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Chapter One ...

"That's it! InuYasha . . . SIT!"

The angry tone of Kagome's voice reverberated across the field as she screamed the word that sent the unruly hanyou head first into the dirt.

From his self imposed grave InuYasha could hear Kagome's footsteps retreating towards the village and inevitably to the bone eaters well that would take her home, five hundred years into the future. When InuYasha was finally able to pull himself up Kagome was no where to be seen. Sango, Miroku and Shippou all sat quietly eating their dinners as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred.

In fact nothing out of the ordinary had happened. InuYasha's corse and unruly behaviour towards Kagome had steadily worsened over the past few months. Kagome and InuYasha couldn't be left alone together for more then a few minutes without another fight breaking out that would, more often then not, send Kagome running for home.

On several occasions their friends had attempted to intervene with limited success. By now it seemed relatively pointless to even try stopping the madness that had taken hold of InuYasha and Kagome, and even more pointless to try and understand why.

In the end everything always resolved itself and the two eventually made their own separate ways back to the group.

Kagome's feet hit the dirt floor of the bone eaters well in her own time. She stood quietly in the darkness for a while trying to collect her thoughts. Silent tears flowed over her cheeks as she contemplated her actions. She'd fallen into the same trap yet again. She hit her fist against the wall of the well in front of her as she thought about InuYasha and how he had goaded her into yet another fight.

Why couldn't she just leave him alone? Why did he have to be so good at pushing her buttons?

Kagome's hand relaxed against the wall before sliding down to her side. She knew the answer to her own question but she was too ashamed to admit it to herself.

After wiping her face to try and make herself presentable for her family, Kagome began to climb up and out of the well. If they saw her in such a state they would start to ask questions and Kagome wasn't sure she could handle that at the moment.

Kagome had barely made it a quarter of the way up the make shift ladder when suddenly something grabbed her leg, pulling her back down. She landed with a painful thud on the dirt floor, a shower of dust landing all around her. Waving the dust from her face, Kagome slowly looked up to see InuYasha standing over her. She'd been so preoccupied she hadn't even noticed him arrive through the well.

Neither of them said a word. Kagome held her breath as she waited for what she knew was coming. She had an uneasy feeling in her stomach. It usually took him much longer to follow her which meant he must have been extremely angry this time.

InuYasha stood silently staring down at Kagome with a steely gaze that could have turned even the most steady of men into jello legged fools. The light in the well house barely illuminated the bottom of the well but it was enough to make InuYasha's amber eyes flicker with a primaeval glow that sent a shiver down Kagome's spine.

After a moment InuYasha stepped forward and grabbed Kagome by the arm pulling her to her feet and pushing her against the wall. Kagome flinched as InuYasha reached for her. It wasn't the first time his strong fingers had gripped her skin so hard it hurt. Nothing that was about to happen was a first, and Kagome had blundered knowingly into it.

InuYasha wasted no time getting down to business. One hand slowly snaked it's way up Kagome's chest to her throat. With a quick jerk of his hand he grabbed Kagome by the neck, pushing her chin up so he had a better view of her exposed throat. With the other hand he quickly removed all the buttons from the front of Kagome's blouse.

For a moment Kagome wondered how she was going to explain to her mother that yet another one of her school uniforms needed to be replaced, but she was quickly distracted by a sharp pain in her shoulder as InuYasha nipped roughly at the sensitive skin at the base of her neck and along her shoulder. His sharp fangs ravaged her skin in a combination of light grazes and hard bites. Kagome chewed her lip to keep from calling out as another sharp pain raced across her skin. This time she felt the small warm drops of blood oozing up and rolling down where his sharp teeth had broken the skin.

Slowly InuYasha worked his way down between Kagome's breasts, trailing red bite marks all the way from her neck. Tiny drops of blood beaded up in a few places where he'd used less restraint.

All the while Kagome kept perfectly still and quiet. She inhaled sharply as InuYasha's hand slid beneath her bras and squeezed her breast hard, but she still didn't make a sound. A second later his other hand joined in giving attention to the other breast while his fangs recaptured her throat.

