a private school is the place for her to start.

Kevin- Principal Carter, she's really a very smart girl. And with nick and Joe here, I think that it's the better choice for her as she'll already know at least two people and if she's having trouble, she'll have people she can turn to.

Principal- How old is she?

Kevin- 11

Principal- Well, here's what we can do. At the end of the week, she can write a placement test for the seventh grade.

Kevin- That sounds wonderful. Thank you very much Principal Carter. We'll see you on Friday.

Daddy stood and shook hands with the principal, then motioned for me to do the same. We shook hands and left the office and drove off. We drove in silence and finally pulled up to an office looking building. Daddy walked me inside and led me up stairs and into a reception area; he checked in with the secretary while I sat in a chair.

-Daddy, why Summer?

Kevin- Because me and mommy love that name, and think it's beautiful, just like you.

-*kisses his cheek**tears in her eyes* Thanks daddy. So Summer Jonas?

Kevin- Summer Marie Rose Jonas

I hugged his arm tight and didn't let go, not until we were called into...the Dr's office. I don't do Drs. I made to run out the door, but daddy grabbed me round the waist and carried me into the room with the dr. Her name was Dr. Price, and she was nice enough, but Drs scare me, a lot. Daddy held me tight on his lap, so I couldn't run away.

Dr. Price- Now Summer, when you lived with Eric and Carol, did you ever get hurt?

I nodded my head. She was very sweet, but I really don't like Drs.

Dr. Price- Did you ever get hurt because of Eric or Carol?

I nodded again.

Dr. Price- Summer, honey, I need you to tell me where.

I looked up at daddy, tears streaming down my face. He rubbed my back to calm me and nodded for me to tell her.

-Uh, my...uh...down...there *trails off**blushes*

I hid my head in daddy's chest and began to cry.

Dr. Price- Summer, I'm going to have to have a look. I need to make sure that there's no infection or damage.

-NO! *sobbing* He, he never got "it" inside me. He always made me s...suck it first, and I always bit him, so he'd hit me instead

I broke down and cried into daddy's chest. I could feel a tear trickle down his neck

Dr. Price- I know that it's uncomfortable, embarrassing and invasive, but I really do need to take a peak. So, jump up on the table. Kevin, why don't you just go wait in the waiting room, and I'll call you in when we've finished.

-NO! Daddy, don't leave me! I don't want you to leave, please stay, please. *sobbing and hugging onto his neck*

Dr. Price- We don't typically let males in the room during an examination*Summer cut her off*

-Pl...Please *desperation in her voice* He won't look, he...he'll stay at my head facing me, but...I...I can't do it without him. Please Dr. Price.

Dr. Price- Are you comfortable with this Kevin?

Kevin- If it makes Summer feel better, anything.

Dr. Price- Very well then. Summer, I need you to take you panties down and hop up onto the table.

Daddy stood me up and I slowly slid my panties down. I couldn't control my crying. Daddy rubbed my back gently, and once I had my panties off, he led me over to the exam table. He laid me down and sat beside me. Dr. Price put on her rubber gloves and brought a stool to the end of the table. She bent my legs and pulled me down the table a bit, so I was closer to the end. Daddy moved with me and held me hand tight. I couldn't stop sobbing.

Kevin- Baby girl, you need to calm down. Shhhh. Just relax. I'm right here, not leaving.

I was hyperventilating now. I was so scared. I couldn't breathe. I started to fight; it's what I do when I'm scared, and I'm pretty violent, let me tell you.

Dr. Price- *on the pager* I need Jackie and Mary in exam 1 please.

A minute later two nurses came in and started talking to me, trying to calm me down. I couldn't even hear what they were saying. I was screaming through my sobs. Daddy was holding my torso down on the exam table, and I was fighting to get up, but he was too big and strong. I was flailing my legs and punching daddy, but I couldn't get away. It was awful.

Dr. Price- Kevin, do we have your permission to use restraints? We need one around each of her feet and her hips so that she will be still enough for us to proceed; if you stay there, we won't need to restrain her torso, you do that well enough.

Kevin- It won't hurt her will it?

Dr. Price- A little, yes. She might have a few bruises for a day or so, but I really need to perform the exam. The police will want a copy of the report for the investigation too. So regardless, she needs the exam.

Kevin- I know. Ok, whatever it takes. Maybe if we sedate her?

Dr. Price- I need her awake, it doesn't work the same when she's asleep. We'll be as quick as we can. Can you distract her?

Kevin- Yes. Could one of you *looking at the nurses* grab her iPod from the front of her bag please?

