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Desired Sin _


It was a bright morning even though grey clouds still filled the sky. The last remnants of the storm that had passed through the night before.

Kagome stifled a yawn as she busied herself putting her things away and getting ready to set out again. She had arrived back at the hut before dawn so no one would know she had been missing the better part of the night. When she had left InuYasha he had still been human and very much asleep. Apparently his human form didn't have the same stamina as his hanyou body.

Suddenly the peaceful morning was shattered by InuYasha's angry voice,

"KAGOME!" he yelled from somewhere outside.

Kagome turned and stood just in time to see the door of the hut slam open and InuYasha march in. He walked straight towards her, an angry expression painted all over his face.

"Don't you even for a second think you're going to make a habit of tying me up!"

Clearly his demon ego was not at all pleased with last night's turn of events. Kagome was taken back by his sudden outburst. She was also surprised by his very up front and public way of confronting her.

Before Kagome had a chance to consider a response to InuYasha's angry outburst he shoved her hard against the wall of the hut. She hit the wall with such force it practical knocked the wind out of her lungs. Grabbing her legs InuYasha pulled her up the wall and pinned her with his body. Kagome winced as his claws dug into the skin of her thighs but she didn't shy away from him. She gritted her teeth and stared straight back into InuYasha's amber gaze, trying to muster every ounce of resolve she had. In his eyes Kagome saw his usual lustful gleam but there was something else. The anger he was expressing didn't come through in his eyes, instead she saw the slightest hint of the softer unsure but loving teenager she had made love to the night before.

After a second InuYasha's growling scowl turned upwards into a sly grin and he pressed his lips hard against Kagome's. Kagome let out a grateful sigh as she leaned into him. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him in even closer. InuYasha's hands relaxed against her thighs and moved soothingly over her skin.

He finally broke the kiss and moved down her jaw to her neck trailing soft but passionate kisses as he went. He paused as he came to the point where her neck and shoulder met. Kagome felt his lips curl into a smile just before his fangs broke her skin.

'Clearly some habits would die harder then others' Kagome thought as she let out a surprised yelp but smiled as she snaked her hand up to play with InuYasha velvety soft ears. InuYasha let out a low purring growl at the caress of her talented fingers.

This was Kagome's Inuyasha. The perfect mix of pain and pleasure. Of power and passion. And she was going to love every second of it!

Sango and Miroku stood dumbfounded across the room. They starred in pure disbelief at their companions unbelievable behaviour. Shippou, thankfully, was still fast asleep.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed the show!