Alright this is when I come to a conclusion to start another fanfiction alone with my most popular one that is still being written, which happens to be What A Beautiful Night m a r e, with Joker and Batman, check it out if you haven't read it yet. Anyhow, for this new fanfiction, I have been having a tough time deciding what I want to do. So I am going to give you guys some options to choose from and that's what I'll write, you guys are already quite aware of my writing skills so I am asking you to either pick your favorite book, movie, pairing ect or just choose the one that I can write best and make most…complicated? That's not the right word but it works for now, anyway, here are some of the things you can choose from.


Shutter Island-Teddy/Chuck(because I like those names better)

Brokeback Moutain(revamped)-This means basically I am taking this story and making it my own, but it has the same plot, but the genre and setting might be totally different.

Pirates of the Caribbean- Will/Jack(yea…I know, don't say anything)

Jumper –(do I even have to say it?)David/Griff

My Soul To Take-(obvious)

(Your suggestion here)- This is a freebie if you don't like any of the other choices given.

Alright people, this is my challenge, tell me what I am writing, and hey even give me an idea what I should do. Here are the genres I am best at.





So really what your doing is picking a fanfiction option from the first list, and then maybe mixing and matching genres, and some of your own, if you come up with anyones that are better. The one I pick will be have the reviews name feature in the first chapter and will also have a chance to insert a OC and get a special exert before anyone else gets to read the fanfiction. Well, it's up to you my faithful fans, oh what shall I do, it's only a guess, savvy?