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Full Summary: 19 year olds Kagome and Sango are sisters, but after being accused of helping the lord of the underworld, Naraku they have been exiled from heaven, they have fallen from grace. Being on their own in a strange world, Earth, they meet two handsome demons, Sesshomaru and Miroku, who have been assigned to make them fall in love with them. They fall in love and unbeknownst to Kagome and Sango, Sesshomaru and Miroku were told to make them fall in love. Miroku and Sesshomaru have listened to Naraku their whole lives, will they lose their sole mates? Or finally stand up for themselves?

Okay, I know long summary, but the story will be pretty long, probably twenty or so chapters. Anyway please stick with me through this, The pairings are Kagome/Sesshomaru and Sango/Miroku.


"Can you believe it San? Finally we got to do something really important and when we come back they accuse us of treason!" Kagome was boiling with anger, whilst her older sister Sango was deep in thought, thinking about the possible punishments that they could receive.

'Well we could get let off easy and be held in prison for twenty years, but they will not allow us off that easy, especially since they don't like us in the first place' It was true the entire counsel resented the rambunctious sisters. 'The worst that could happen is they would exile us from heaven. That is a fate much worse than death'

"San?" Kagome questioned, looking at her sister with concern.

"Uh, what'd you say Kagome?"

"Umm, never mind." The truth was Kagome was also worried about their punishments. She worried they would be exiled, that they would fall from grace. 'The elders can't truly be that harsh? Could they?'

Yes, they could, and they probably would. What Kagome and Sango were being accused of was very serious. They were being accused of helping the lord of the underworld Naraku.

"Are you ready Kags?" Sango asked picking up her hot pink and black duffel bag.

"Yup." Kagome also picked up her duffel bag, but hers was dark purple and pitch black. They had hidden all their weapons in their bags. They each were good at the same things, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, archery, demon slaying, and both knew how to use their powers perfectly. But Kagome was better at archery than Sango, because she knew how to concentrate her spiritual energy into her arrows, and Sango knew how to use the Hiraikotsu better than Kagome.

Both girls had the power of telepathy, telechenisis, healing, flying, speed, and night vision . The power's that only Kagome had were Mind reading, mind control, seeing the future, and a mental and physical shield. The powers that only Sango had were body possession, Psionic blast, and memory manipulation.

Both girls walked to the door and went to the Meeting Hall. They entered and saw the counsel elders before them. They bowed in respect and took a seat. The head of the counsel stood and raised his hand for silence. When the talking died down he spoke, "We have gathered here on this day, in this hour to discuss the situation of Sango and Kagome Higurashi."

"To discuss their punishment, for doing the unthinkable, turning against their friends and family and helping Naraku." Many gasps of surprise were heard as murmurs broke out though the crowd.

Sango and Kagome just stood there, tall and proud, ready to take whatever came their way with their heads held high.

The elders came together and began discussing the girls' punishment. Finally after several tense minutes they broke apart. The head elder stood once again and cleared his throat. The talking died down and he spoke, "We have reached a decision."

He turned his cold, unforgiving eyes to the two sisters standing with their heads held high. "Sango and Kagome Higurashi are hereby exiled from heaven."

Kagome's eyes widened and she looked to her sister with frightened eyes, but Sango was staring straight ahead into the eyes of the head council. Kagome noticed she was trying to be tough for her, but she could see her fingers trembling.

The elder continued, "You have twenty minutes to pack your belongings, and then are to be escorted to the gates and left."

"No need." Sango spoke, her fingers were trembling, but her voice was firm and strong. "We are packed, and will escort ourselves to the gates."

The elder nodded and showed them to the door. That was when Kagome noticed how happy he seemed. So Kagome and Sango left their old lives behind, and walked out of the gates with their heads held high.

In the underworld Naraku had seen what was happening and called his head demons to him.

"Yes, Master?" Miroku and Sesshomaru asked with their heads bowed.

"The angel's top warriors, Kagome and Sango Higurashi, have been exiled. They would be a great asset to me. You are to find them and make them fall in love with you." He handed Sesshomaru a manila folder. "You may choose who you pursue, now go!"

"Yes master." And they walked away to prepare for departure. Sesshomaru opened the folder and took out two profiles with pictures. He handed the one with the oldest a girl named Sango to Miroku and kept the one with the picture of the youngest named Kagome.

"Go pack, we leave at dawn." Miroku nodded and set off.

They met at dawn with a duffel bag each, the duffel carrying their clothes. They had their sword, which were their only weapons, at their sides.

Each had the same powers. They had the powers of poison generation, Acid generation, Accelerated healing, Superhuman senses, superhuman reflexes, and superhuman vision.

They nodded in greeting and set out to find their victims.

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