Frik walked into the dark room and set the glasses down he then jumped onto the bed and let out a sigh. Then from nowhere he felt a woman's body crawl over him and forcefully kiss him. He gasped Morgan must have snuck up before him he moaned against her lips.

Mordred then rolled them over so he was on top of Mab and he ripped her dress off, Morgan ripped Frik's shirt off. They continued to kiss passionately ripping the clothes of each others body when-

'Oh Mordred.' Mab rasped.

Frik stared down in the darkness with utter terror, he was to drunk to have noticed. This was not Morgan this was Mab.

'Why have you stopped?' Mab enquired.

Frik who was on the brink of a heart attack quickly kissed her then tried to reply as best as he could in Mordred's voice.

'Be right back auntie.'

He lifted his clothes and almost ran out the room, he past Mordred on the way both didn't really care about seeing each other at this point.

Mordred entered the room with Mab.

He silently sat the bottle down and then got on top of her kissing her passionately.

'Your finally back.' She said irritatedly.

Mordred pinned Mab to the bed gently bit her and continued to kiss her, then Mab noted she had already took Mordred's clothes off.

Frik rejoined Morgan and hugged her as though in fear of his life.

'Why don't we stay down here?' he asked.

'Oh Frik.' Morgan replied laughing and so they spent the night in the great hall.

Mab was laying down staring at the ceiling in truth she hadn't drank with him so much as just slept with him. Then her eyes widened in pure horror, that hadn't been Mordred it was Frik. Then she sniggered it was rather funny, horrifying yes, but it was enough to terrify Frik without having to punish him. That's why he had left she almost laughed. But Mordred squeezed his arm around her this was never going to be repeated to anyone again she mentally noted, her temper returning. Frik was not allowed to touch her like that but by gods would she torment him.

The next morning Mordred went down to the great hall and groaned, his head thumped, Morgan then crawled up from the cellar Frik not far behind her. They're heads too both thumped, they were in agony Morgan sat opposite Mordred, and Frik sat next to Morgan.

Maybe it didn't happen. Frik thought then smiled.

Mab then entered making loads of food appear.

'Did everyone have a good night?'

Morgan groaned again.

Mordred nearly smiled remembering.

Then Frik glanced at her and she was staring at him with a raised eye brow.

Frik's eyes widened and he gulped.

'It was fine.'


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