Raven's point of view

I keep yelling at Alexander to let me go, but he wouldn't even look at me he keep running until we reached a car. A young man was that by the car.

"Master Alexander, are we ready to go?" he asked, i felt him eyed me, how could he not? I was scared human over a vampire's shoulder.

"Yes Sander we are ready," he said flatly.

"Do you still want to be a vampire?" he asked I thought he was talking to Sander until I saw him looking at me over my back.

He just watched me. Waiting for my answer, I couldn't give him one… it was all I ever wanted but now I'm not so sure. But what would Trevor do? Would he be mad, but he's going to turn into a vampire… right?

"Raven… What's your answer?" he asked

"No," I said flatly.

"What? No? What happen to the old Raven who always asked to become a vampire? The girl who said she wanted to spend a million nights with me?"

"Well she is gone. I only want Trevor!"

He put me on my feet taking my hand just incase if I was going to run. Which I had planed, but how could I out run a vampire?

But then a new voice came.

"Leave her alone, Alexander!" yelled Trevor.

I couldn't believe it Trevor was at the hospital! He couldn't be here! Then Alexander's hand was off me and Trevor's hand was on Alexander's neck on the hood of the car. Then Blaze was there, she had a stake to Sanders chest.

"Give us Raven," she started "Or-"

"Do it," Alexander said "he is just another vampire, I can get another puppet."

Sanders eyes have pain as if he had trust Alexander. Blaze took it she pushed her stake into him, he yelling, moving uncontrolled on the ground, after a few horrible moments he stopped. Eyes open then he turned into dust. I couldn't say or do anything then I looked back at Trevor and Alexander, They were eyeing each other looking deep, Trevor repeated what he said.

" Leave her alone!"


Then they started to fight. Fast speed, kicks in the face, sides, legs but none or them stopped. Alexander looked out a knife. Where did that come from? Trevor had a gun, pointing each others weapons at each other. I couldn't see that. I ran until I was in the middle between them.

"Raven! RAVEN! NO!" yelled Blaze she had holds of my arm but I shaked her off.

"I'll come" I told Alexander, "I'll come with you it will be just the two of us, just like we promise before." I gave him a long look he believed me.

"Finally," he said "I'll give you time to say goodbye."

I turned to Trevor his eyes full of sadness.

"I love you," I told him "I do"

He didn't say anything he just came to me and kissed me, he gave me a long beautiful kiss.

"Here," I told him.

"Wear it my heart won't be away."I whisper in his ear.

I got in the car with Alexander. Giving Trevor a last look, making sure he is sees me looking at the box I gave him. I looked at my left hand and my 3rd finger, hope he can find me with his ring….

Trevor's point of view

I looked at the direction the car went. I looked down at my hands looking at the box she gave me. I open it, it had a ring. A silver ring when I took it out, the box I saw something written in it.

My heart won't be away ~ Raven Madison

What does that mean? RAVEN!