It was an all-out war on the Programmers. Every hero went head on against their foes. Fox and Falco assisted in the air with their Arwing's destroying the remaining battleships. Samus and R.O.B had wiped of most of the Programmer's airships with their own ship. While Dark-Super-Sonic was still frozen under a big block of ice, they used the chance to strike the Programmer's forces.

"Your corruption has gone on long enough Programmer jerks!" Mega-Man and Captain Commando exclaimed shooting multiple beam cannons at the Programmer airships.

"Hell-yeah! You scum are going down!" Jin barked piloting his robot. He blasted the last of the Programmer sirships.

The leader was enraged on the outcome of the battle, now that Dark-Super-Sonic was not at their side. He could not afford to lose as he ordered his remaining foot soldiers to hold the fort.

Ruby Heart and the others had already infiltrated the main base. They swarmed in like an invading army. They cut down any Programmer foot soldiers that came their way.

Only few Programmers were left in the battle. Two were female, and the other was male in heavy Japanese Samurai armor. Each one of them was itching to battle as they grasped their aura.

"What are your orders sir?" the female Programmer asked.

"I'm going to try to get into contact with Dark-Super-Sonic to assist us. You three destroy them once and for all." The leader order as he sat down to meditate.

"This is as far as you go." The armored Programmer exclaimed blocking their path.

Link drew his master sword determined to fight the Programmer. As soon as Sheik saw Link's face, she decided to stay behind to fight him as well. Knowing there were bigger things at stake, Ruby Heart said "be careful" and went ahead of them.

"You are no match for me; I've been through years of battling." He introduced as Link and Sheik charged at him.

"I cannot let you past. So surrender or feel the wrath of my song." The second female Programmer threatened holding mandolin.

"I got this one Ruby Heart, just go on ahead." Pit announced aiming his arrow.

"She looks tough, so I'll back you up Pit." Ike added.

"Thanks." Pit replied.

"My name is Melody. And play a beautiful tone." She also introduced jiggling on strings of her instrument. Pit and Ike went in for the attack.

"You won't get far, now as long as I'm around wench…you" The second female Programmer blocked their way.

Before she could finish up her sentence Snake had shot missile. Pikachu then released a massive thunderbolt at the female Programmer from out of nowhere. Marth rushed in slashed her with his mighty sword.

"Very well, then you three will be my opponents. You will not beat Hexrah!" she barked.

"Lady, I've handled worst, so magic beings aren't a problem." Snake shot back.

A foot soldier reported to the Programmer leader. "Sir our main fleet has fallen, section two went offline. I can't get into contact with any of our forces. What do we do sir? What are your orders?"

He grabbed the foot soldier and absorbed his last remaining energy into his own. "You could start by shutting up!"

"Feeling pressured aren't we?" Ruby Heart taunted.

The leader cringed in excitement. "I have just got into contact with Dark-Super-Sonic, so it is only a matter of time before he destroys you all!"

"You playing with fire you know. You don't know Sonic's power that well. Beings like him cannot be controlled by the likes of you." Ruby Heart warned.

"We'll see you about that! Tabuu will be revived again and I will make that happen. I have Sonic's power so you can't beat me."

The leader made the first move by launching multiple projectile attacks at Ruby Heart. She realizes she could not beat him, so for now she stood on the defense. She and others evaded every blow thrown at them.

"You think you can stop me?" He inquired.

Soon after that, everyone that Ruby Heart had met and allied with burst into the main chamber. They confronted the leader of the Programmer determined to finish him off once and for all. Each of them surrounded him thinking he was outmatched. But he would not let up.

"I'm not finished. I am Tabuu. Dark-Super-Sonic, destroy them all, leave no one standing." He pleaded.

Dark-Super-Sonic flew with insane speed like a bullet and stood by the leader's side. He grinned with anticipation. He thought victory was his at last despite his forces falling.

"Actually I was expecting that." Ruby Heart planned.

She pulled out the orb of the Abyss monster and chanted a spell from her book. The orb began to absorb the negative energy surrounding Dark-Super-Sonic. He could not move from the assault, he was stuck in place.

"What are you doing?" the leader demanded.

Ruby Heart replied. "Draining Sonic of his powers. I beat the Abyss with his own power before, I'll do it again."

"Well I'll see to it doesn't happen. I shall be the new Tabuu of this world!" The Programmer leader absorbed the remaining energy of his leftover Programmers and Dark-Super-Sonic energy. He combined the energy with his own. And thus a monstrous form of Tabuu was born, but without a price. It was an uncontrollable beast with large tentacles.

"Move out!" Ruby Heart cried to the others.

"So what is going on?" Sheik inquired.

Ruby Heart signed. "It seems like when he absorbed Dark-Super-Sonic's power, he absorbed his rage as well. Dark-Super-Sonic was bound to go in uncontrollable sooner or later, but he just saved us the trouble. It could have been worst. Now we have a bigger threat, so it's up to us to stop it. Are you with me?"

Pit held his hand down. "Till the end."

Every one of the heroes had placed their hands in the middle on top of Ruby Heart's as they got ready for the final battle. Only time will tell what the outcome might be for our heroes as they charged at the newly improved Tabuu. No longer was this the old Tabuu.

Each hero attacked from all sides of the beast. Left, right, forward and back they struck to find a weakness within the new Tabuu. Even Sonic's efforts to stop him only made his attacks bounce back. His power was far greater than anyone else.

Each attack from projectile, magic and brute force was knocked back at the heroes. Tabuu blasted a giant laser blast and then released multiple hollow forms of the defeated Programmer's. He roared loudly as he power grew stronger and stronger.

Tabuu's overwhelming power had even impacted the skies. Parts of the sky started to fall apart like shattered glass. It even created devastating weather.

Ruby Heart noticed. "His power is ripping apart reality as we know it. We have to do something."

"Yeah, but like what? Even in this form he's still powerful." Super-Sonic asked.

"Sonic, while you and the others keep him distracted, I need you to take me inside the beast. I'm going to attempt to drain from the inside." She planned.

"That's way too risky, but whatever you say."

Tabuu continued to swing his arms and tentacles so recklessly stopping every attempt from the heroes. While flying, Super-Sonic had drop Ruby Heart inside the creature mouth. Now Ruby Heart was inside the belly of the beast. She grabbed her book and the orb and started chanting a draining spell. But with the beast's screams it was hard to concentrate, regardless she intended to push herself even further.

As the heroes started to reach their limits on how much they could hold of the beast, Tabuu's power started to weaken. It would seem like Ruby Heart was successful in attacking Tabuu from the inside, but it had taken so much out of her. Super-Sonic delivered the finishing blow against the beast and saved Ruby Heart in the process.

There they saw Super- Sonic hold Ruby Heart while levitating in the air. Thunderous applause had sounded for their victory.

The threat was over as every character had celebrated their triumph over the Programmers at the mansion. Food and drinks were served through the party. The happiness of everyone's cheer had brought a smile to Ruby Heart's face. Old and new friends she was honored to lead the time through battle.

"What are you thinking about Ruby Heart?" Sonic confronted her.

Ruby Heart sipped on her drink as she watched the sky. "All the worlds I have been to, this was by far the most challenging. I have been spending my life as a simple pirate mercenary that I haven't had time to settle in. So I decided to stay in this world I will be here if you need me as a friend and character."

Sonic patted Ruby Heart's back. "That's great, welcome to the team Ruby Heart."