I could hear that daddy and Dr. Price were talking but I couldn't make out what they were saying, I was trying so hard not to pass out and breathe, but my crying had gotten so bad it was really hard. I heard the door open and people come in, but I didn't care; I was too focused on trying to get away. Daddy was too strong, I couldn't get away. Next thing I knew, daddy had my iPod and put my headphones in my ears. He had put on some Taylor Swift pop song. I shook my head more violently and kept screaming. If you didn't know what was going on and you heard me scream, you would have thought someone was trying to kill me.

Kevin- What baby? Wrong song?

YES! I'm freaking out, and you put Taylor Swift on? Really? He doesn't know me very well yet :( Eminem, System of a Down, Buckcherry, something that would take my mind off what was going to happen. I grabbed my iPod, went into my playlists and selected the "Crude and Explicit" playlist, put it on shuffle, and turned it up so I couldn't hear anything, not even daddy. He looked at the face of my iPod, and frowned at the song and said something, but I had the music up so loud I couldn't make out a single word. Suddenly, I felt something around my ankles and hips; restraints! I fought harder against daddy, screamed, and my breathing got more strained and...everything went black.

When I woke up again, daddy was carrying me through the parking garage to the car. I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist and snuggled into his neck. I don't know what happened, but I do know that I was tired and sore; very very sore. Daddy unlocked the SUV and put me in the front seat.

Kevin- How ya feelin' kiddo?

-Tired *groggily**pained voice*and sore. Very, very sore.

Kevin- Aw. Alright, well, buckle up and get out your water bottle, I have medicine for the pain.

Daddy went to get in the car and got out the tablets. I did my seatbelt and got my water bottle out as daddy handed me a pill. I took it and lent my head against the cool window. My head had sweat on it. I felt like I was going to be sick. After 20 mins of driving, dad put the car in park, and shook my shoulder a little to wake me from the dose I was in.

Kevin- Summer, It's time to get out, we're here.

-Where is here?

Kevin- uh, well, I scheduled you an eye exam. Now, before you start to panic, all she's going to do is look in your eyes and tell you if you need glasses or not.

We went inside, and I saw the doctor. She looked in my eyes, had me read some letters, then talked with dad for a few mins. Apparently, my eyes were pretty bad, so we picked out a few pairs of glasses and dad said he'd have Joey and Nick pick them up after school today. We got in the car and drove off again.

-Daddy, where are we going now?

Kevin- We're going to the studio. I have meetings all afternoon.

That's depressing. I feel like crap, and have to tag along with dad at the studio. Oh, well. Maybe I'll be able to have a nap.

-What am I doing?

Kevin- I have some school work for you waiting at the studio, so that you can study for Friday. But, you'll have to listen to your iPod because these are closed meetings and you aren't allowed to be there, technically.

-Can't I just have a nap? I'm really, really tired.

Kevin- We'll see. You need to work on studying first.

Great. Hopefully there'll be some easy stuff I can breeze through then hopefully dad'll let me have a nap. It took us about ½ hour to get to the studio. We got to the receptionist, who handed dad a stack of papers and told him a room number. I had no idea where we were going and I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open enough to put one foot in front of the other; I clung on to dad real tight. We got to a door and dad stopped and turned me to face him.

Kevin- I need you to be very respectful to these men. They won't hurt you or touch you, I promise. But you need to be very polite and respectful; these are the CEO's of the studio and we're working out a deal. And don't forget about your iPod. I'll give you a look and I need you to block out all noise. Got it?

-Course daddy. IPod now?

Kevin- Yea. I want to prove that you can't hear anything. Ready?

I nodded as I put my earphones in and turned my iPod on. Daddy walked in and I followed; he led me to an empty seat at the table and sat me down on his lap. I could see that he was talking to the men in the room, but all I could hear was "Cinderella Man" blaring in my ears. I kinda just curled up on daddy's lap and let him talk. I didn't realize that he was talking to me or prompting me to talk until he took my iPod and paused it. I just looked up at him, confused. I thought I wasn't supposed to listen; that's when I noticed that everyone was looking at me, clearly waiting for me to say something. I blushed and looked at dad.

-Did I miss something?

Kevin- A little. I was introducing you.

-Oh. I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. I thought you were talking about meeting stuff.

Kevin- Thats ok.

CEO #1- It's nice to meet you Summer. Are you liking your new home?

-Yes sir, very much. The guys are awesome to me and fun to play with. Ok, minus the tickle fights. *giggles*

CEO #1- And have you started school?

-Not yet. I have a test to write on Friday for the school that Nick and Joey go to because I haven't been to normal school before.