Between the pain from InuYasha's rough hands and the growing nervousness in her stomach Kagome was now finding it difficult to remain still. She squirmed against him which was a mistake. Instantly InuYasha sank his fangs into the junction between her neck and shoulder to keep her still. He growled loudly to emphasise his dominance. The vibrations rippled across Kagome's skin making her shiver. With his body InuYasha pressed her harder against the wall, almost crushing her. She could feel his strong muscles straining and flexing when he moved. She could also feel the evidence of his arousal beneath the material of his clothes.

Kagome let out a loud whimper in surprise as InuYasha's dug his fangs down harder into her neck. Crying out was her second mistake. This time InuYasha stepped back. With one hand he grabbed Kagome's wrists, which up till now had been glued to her sides, and pinned her hands up above her head. Kagome closed her eyes against the feeling of her wrists being pinched and twisted painfully. Even once the feeling passed Kagome refused to open her eyes.

Next InuYasha used his free hand to tug at Kagome's skirt. The material tore slightly where his claws pulled at it. The sound was enough to start the tears rolling down Kagome's face. She turned her head away so InuYasha wouldn't see but a soft laugh told Kagome he knew. Letting the tears fall helped to relieve some of the tension and made it easier to stay quiet. Kagome brought her head back up sharply as she felt InuYasha's fingers snake their way between her legs. Ripping off her panties with one swift pull he delved straight into her. The feeling was not new but it still seemed so foreign somehow. Kagome arched her back and squirmed uncontrollably against InuYasha's hold as he slid two fingers all the way inside her and out again over and over. He used his thumb to stroke her clit sending waves of heat through Kagome's stomach with every touch.

Kagome couldn't hold it in any more. She let out a loud breathy moan. InuYasha pulled his fingers free of her and let go of her wrist letting Kagome fall to the ground in a panting mess.

Kagome could feel a tight knot forming inside her stomach. She was close to climaxing but she had to stop herself from finishing what InuYasha had started.

Looking up Kagome could see InuYasha through the darkness standing over her once more. She watched as he removed his clothes one layer at a time and threw them aside. His hands moved to the ties on his pants. He stepped forwards and knelt down as he pulled the ties free allowing his pants to drupe loosely around his hips. He was now straddling Kagome's legs, his crotch positions in front of her face. With one hand he grabbed a fist full of Kagome's hair and jerked her head up tight. Kagome didn't fight and she didn't make a sound. Not even as InuYasha's other hand slid inside his pants, pushing the material down farther as he did so, did Kagome mount any form of protest. Kagome couldn't take her eyes off his hand as he pulled his swollen and turgid penis free.

Kagome barely had a second to think before InuYasha placed his other hand on the back of her head and pulled her forwards. He pressed the head of his penis against her pursed lips and gave a sharp tug on Kagome's hair causing her to gasp in pain. InuYasha took the opportunity to slide into her open mouth. He forced himself as far as he could into Kagome's mouth making her cough and gag. Gripping her hair tightly, InuYasha forced Kagome's head back and forth, rocking his hips with the rhythm he set. Kagome tentatively put her hands up, resting her palms against InuYasha's legs to steady herself. InuYasha tightened his grip and began thrusting faster.

Tears started flowing anew down Kagome's face.

Kagome, who was always so confident and sure hearted, had become submissive and weak in InuYasha's shadow. She knew InuYasha chased her away from the group purposely to get her alone. She knew as soon as she left the group InuYasha could show up anywhere without warning.

Once he had her alone InuYasha rarely said a word. Instead he used his body, teeth, and claws to make Kagome do what he wanted. Kagome was no match for his superior strength and speed and if she put up any resistance it only served to prolong the inevitable.

The truth was Kagome couldn't stop if she wanted to, and the truth was she didn't want to. She needed InuYasha. Somehow through all the pain and humiliation she endured she loved him even more. InuYasha could never openly return her affection and his ordeal with Kikyou kept his heart chained and locked, far out of her reach.

The first time InuYasha had forced himself upon her Kagome had been terrified. The ordeal had ended quickly due to InuYasha's inexperience with sex, but it had left Kagome feeling violated and vulnerable. But she had also felt a deep seated sense of fulfilment she couldn't explain.

She wanted InuYasha so badly that any form of attention from him would satisfy her need for it. Even if it meant becoming completely submissive to his sexual desires.

