Well as it's well known I drink a lot, so I put my situation into Merlin and well. Oh you'll get it. xoxo


Morgan and Frik fell into the dining hall of Tintagel castle completely buckled with laughter. Frik holding a bottle of wine which was almost empty. Morgan holding two glasses.

'Shhh! Frik shhh. Mordred will wake up.' Morgan giggled.

'Oh hic, he'll be in his room sleeping or torturing someone some hic where.' Frik said grinning while trying to keep from laughing.

'What about Mab?' Morgan giggled.

'Know what' Frik said taking a swig from the bottle.

'Hic I do not care, what, what, hold on to I think about this.' Frik paused to think causing Morgan to go into hysterics and he was quick to follow.

'Um hic, high and and m-mighty, hic, thinks of me.' And though this had little to no humour to it Morgan had to hold onto the table while laughing.

Frik also laughing went over and kissed her. Morgan grabbed the bottle from him and squinted to look at it.

'This is almost empty. I shall have to go and get us another.' She declared sitting the glasses down on the table.

'Oh fine go on then leave me all alone.' He said in mock sadness.

'But hurry back.'

'I will.' Morgan said and as she skipped of she made sure to wiggle for him as she left. Frik then went to sit down and missed the chair rolling over laughing even harder than before.

Morgan walked down to the cellar and lit a candle, and almost jumped out of her skin when she seen Mordred sitting with a mug of cider.

'What are you doing down here in the dark? You all most scared me half to death.' She said placing a hand on her chest.

'Im thinking.' He replied Mordred was around 19 and he wasn't used to having a lot of alcohol so he seemed a little giddy.

'Ohhh my baby don't think to hard.' Morgan went over and wrapped her arms around him.

Mordred rolled his eyes and waited til she let go.

'You can come and sit with your uncle Frik and I if you like.'

'Is that all you ever think about?' Mordred hissed. 'Frik!'

'No of course not my love you're my little boy.' Mordred gave her a bored look.

'I don't care Im going to find auntie Mab.' Mordred marched out with a bottle of wine for himself leaving Morgan in the cellar.

'Ooooh Mab, auntie Mab is that all you care about I love my auntie Mab.' Morgan mocked in her best baby voice.

'Stuck up old tart.' Luckily Mordred couldn't hear her and she blew the candle out and went back up to Frik.

Mordred went into his room and soon he too was almost threw his bottle of wine.

Mordred lay in his bed thinking as of course one would guess. Mab.

'I think I love her.' Mordred said giddily to no one in particular.

'Love who?' Mab had appeared in a flash beside him.

Mordred almost jumped threw the ceiling.

'What? Who? Oh no one.' He stammered swallowing his wine.

'Why are you here?'

Mab stared at him.

'It's not wise to drink alone you need your strength alcohol weakens you.'

'Why don't you have a drink with me then?' Mordred asked cocking his head grinning.

Mab sighed she had been stressed out lately and one drink wouldn't hurt her.

'Go on princess you know you want to.' Mordred grinned leaning over to tickle her throat.

At this Mab raised a disapproving eye brow and Mordred un ashamedly kept grinning at her.

'Call me princess again I'll drown you never mind have a drink with you.' she spoke sternly but smiled.

'Im sorry my Queen.' He knelt next to her and gave her his wine and because he knew Mab was Mab he lifted a glass from his bedside table for her.