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Amu: gtfo


Me: I hate you all

This story isn't serious, just warning.

The Amuto Story

Hinamori Amu was the new girl at Seiyo High. She was afraid of nothing and could stand up against anything. Well, at least that's what everyone thought.


Sigh. I wish I could just show everyone what I'm really like. I thought with my head hung low.

"Hinamori-san!" I heard a voice yell approaching me. I turned around to see Hotori Tadase, the boy of my dreams running towards me.

"T-T-Tadase-kun?" I stuttered shocked that he was actually walking with me.

"You left your scarf in class the other day." He said giving it to me smiling. HOW CUTE.

"T-Thank you," I managed to say taking it and bowing.

"See you in class!" He said smiling and jogging past me. I turned my head to see him run towards the school and continued on walking. BOOM! (A/N: HAY ITS ME VAL-SAMA! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT U GUYZ THINK OF THE STORY SO FAR! SO REVIEW WHILE U READ IT!)

I crashed dramatically into a tall figure that was walking the opposite way. I rubbed my head and looked up to see the one and only Tsukiyomi Ikuto.

"Geez, watch where you're going!" I yelled at him while standing up.

"It's not my fault you were staring at Tadase." He said SMIRKING.

"W-What? I have no idea what you are talking about." I stuttered.

"You obviously like him." He said gazing at a stray cat on the street.

"I-I do not!" I yelled.


"WELL TOO BAD GIRLFRIEND BECAUSE TADASE AND I ARE MARRIED!" Ikuto said whipping his hair to the other side and shaking his hip.

"!" Amu screamed falling dramatically on the floor dying.

Ikuto started to dance sexily in the middle of the street wearing a bear costume.

Tadase came in and started to make out with Ikuto while Amu was dying on the sidewalk slowly.

Yaya came in on a giant unicorn and screamed "I LOVE MEN."

Ikuto did the electric slide while taking off his bear costume to reveal a WHITE BIKINI. (A/N: PICTURE ON MY PROFILE1111111111111111!)

"Oh darling, you look absolutely lovely in that little thing." Tadase winked on top of a car.

Amu came back to life and smacked Ikuto in the face, "OH GURL PLEASE I AM SO HOTTER THAN YOU!"

Ikuto was startled at the sudden action and head bopped to the beat of Thriller by Michael Jackson, "You are so ugly, I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THE KNITTING CLUB. All you are is a little puny girl that my man would NEVER like."

"Oh no you didn't IMMA CUT YU" Amu screeched throwing Tera at Ikuto.

Utau came in and started to sing Babby by Justin Babber(I DO NOT OWN SAD FACE )


I know u luv me, I am carebear, just shout pregnant and ill give birth

At this point of the song she started to dance the way Rick Astley does with a polka dot unicorn microphone with glitter.

I was like pedo, pedo, pedo,

Everyone started to look at her but suddenly Justin Babber came in and took the glittery microphone away. "I'm sorry girl but I'm sexy." He said winking.

Utau suddenly died from hair loss and too much purple. Justin Babber then started to do a jig but got shot in the head by a pizza.

"That was a neat show!" Ikuto cried, in tears from the beautifulness of the dancing.

The curtain closed and everyone ate Val cuz she is so man.