That pitch black night a women and her band of space pirates infiltrated a base looking to steal some material to help out their cause. She crept to the wall and instructed her crew to sneak pass the security lazars in a silent tone by hand movement.

She then got a device and started to hack the system which granted access. The room revealed a red core as she grasped the core with nostalgia.

"I remember it like it was yesterday." Ruby Heart remembered her battle with Abyss monster years ago with her heroic allies.

"Captain, Captain! Is there something wrong you look like you was thinking of something?" one pirate asked trying to awake her from her daydream. Ruby Heart snapped out if it after being called so many times as she shook her head.

"I am here, forgive me I was just remembering back when…" before Ruby Heart could finish her sentence the alarm went off. When they heard the sound of the alarm the pirates then fled the base while locking itself down.

"Hurry…! we must get out of here!" she shouted. Her and her pirate crew tried to escape the base as it was continuing to lock itself down from them. Ruby Heart exited the base successfully, but her crew members stayed behind.

"What are you doing…we need to get out of here!" she instructed. "My lady Captain, you must get out of here we will stay behind to fight them. Now go…!" they instructed. Ruby Heart was very hesitant on leaving her members behind as she shook her head. She gritted her teeth in hesitation as she ran away from her crew members.

Ruby Heart pirate crew stayed behind as they had armed themselves with swords and pistols awaiting the enemy's movement. There appeared a group of hooded cloak beings in front of the whole crew.

"Who are you guys?" one pirate asked.

"WE ARE ONE OF LORD TABUU!" the hooded cloak being replied. One then stepped forward as his right hand surrounded itself with a blue aura. One of the pirate members roared as he charged for and attack at the first hooded being.

"PATHETIC… and… WEAK!" The first hooded being attacked taking out one of the first pirate crew member in one strike. The rest of the pirate roared in for a second attack as one of them held some blasting jelly and lit the fuse at the hooded being which caught him by surprise. The explosion impact the whole base as Ruby Heart watched from flying ship.

"Forgive me…mon-ami." Ruby Heart said as she bid farewell to her pirate crew members. A tear then rolled down her eye sadden by the lost of her crew she gripped their pirate bandanna to her heart.

A few days later the pirate woman was collapsed in her personal quarters after consuming so much alcohol over the lost of her crew members. On her monitor system a tournament was being held on her TV screen. That caught her attention as she saw two combatants facing off with each other.

On the right side was Mario and on the left side was Kirby fighting each other. She watched plagued with the utmost curiosity while still tipsy over her drinking. "Ship…Give me the stat on that world those two are reside in…" she spoke in a weak drunken tone and hiccupped.

"Analyzing world…!" the computer replied.

"World analyzed….world called Smash Kingdom. A world where well known heroic icons inhabited from generation to generation, first, subject Mario a plumber who is also a hero in the mushroom kingdom known for saving a princess." The computer explained.

"You don't say…any other ones?" Ruby Heart replied still tired.

"Each one has their own individual special ability ma'am. I will show you more." The computer analyzed. The computer screen show other Nintendo characters in actions such as Link, Zelda, Samus, Donkey Kong and Star Fox.

"Interesting…set course for that world." Ruby Heart hiccupped.

"Yes understood madam." The ship computer replied navigating the ship on course.

Meanwhile in a castle Zelda and Peach were having tea together in the garden. They watched Link and Pit practice their archer abilities seeing who could hit the most targets. "My, they sure are going all out." Peach admired their abilities. "Yes, it's like a never ending cycle. Neither of them had missed a target." Zelda replied.

The two of them got to the last target armed with their bow and arrows about to fire. Link than sense something which caused him to seize his attack. "Have you had enough yet?" Pit asked. Link tapped his shoulder as he looked up at the strange color sky. "Clouds? It's out of place this season?" Zelda wondered at the sky.

"I WILL ENGLUFE THIS PATHETIC WORLD!" A loud voice roared from the sky. That put the four on them on guard as they looked around. A group of enemy foot soldiers surrounded them armed with rifles and beam katanas.

"Impossible, I thought we destroyed him long ago." Pit said.

"I don't think this is the same enemy Pit." Zelda replied giving an observation. Pit shot one of his arrows at the foot soldiers but dodged the attack. The foot soldiers started to approach the four of them. A cannon shot at the foot soldiers. That got the foot soldiers attention as they spotted Ruby Heart on the castle. Pit then spotted a hooded being outside the castle behind the foot soldiers. He suspected him as he went chasing after the hooded being.

"Hey you…!" Pit called out chasing after him as Link then decided to follow Pit in pursuit of the enemy as the hooded being ran away from them.

"There she is! Open Fire!" the foot soldiers shouted as they fired their laser rifles. She ran from the enemies as the foot soldiers followed her trial. Ruby Heart got her book and chanted a spell quickly making the water attack three of the enemies. One soldier then drew out his beam katana to attack her, but she knocked it out of his hand and elbowed him. She then threw and anchor at the last foot guard knocking him down.

"You'll pay… for… this…" the foot soldiers struggled to get up about to attack Ruby Heart with his rifle while she wasn't looking. Mario appeared and jumped on the foot soldiers head knocking him unconscious.

"Uh, thank you whoever you are…" Zelda thanked.

Ruby grabbed her hat from the ground as she turned around and faced Zelda, Peach and Mario. "It was no trouble at all." She replied to straighten her hat. She brushed her shoulders.

"But who was that who attacked us…?" Peach asked.

"I'll explain later right now we have to get to a safe place…." Ruby Heart replied.

More to come on the way