READ (I BLAME YOU) for a background story, but please welcome one the best pairings ever. Jimmy and Ryan, RIMMY , there is also Rylu and Jiue.

Jimmy had been dating True for two months. He had everything he wanted, a great job, a hot girlfriend, a best friend. What more could he want? What more could a guy wish for in a world that sometimes people never even got to see a scrap of bread? He was being selfish maybe, no he defiantly was, there was one thing that Jimmy wanted more than anything else in the world. Ryan.

Jimmy sat in a restaurant looking at the menu as True went to the bathroom to gussy herself up as she called it. He kept telling her she looked fine as she was but she just wouldn't believe him. He sighed flipping through the menu about three times before he gave up. He always let True pick out his meal because he could never decide on one thing. It appeared he struggled with this in all aspects of his life. It had been two months almost three now sense he started dating True under the strangest circumstances. He had had a more or less romantic encounter with his now best friend Ryan.

True and Lulu had walked in on them and to make it worse Jimmy didn't know how he felt about Ryan and just followed suite when True made the decision to go out with him on the basis of that she liked him he apparently liked her and they should just forget about what happened all together. The problem was Jimmy couldn't forget. He could still remember Ryan's taste, his sound, every place he had bitten him.

Sometimes he could barely look at Ryan when they went on double dates with True and Lulu. Yea that's right Ryan was dating Lulu, to make things even worse than they already were. He didn't have time to think more about his dilemma as True came skipping back sitting next to him and crushing the side of his face with a kiss. Not that he didn't enjoy it, he had done plenty with True in the past few weeks, but it wasn't the same feeling that Ryan had given him and he wanted so badly to find it again. Jimmy blinked as True started talking to him in her usual chipper voice he tried to focus he really did but his mind was somewhere else and he barely noticed the food being served ten minutes later.

"Jimmy are you okay?" True asked taking notice of her boyfriend's distant thoughts. "Yea…just fine." Jimmy didn't mean to say it in a snappy attitude but he did and he winced when True withdrew her hands from him and went to eating without saying anything. He sighed and looked at her."I am sorry I just haven't been feeling well lately." He lied, well mentally he didn't feel well but she'd take it as physically and probably worry herself into a coma.

"Oh Jimmy then why'd you come! I told you didn't always have to take me out Friday." Every Friday, that's right every Friday True had Jimmy take her to some place to eat or do something special as she said it. Every so often Ryan and Lulu would come along and that was torture on Jimmy to watch Ryan laughing and snuggling up to Lulu like a love sick puppy. It was as if he'd forgotten that he'd made Jimmy cry out, made him sigh, and even made him cry. Jimmy had cried two weeks in his relationship with True while he was alone waiting for her to come downstairs, he had treated it as allergies but he knew that it wasn't allergies at all.

"True I always take you out Fridays I am not breaking my promise now." Jimmy replied lightly forcing a charming smile onto his face. She seem to take this and returned to her normal happy self as she chewed down on some kind of seafood. Jimmy looked down at his plate and saw that she had ordered him some fancy looking corn dogs, if it was possible to make corn dogs make fancy that is.

He loved corndogs for a simple reason; it was Ryan's favorite food. He poked one with a skinny fork that should have been used for desert and stuffed one of the small one the size of his pinky into his mouth. He sighed through his nose and looked across the place and found that most of the couples in the place had to be over a hundred years old, which explained the cheesy classical music.

However True liked these kinds of places and he kindly obliged. He would rather be in a place where music is causing people to slowly lose their hearing. Where people go into back rooms and aren't seen again until the strobe lights turn off. Where everything just mixes together and everything for one single moment looks like it isn't going to suck. As he pictured this in his mind he found himself wandering into forbidden territory.

Ryan was there and he was laughing and had a giant cup bigger than his head filled with sparkling cherry juice and pomegranate. He was saying something about how they should play "Hoedown Throw down" and how he'd be right out there tearing up the dance floor. Jimmy found himself staring himself in the face as his dream self laughed at Ryan's apparent comment. He found himself laughing at this image, because honestly he probably would have laughed at this. Ryan shifted putting the glass down on a chair and grabbing Jimmy's hand taking him past dancers and people passed out from too much excitement. Ryan took him to a back room where he shut the door and began covering him with kisses and whispering things that made Jimmy blush. Soon their clothes would be off, still kissing each other finding new ways to make the other cry out.

Jimmy's trance was broken when True bumped him saying he needed to pay for the food. He took out his wallet putting his credit card down and sighing lightly as he slowly went through the motions of engaging in conversation. It wasn't that True bored him or anything it was just that he had too much on his mind or really just one thing on his mind. He wanted Ryan. He came to this conclusion about a week ago when true wanted to take it to the next level.

That level being letting, him see her without a shirt. She was certainly beautiful, that wasn't even an argument, but she didn't excitement him like Ryan had, and he had been trying to fight it. He thought he just needed to flush Ryan from his mind but it was becoming ungodly impossible. He had been developing the habit of inviting True over to his house with Lulu and Ryan, while True and Lulu jabbed about clothes and gossip Jimmy and he would play video games or discuss the latest wrestling matches.

Sometimes Ryan's hand would stray t Jimmy's but for only a moments as if it was an accident and a lot of the time Jimmy believed it probably was. Then Lulu and Ryan would leave and True would want to talk to Jimmy about things and then they'd start making out or watch a movie. It never go further than the couch of course, Jimmy wasn't sure he could handle that and True wasn't a slut either. True obviously was fed up with his constant fading out and after their date she told him that he needed to get over whatever was ailing him and then come and tell her that he loved her like he was suppose to. Yes they had already said the three deadly words.

He had regretted it when he had said it knowing well that he didn't truly love True. Or at least not like he loved Ryan. Ryan was totally different, Ryan was, Ryan was his other half of the puzzle, Ryan was the thing that kept Jimmy awake at night as he ran through his mind like firecrackers. He sighed inwardly berating himself as he drove into his apartment's driveway. He had dropped True off and now he felt like a complete dick. He had hardly paid attention to her at all, he was being so selfish. He got out of his car dragging himself up the flights of stairs till he reached his apartment room. He opened the door and slunk in closing the door behind him with a quiet click. He needed to fix this before he did something stupid really stupid.

The voice, that beautiful, sweet, seductive voice broke him out his trance as he was shocked to hear it as he was thinking about it just then.

"Hey Jim…" Ryan's voice, Oh how Jimmy loved it. But why was he here, and how the hell did he get in. Oh wait Jimmy had given him a key."Listen don't be startled I just needed a breather, Lulu has been hounding me about seeing her parents and I really really really don't wanna." Jimmy face broke out into a smile as he began to laugh at Ryan's fake pained face.

"It's alright Ry, you just scared the hell out of me." Jimmy replied sitting down as Ryan sat on the couch.

"So…how you been?" Its true really, that they hadn't actually talked sense, well, back then. Jimmy had missed so much and now he just wanted to lie back and see what kind of pain Ryan had been through, ad be able to laugh with him if that was at all possible. "Oh well see, I have been really good, I think." Ryan replied obviously not sure what to say. Jimmy nodded as the silence invaded the space with an overwhelming force. He didn't want it to be like this, it was suppose to be easy for them! Why was it so hard, why couldn't they just talk to each other? He hated this more then he could even imagine. Fate was dragging him into the very nightmare he tried to stay out of. He was losing the only person he loved.

It's goodbye
But we got one more night
Let's get drunk and ride around
And make peace with an empty town

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