Kagome could feel InuYasha getting close now. His fingers clenched in her hair and his thrusts became shorter and harder. The muscles in his legs tightened and he thrust his hips so hard Kagome's head hit the wall behind her.

A geyser of warm liquid shot into Kagome's mouth. It tasted both sweat and salty at the same time and stung the back of her throat as she tried to swallow it without choking.

InuYasha pulled out of Kagome's mouth and backed away. The last of his semen spirting out onto Kagome's chest and the tattered remains of her shirt. Kagome tried her best to regain her composer as her chest heaved between gasps for air and short coughing fits.

InuYasha however was not ready to take a break. He reached down and pulled Kagome up by her hair. Kagome's feet slipped on the loose dirt of the floor. Instead of waiting for her to gain her footing, InuYasha yanked Kagome to the side sending her tumbling onto her stomach. The dry dirt and dust of the floor billowed up into Kagome's nose and mouth making her cough again. Kagome started to push herself up but was met by a heavy weight as InuYasha knelt down over her placing one hand on her lower back and the other tangled in the hair at the nape of her neck.

Kagome couldn't see what InuYasha was doing but she could feel his hand moving up her back. After a moment a loud ripping sounds echoed off the walls of the well and what remained of Kagome's shirt and bras were suddenly tossed aside. Next InuYasha removed what was left of Kagome's skirt. He did this a little slower, running his claws through the material until he could easily pull it away. Now Kagome lay before him completely naked.

Kagome shivered slightly as InuYasha's free hand moved over her bare skin. He started at her hip, sliding up her back to between her shoulder blades. He leaned in close and began to nip and bite her skin. Freeing both hands now he wrapped his arms around and grabbed Kagome's breasts again. Kagome opened her mouth in a voiceless cry as she breathed through the pain generated by his strong fingers.

After a moment InuYasha sat back once more. Putting his hand on one of Kagome's hips, he turned her onto her side. Continuing to straddle Kagome's thies, Inuyasha grabbed one of her hands and put it between his legs. Kagome almost flinched when her fingers met the warm hard flesh of InuYasha's penis. Instead she obediently opened her fingers and grasped him in her hand.

Just like everything else this was not a first. However Kagome couldn't help but be overwhelmed at the feel of his length and girth. His demon heritage had done him well in this department.

As Kagome started moving her hand up and down along his shaft, InuYasha leaned in against her again, nipping and bitting at whatever part of her he could get his fangs into. His one hand pressed down on Kagome's exposed hip, kneading her flesh until it was red and sore. His other hand squeezed between her thighs and started rubbing her clit once more. Kagome shut her eyes and bit her lip to stop from screaming as wave after wave of heat moved through her body. The hand that was not busy massaging InuYasha's growing erection, dug into the dirt as she fought against the urge to move her hips with his fingers. Kagome also unintentionally tightened her grip on InuYasha, which made him whimper and his hands falter slightly.

Finally InuYasha pulled Kagome's hand free from him and pushed her back onto her stomach. He grabbed her waist and roughly pulled her up so she was kneeling on all fours in front of him. Using his knees he spread her legs apart. Kagome shuddered as she felt InuYasha spread her ass wide but she wasn't prepared for what happened next. Kagome suddenly felt the head of InuYasha's erection at her anus. A new surge of fear swept through her.

This had never happened before. For all InuYasha's violent lustful tendencies, he was at the very least consistent. However this was not something he had ever tried before.

Kagome barely had time to consider what was about to happen when InuYasha pressed his weight into her. Kagome couldn't stop herself from crying out. She tried to curl inwards away from the pain but InuYasha held her firmly up as he continued to force his way into her ass.

She was so tight InuYasha could barely fit himself inside her. He pulled out a little and pushed in again, getting a little further each time. Kagome was panting and whining on the ground in front of him. Her hands clawed at the dirt floor trying to get away but he gripped her thighs tightly and pushed his weight into her even harder. Finally with one strong thrust he disappeared inside her completely.