Kevin- Speaking of which, you should get started on studying. And we need to get on with the meeting.

-Ok daddy.

Kevin- The chair over by the window is for you to do your school work. *Summer nods**whispers in her ear* Let me know if you're in pain and I can give you more pain killers. I want you to work for at least an hour before you have a nap, ok?

I nodded again, then took my bag over to the chair by the window, put my iPod back in, and got out the school work. They're tests, like final exams, that dad printed form a home schooling site. Cool. I rifled through them; math, science, history, geography, language, and French. Perfect. I pulled out the French test and tried to get comfy on the chair. Not gonna lie, it was painful. I couldn't sit comfortably, so I crawled under the chair and sat in the corner behind the chair, where I didn't have to be on my butt or girly parts, but I could comfortably sit on my knees. I flipped through the test, it's all review. I finished off the 5 page test in like 20 mins. My phone buzzed and I checked it. It really could only be one for 4 people: mom, dad, Nick or Joe; the only people how have my number. I read the message

Txt from Dad- WHERE DID U GO?

Txt to Dad- what do u mean? I'm in the corner in the room that the meeting is in

Txt from Dad- WHERE? I CAN'T C U!

Txt to Dad- i'm under the chair/behind it. I couldn't sit, it hurt too much.

Txt from Dad- oh, sorry. I was worried when I couldn't c u. R u ok?

Txt to Dad- It's ok. Can I go lay down now? I finished one test

Txt from Dad- Come tap on my shoulder to interrupt :P

Txt to Dad- k.

I packed up my work and crawled out from behind the chair. I walked up to dad, iPod in hand, and tapped on his shoulder. He talked to the guys for a min more, then, my music stopped. I looked up, and realized that dad had paused my music, meaning that I could talk to him now.

Kevin- Yes Summer?

-Um, I...I have to go to the bathroom.

Kevin- Ok kiddo. Excuse me gentlemen.

Daddy walked me out of the meeting room and down the hall to the bathroom. I looked up at him.

-I don't really have to go. No, scratch that, I do. I'll be right back.

I went and did my business and met daddy back in the hallway.

Kevin- You finished an entire test? *sceptical* You were only working for like 20 mins

-I know, but I did finish and I'm pretty sure it's all right. Can I please go have a nap? I can sleep on the floor behind the chair if I have to. Please daddy? I'm so tired from crying and that exam.

Kevin- *pulled Summer into a hug* ok princess. Come on, I`ll take you to our room.

-You guys have your own room here? *astonished*

Daddy took me upstairs and through a few hallways before stopping at a door. It didn't say anything on it to distinguish it from any other door in the hall. If I didn't know that it was daddy's, I would have guessed it to be another conference room. Dad got his keys out and unlocked the door and we walked in. If I wasn't so tired, I probably would've oogled more over the decor, but instead I crashed on the couch. I could hear dad talking on the phone, but was too tired to pay attention to what he was saying, and I really didn't care. I needed to sleep. Dad came and sat next to me on the couch; a bonus of being so small is that dad can sit next to be when I'm laying down. He rubbed my back and I fell asleep, until he woke me. I must not have been totally out because I woke when he shook me lightly. He sat me up and made me wake. Let me tell you, I wasn't impressed. I hugged onto his neck, trying to go back to sleep, but daddy wouldn't let me. What he said next woke me faster than dousing me in cold water would have.

Kevin- Summer, this is Sean. He's a friend of mine from the studio, and he's got the afternoon off and he's gonna stay here with you. I have to go back to the meeting, and I don't want you to be by yourself.

I looked at him with fear. I couldn't believe that he was going to leave me with this random guy. Doesn't he know what's going to happen? I can't go through this again. The tears began to fall, I couldn't control it anymore, and I was too tired to try.

Kevin- Summer, sweetie, you need to calm down before you make yourself sick. Not all men are like Eric and his friends, sweetie. Most guys aren't. Sean is a good guy, and I trust him. I need you to too, because I really need to get back to the meeting. Behave *kisses her head and slides her off his lap**turns to Sean* Here are her pills, she can have another in ½ hour if she wants, otherwise follow the label. We're in meetings till the end of the day, so we'll be back up here after that to get her. Thanks again man, I really appreciate it. *whispers* Also, be cautious, she was abused by the last man in her life, and has trust issues.

And then he was gone. Sean got up and locked the door; that's when I began to whimper and backed into the corner of the L-shaped couch. I was terrified of what he was going to do. He walked towards me and noticed how scared I was, and his face fell. I was confused, but still really really scared. He sat in the other corner of the couch and put his head in his hands and rubbed his face. I sat where I was and whimpered, tears still falling down my face.

