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N/A: The family background is that Alfred and Matthew are adopted children by Francis and Arthur, and basically it will be a family story. Yet the pairing of Matthew is Aus x Can. Human names used.

When the news of Matthew's first date on this Saturday was released on the dinner table, a plastic bomb was thrown into Francis' family, exploding and almost blowing up the roof.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about? Dare you repeat?" Arthur's remark was too harsh to be accepted, even though he was in a shock out of Matthew's declaration.

"So, you confessed to him, right?" Francis seemed to be unusually calm. He took a sip of black tea and threw an embarrassing expression to the young.

"Wow, cool! You finally made the move!" Alfred placed his hand on brother's shoulder, with his trademark grin on the face.

"Hang on, did you mean you've known this long before?" Arthur won't let go the chance of questioning Alfred.

"Of course not, I'm just congratulating my little brother. Hey it's nice, he finally hooked up with someone who is as awkward as him and perhaps he'll get the opportunity to talk about his damn ice hockey stuff all the day," Alfred paused a little, as if he's picking up words from his dictionary. Unfortunately, the sentences he made were nothing but acid comment out of bit arrogance, "Think about it, we don't need to feel guilty of not noticing him at all cuz definitely he'll spend most of the time hanging out with that person, just like two pieces of chewing gum."

Actually, Alfred wasn't meant to offend his dear little brother. He was not a sensitive person and always got used to pouring everything outside his chest in the most straightforward way, even though sometimes what came out of his mouth was much too cruel.

For example, at the moment, the 15 year-old boy didn't realize, not even a little bit, what an awful insult he just made to his brother.

Anyway, he's just 15, an age at which all the mistakes can be forgiven by your parents and you'll never get yourself embarrassed in front of them.

For they're the only ones who will love you with all their heart and never ask for your repay, a child can always confess whatever he thought to them and search for appropriate, maybe positive or constructive feedback.

"Alfred, I never know your English grammar can be so fantastic cuz you utter so long a sentence without making any mistakes. If you can make this kind of improvement in your French, I'll really appreciate it." Francis raised his eyebrows and blinked at his son in a mischievous way.

Arthur was a bit shocked at Francis' answer. If he was in Francis' shoes, of course he'll rebuke Alfred with harshest words he managed to find, for the boy never took others' feeling into account. Somebody is supposed to knock him out of his arrogant hero dream and tell him who he is.

In another word, this couple had completely different parental style.

The French man rolled his eyes and steered the conversation towards the topic about Matthew, "Anyway, I hope you'll never leave such a subjective remark on a person whom you haven't met, and I believe Mattie won't be happy about your critics about his boyfriend."

The elder boy pouted as a spoiled brat and slightly shrugged. Matthew threw a grateful glimpse to Francis and started his speech.

"Papa, dad, I've made up my mind, I want to be with Jack. I promise both of you will like him after you meet him. He is a nice, passionate and fun-enjoying person whom is happy to share experience and feelings with you…"

"Is he at your service 24 hours?" Francis smirked.

"Not really," The blonde boy blushed, light pink crawling upon his cheek, "but…papa, you really should meet him, he…."

"Well, I think we better set aside this topic for a while. Nothing is more important than dinner, alright?"

This is the first family talk about Matthew's love relationship.

PS: To be precise, this is a kind of family story, even though the pairing is Aus x Can and Fra x Eng.

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