Love's Sacrifice

Authors note: I know that I'm in the middle of one fic. But I needed to see and experiment. I just felt like finding out whether or not people would like this fic better than my last one. Ok so here goes! Hope you like it.

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Chapter 1:

A woman stood, dark eyes searching the mirror in front of her. Her green hair was pulled into a small bun, and the rest was hanging down. Beside her stood the senshi of the sun (I'm obsessed with my sun senshi!) Her own dark red eyes were searching for hidden clues. She turned to the next woman and looked her over. In a calm almost emotionless voice asked "are you all right Pluto-sama?" Pluto turned to the sun senshi and smiled wanely. "We have no choice, something is disrupting the time lines. The whole future is going to be destroyed if we don't do something" The orange- red haired woman turned to the mirror, and sighed, her 16 year old face fell "I my vacation is off?" Pluto bit her lip..."Hai, Flame- chan..gomen really, I'm very sorry" Flame smiled brightly, and turned to leave shouting over her shoulder "It's all right Sets-chan! I'll go get the others and....we'll take care of every thing!" Setsuna watched as Flame walked away, and heaved a sigh. 'Dearest faiths. Why? Why must this be so complicated?' She thought to herself, as she continued to scrutinize the mirror.


Flame smiled slightly to herself as she watched the other angels and goddess' playing in the heavens. 'They look so happy, not having any missions to do, enjoying their vacations...I feel so bad to know that i'd be the one to interrupt them.' She thought to herself as she surveyed the mass of angels. A blonde angel flew by her, hair up in their usual way, smiling saphire eyes brightening up. "FLAME-CHAN!!!!! DID YOU DECIDE TO SPEND VACATION WITH US AFTER ALL?" She screamed, as she raced pass. Everyone there halted what they were doing and turned to face the sun senshi. "Iie, sorry but I have some..bad news" Flame said slowly. A light blue haired angel walked up to her, eyes holding more than a little compassion. "hai, what is it Flame-chan?" The other girls circled around the sun-senshi and listened to their new mission. "RIGHT!" a chorus of girls practically screamed, as they raced off to get ready for their journey. Flame sighed and turned to walk off, as she did so she saw the guardian of time watching her. Smiling the figure turned and walked off to go and take care of the mirror, and time. Flame walked back to her own room and prepared for her mission, sighing wearily.


Authors Note:

So how do you all like my prologue? The chapters will be longer, I promise. And all of the pilots will be included as well as most of the sailor senshi. I'd like you all to know that this was inspired by an awesome fic by Comet-Princess. Go ahead and read it, it's really good! It's titled Angel in Disguise. Any ways this is all I have to say so...Ja Ne minna!!!!!!! ::runs away from her comp and runs smack-dabb in to a pole, rendered unconscious::