Kagome's whole body shook uncontrollably. She could feel him all the way inside her, hot and throbbing. He stopped thrusting to reposition his hands giving Kagome the briefest moment to adjust to what was happening. She tried clearing her head of everything and simply focus on what she had to do to make InuYasha happy so it could all be over with. Kagome felt as if her skin was being torn apart from his shear size alone. When he moved it was even worse. Kagome felt the weight of InuYasha's body press down on her as he molded his body to Kagome's. One of his hands reached around for her breasts again while the other slipped between her legs once more.

InuYasha suddenly thrust his hip hard making Kagome cry out again while his hand slipped two fingers into her passage which instantly made Kagome throw her head back. It was an awful combination of pleasure and pain. A perfect representation of their relationship. Need verus lust, power versus weakness, dominance and obedience. To fulfil one, you have to endure the other.

Kagome closed her eyes and whined loudly as InuYasha's fingers continued to torture her. The pleasure had now surpassed the pain even though InuYasha continued to pound into her from behind. She could feel InuYasha's hot breath against the side of her neck, hear the heavy pant of each breath as it was exhaled from his lungs. She could tell he was getting close again, but she was closer. Kagome felt the knot in her stomach tightening, the heat building. Everything exploded inside her at once. Her breath caught in her chest, her insides spasmed uncontrollably, as a wave of ecstasy gripped every inch of her body.

In the midst of her orgasm Kagome felt InuYasha pull his penis free and grabbed her hip throwing her onto her back. As she lay in a daze on her back she was only vaguely aware of InuYasha's hands pulling at her legs. A sharp pain just above her knee and a loud growl told Kagome he wanted her to spread her legs for him, and she did.

InuYasha grabbed Kagome's hips and pulled her towards him. He positioned his still throbbing erection at her opening and with a quick jerk of his hips filled her passage completely. Kagome, who was still coming down from her last orgasm, arched her back off the ground. Her mind was so fuzzy she barely remembered not to cry out. Then, as if reading her mind InuYasha spoke,

"Scream Kagome!" he said in deep breathy voice.

Surprised to hear his voice Kagome managed to raise her head to look at him, something else she usually avoided when she could. At some point he to had lost the remainder of his clothes and he now sat completely naked on his knees with her legs hooked around his waist. She could see his huge penis moving in and out of her with every strong thrust of his hips. InuYasha's gaze was turned down watching the same thing Kagome was, his mouth hung open slightly as he breathed heavily. Every once and a while he let out a short grunt or moan. Kagome suddenly let out a small moan as a particularly strong wave shook her body. InuYasha looked up at her. His eyes were still glowing a dark gold, fierce and primal in the dim light.

"Scream Kagome!" He repeated again, this time louder and more forcefully.

"Your family is gone ... no one will hear..." he finished with a hard thrust. He moved one hand back to Kagome's clit and pressed down hard.

Kagome arched her head back and let out a loud moan. She squeezed her legs around InuYasha's hips as she already felt another climax building.

InuYasha quickened his pace again and rubbed his fingers forcefully back and forth over Kagome's clit sending her spiralling into another orgasm. Kagome did scream this time as her muscles clamped down like a vice around InuYasha.

InuYasha groaned loudly as he felt Kagome's passage tighten. He adjusted his position and pounded into her with even more force causing Kagome to moan and cry even louder still.

Then InuYasha felt his own climax come on fast and strong. He fell forwards supporting himself on his hands over Kagome and thrust into her as far as he could physically go. A second later his warm semen poured forth once more this time filling Kagome's vagina until it spilled out between their bodies.

Kagome was exhausted both in mind and body. She lay beneath InuYasha, still spasming from the intensity of her orgasm but was otherwise unresponsive. She was only subconsciously aware of InuYasha's twitching erection ejecting his seed deep inside her. It was usually at this time that Kagome's fears turned to the notion of an unintended pregnancy and the seemingly unimaginable consequences that would accompany such a situation. So far they seemed to have been lucky, but it couldn't last forever. However tonight the evening's pleasures and tortures had taking everything she had and now she could only lay numb, sprawled across the dirt floor too exhausted to move or think. She wasn't even fully aware of when InuYasha extracted himself from her, or when he had gotten up and started dressing. She only vaguely registered the shuffled sound of movement and the soft vibrations of InuYasha's bare feet on the dirt floor as he moved away from her.

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