Loves Sacrifice

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Flame opened her eyes, and stared at Setsuna. She blinked and immediately bounced away, "OMG!! GOMEN-NASAI SETSUNA-SAN! IS IT LATE?!?! AM I LATE? OH NOOO GOMEN NASAAAAIIII!!!" Setsuna jumped at the outburst and smiled gently, offering reassurance, "Iie! Flame-chan, you are not late for anything. Unfortunately there is a reason for my interrupting your rest. And it's not good." "Oh..." Flame seemed to relax then the meaning of the sentence hit her like a ton of rocks, "NANI!?!? HOW CAN ANY MORE BAD THINGS COME OF THIS????" Shock was written over her once drained tired looking face. Setsuna sighed and shook her head.

Chapter 3:

Setsuna turned towards the door, "we have to get the other angels. This is important" She says her voice sounded drained her eyes were shallow looking, years and years of knowing things that others couldn't was wearing a toll on her.

Flame got off the bed, her lips pursed together, she walked briskly to the door, and turned. "Then let us get the others, if it is that important they must learn of it now; that way we can get to the mission ASAP!" Her voice is strong as she talks, the voice of a true leader.

Setsuna walked outside, her garnet eyes dark as she walked to a bell. With a trembling hand she took the rope and without hesitation rang it. Almost instantly angels flew in, looking about, calling out, "Where is the emergency? What emergency?" As Setsuna took breath to call only certain angels over, Flame called out. "Only those briefed on the newest mission does this bell ring to, in other words the former Sailor Scouts, you are all needed."

From the crowds, an angel stepped forward; her hair was shimmering gently about her, her cerulean blue eyes were wide and caring. Her cheeks pink with laughter, and a smile creasing her lips as she stepped forward, "Setsuna," she questioned, "What is it? I sense a deep fear in you." Her voice is quiet, the tone of a former queen and princess. Setsuna looked to her and shook her head, "Usagi, we will talk as the others come."

From the crowds another woman appears, her black hair was cut chin length, violet eyes were deep pools of understanding, she was pale as she had been on earth, and just as pretty. "Setsuna?" Her voice is timid as a mouse, as she smiled wanly, "Trouble?" Stepping up beside her another woman appeared, her pink hair was done in two and cascaded down to her ankles in long streams of pink. She smiled casually, her eyes were warm, red in color and charming. "I am here." She says, not asking after the trouble as it made no sense to.

Finally from the crowds four more angels appear, one was a tough looking angel. Brown hair in a ponytail, she was the tallest of the bunch, her emerald green eyes vibrant with life, and her voice radiated that. "Sets- chan!" She calls, as if greeting a friend in the park. Next to her stood a small blue haired angel, her eyes were the same blue as her hair, filled with wisdom above and beyond her years. Besides these two were the raven haired princess of war, and the golden locked goddess of beauty. All four of them were frowning as they waited to be told what to do.

Setsuna looked from one to the other, studying in turn all eight faces, all of them sensed the grim trouble, several were hiding it, and others openly exhibited their fears. "Angels. I've bad news. Flame will not be able to attend this mission with you, and you can not, I really do mean can not use any magic. I fear even sending you all on this mission; it is very dangerous."

It was the former Princess and Queen that spoke up reading the looks on the other's faces she stepped forward her blonde odangos trailing into paper like locks of golden hair. "Setsuna? What is so dangerous?" Setsuna looks to her, pain filling her face, "You'll be facing a past that never existed." She says simply.

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