Hurting love

Vampire kisses

About Story: Alexander leaves Raven to be with Luna. Trevor wants to be with Raven. Raven can't forget about Alexander, the vampire she feel in love with. Can she try to forget Alexander? And will she ever love again? Who will she chose Trevor... Or Alexander?

Trevor point of view

I hate that freak Alexander! Because of him, Raven never smiles; she is always sad it makes me sad. The bell rang, school's over. I saw her in her locker, so I made my move. "Hey Monster girl, I wanna know if you want to see a movie with me?"She turns around her eyes wide open. She must be in shock.


"idk I think you should get out, have fun. Ya know"

"Is this some kind of bet or something, for 'going on a date with loser Goth girl?'?"

"No its not, Come on Raven."

"Fine." She didn't sound happy

"I'll pick you up at eight."


Then she closed her locker. Then push open the doors and walked out. She said yes! I'm going on a date with Raven. I walked out and then open my car door and drove home. In four hours, I thought I'm going on a date with her.

Raven's point of view

What did I just yes? Did I just say yes to Trevor? Out of all people! He's coming to my house.. by time I got home. Billy boy was sitting on the couch watching his stupid TV shows