Sean- Listen, Summer. I know you're scared, but I'm really not going to hurt you. We can just watch movies this afternoon if you want, or..*cut off by Summer jumping up and running to the bathroom*

Sean was talking, but I couldn't hear him. I was starting to feel really sick, everything from today catching up with me I guess. I ran to the bathroom and vomited in the toilet. Someone was behind me rubbing my back and holding my hair for me. I didn't know who it was or care much at the moment, I just wanted this to stop! I retched about five times before resting my head on the cool toilet seat. Sean let my hair down and was on his phone, probably talking to daddy.

Sean- Summer, Kev says that you're not allowed to have any more of your pain medicine in case it's making you sick.

I whimpered because things were really starting to hurt again. I could hear running water and then something soft and cold on my face. A cool cloth. Next thing I knew, Sean had me in his arms. I screamed, and he put me down on the couch, I immediately laid down and sobbed into the couch.

Sean- Summer? Summer? Are you ok? Did I hurt you? What's the matter?

I just cried. I was in so much pain. Sean didn't seem to know what to do or say; he just let me cry, until I finally had no tears left to shed. Sean finally sat on the couch and waited for me to answer him. I finally sat up and crawled up onto Sean's lap. I rested my head against his chest and tried to relax and build up the courage to tell him what was wrong. He was scared that he hurt me and he needed to know that he did nothing wrong.

-You did hurt me, but you didn't know. Its ok, I'm not mad. *snuggles closer to him*

Sean- Summer, how did I hurt you? Where did I hurt you? *in a small voice*

-Just forget *sean cuts her off*

Sean- I will not forget about it. You're hurt and I made it worse. Please tell me what's wrong.

-Fine. I...went to the doctor's this morning and...she did an...exam. It's still really sore.

Sean- Wait, like a physical? Summer, why would you need a physical? What happened?

-I...was abused by...by my foster parents, and...they needed to check *stops as tears come to her eyes again and a lump forms in her throat*

Sean- Oh Summer! *hugs her tighter* I'm so sorry! I had no idea..and, the way I picked you up...*trails off*

-Sean, it's ok, really. It doesn't hurt as much anymore. Can I have some Tylenol? I have a headache, and a tummy ache, and...and...it still hurts.

Sean- I'll have to text Kevin and make sure it's ok. *texts Kevin and awaits a reply*

Sean's phone rings and he reads the text from Kevin then turns to Summer.

Sean- Sorry kiddo. He said for you to rest and take a nap and he'll send the boys up when he can. Do you want me to put a movie in? What movie should we watch?

-*kinda grumpy* I don't really care. Whatever, I'll probably fall asleep anyways. *goes to get up*

Sean- Hey now *pulling her back down* don't be like that. I'll cuddle with you if you want; we can watch a movie and you can try and sleep. Does that sound ok? I know I'm not your uncles, but*cut off by Summer*

-*turns to look at Sean* My uncles? *confused*

Sean- Nick and Joe; if Kevin is your dad, then Nick and Joe would be your uncles.

-*giggles* Nicky and Joey are my brothers *smiles*

Sean- That doesn't make any sense

-it doesn't have to. Nick is only five years older than me, more like a brother than an uncle. And besides, don't you think it'd be weird if I called him Uncle Nick in public or at school? We'll be at the same school eventually. *giggles again*

Sean- *chuckles* I suppose you're right. So, what movie should we watch?

-Um, you pick

Sean went to the movie cupboard and looked through the DVD's. He pulled a few and turned back to Summer.

Sean- There's Cheaper by the Dozen, Scooby Doo the Movie, The Lion King, Shrek, *cut off by Summer*

-You don't have to watch a kids' movie. I'll be asleep in a few minutes, and there really is nothing that you could put on that I haven't seen or heard before. Honest, I'll be out in ten minutes.

Sean- So, I could put on Freddy Krueger and your telling me you wouldn't have nightmares of a creepy dude coming to kill you? *chuckling*

-Ok, that's pushing it. But you can watch a movie that you like, cause *yawns* cause I'll be sleeping soon. Promise.

Sean chuckled again, putting the kids' movies back on the shelf. He pulled out a copy of one of the Borne movies and put it in. He got a blanket and a pillow from the corner of the room then came back to me on the couch. He sat in the corner of the L-shape couch, his body stretched out one way; mine the other, with my head on a pillow on his lap. He put the blanket over me as I flipped onto my tummy and got comfy. I clung onto Sean's shirt and buried my face into his chest; I was asleep within minutes.

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