Author's Note: "Author"... Hey, that's me! Ha! it sounds good :)

And so it begins. I've only used characters from season one. I like them the best. Plus, they were hot ;-)

Here, they are still in the digiworld. They are all about 16, maybe 17 years old, (except TK and Kari when they come) and nothing from the 2nd season has even been thought of yet.

I've popped back in here recently and corrected all the little spelling mistakes in each of the chapters.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy!

Sora groped the hard ridge bulging from behind the zipper of his brown cargos. He stepped forward, pushing himself harder on to her, bracing her back against the large, smooth trunk of a giant, low-hanging tree. His mouth worked silently all over hers as his hands slid down her chest and into the curves of each perfectly rounded hip. He squeezed them gently. She could feel the warmth of every quick, heated breath he released grazing her flushed cheeks.

His lips tasted sweaty: like hot, wet salt. She felt him slowly overpowering her, and allowed him to take control. The muscles in his legs glistened wet as he thrust further, harder on to her. His broader, rigid chest heaved rapidly as he pressed his flat belly tightly up against hers. The only thing that prevented his skin from fusing right into hers was her shirt. His was taken off in a hurry so he could quickly continue invading her mouth with his tongue, and his sculpted body gleamed that moist copper tan every time the sunlight hit his skin.

Sora let him get carried away with it all. She touched wherever and whenever it seemed appropriate. She kissed back when she felt the need to. These sessions were more for his pleasure than they were for hers.

She tilted her head back elegantly, and he moved down, licking her throat like a hungry dog, still pushing himself further on to her, squeezing her between himself and the tree. She lowered her hands and rested them on top of his. They were big and hard. As he felt her hands on his, he only dug his fingers deeper into the curves of her hips. She felt the thick, throbbing veins under his wrists as he grasped her slender waist harder. His hot, damp lips hadn't left her neck.

"Tai…" she moaned, letting out the deep breath she didn't realize she was holding.

She slipped her fingers under his hands, and he let go, stepping back off of her. Tai stood there, out of breath, his face like that of a lion's whose meat had just been taken away. Sora had to smile silently to herself. He was cute, she'd give him that.

"That's alright," he said, still breathing heavily, looking up at Sora through those giant chocolate eyes, "Greymon, let's go!"

Sora watched Tai pick his shirt up off of the ground and put it on, covering his lean, sweaty, boyish figure.

Greymon stood up and roared. He was huge.

Tai winked at Sora. He knew there would be more, later. He turned his back and ran towards his digimon.

"We better check up on Matt in his sector," he told Greymon.

Though most of the battling in the Digital World was over, each of the digidestined was given an area of File Island to watch over and protect, just in case.

Tai jumped on to Greymon's back and rode off, throwing an arm into the air to wave goodbye to Sora without looking back.

Sora sighed.

"Come on, Biyomon. We need to leave too." She said, talking to her small, pink, bird-like digimon.

The digivice strapped on to Sora's side lit up and started to screech.

Biyomon glowed.

"Biyomon… digivolve to… BIRDRAMON!"

Birdramon's large, majestic, fiery wings unfolded slowly and spread out on either side of her body. Her long neck stretched gracefully into the air and her thick claws sank into the earth below. Sora's face shone with pride. If one thing was right in her life, it was her digimon.

"Grab on, Sora!" she called out.

Sora hopped softly on to her claw and wrapped her hands gently around Birdramon's leg. Birdramon knew where she wanted to go.


Mimi sat on her heels on the bank of a river. Her dress sat loosely in a crumpled pile of pink around her legs as she washed her face in the water beneath her. She stared down at her reflection in the river as the cold, clear water ambled along its winding path through the forest. She had taken her big, pink hat off and rested it on the ground beside her.

Lillymon hovered above Mimi's light brown hair as it dangled in a loose ponytail above her neck. Her bangs danced lazily in front of her face as the wind blew along the river's path.

A huge shadow slowly began to cast itself over the river. Mimi paused for second, and looked up. A fierce gush of wind met her in the face, forcing her eyes shut until it blew its course passed her. It sent her hat flying up in an instant, caught in the gust and somersaulting through the air. Lillymon zipped up and caught it quickly, her movements as agile as ever.

"It's Birdramon!" Lillymon called out from above.

Mimi's heart skipped a nervous beat. That meant Sora was here too.

"Oh, Lillymon, what do I do?" she panicked anxiously.

Lillymon giggled. "Just stay like that," she called out, "you look gorgeous."

Mimi took a deep breath and calmed down on the outside. On the inside, though, her heart was racing wildly.

The trees behind Mimi rustled, and there was a gentle crunch of rocks and dirt as Birdramon landed. A bright light shone and Birdramon became engulfed in it, shrinking instantly back to Biyomon.

"Mimi!" Sora called out.

Gosh, she had a beautiful voice. Mimi looked back, her heart pounding.

"Sora! I've been thinking of you all day…"

Sora's cheeks went beat red. Just the sight of Mimi sitting so beautifully on the ground was enough to make her blush wildly with excitement. She walked up to Mimi, trying hard as ever to maintain her balance and keep from falling head over heels to the floor thanks to her trembling legs. Mimi held her hand out to Sora, as if asking for help to stand up. Sora took her soft, small hand, and felt it grip tightly on to her own. Before she knew it, Mimi had pulled her down instead, and the two of them tumbled into each other on the ground, rolling on to the grass. Mimi giggled.

"Sora you have the most adorable face ever when you're caught off guard!"

Sora's cheeks burned. She was ecstatic. Mimi imagined Sora's face with dozens of designer hats on. She looked beautiful in each one. Mimi frowned playfully at the thought. All those hats meant hiding Sora's absolutely gorgeous orange hair. Mimi giggled again.

Sora lay on her side facing Mimi, with her head resting on her arm.

"You have the most adorable laugh, Mimi." Sora told her.

The two girls lay on the grass, settling themselves close to each other, each one looking straight into the others eyes.

"I've missed you," Mimi told her.

Sora reached for Mimi's hand and held it gently. With her other hand, she took her own blue hat off and rested it to the side.

"Not as much as I've missed you, Mimi," Sora said quietly.

Mimi stared at Sora's dark orange-brown hair. Sora knew she liked it, and had taken her hat off on purpose. Sora moved closer, and their knees touched. Mimi could feel a rush going through her body. She hoped the expression on her face didn't show as submissively vulnerable as she felt.

Sora traced little shapes with her finger onto the palm of Mimi's hand, admiring her light brown bangs drooping messily, so adorably, along her face. The red head couldn't take any more of it. She pulled Mimi closer, so much closer. Mimi complied, her heart fluttering. Sora looked into the brunette's eyes and found herself floating in a shallow pool of melted milk chocolate. Mimi's eyes were so soft and round, her face held them in place so gently, her cheeks so soft, and blushed with such a beautiful, faded pink…

Sora leaned her face forward, so close to Mimi's, yet, humbly, pausing just distant enough to almost seek permission to continue. Noticing that Sora hadn't gone all the way, and wanting nothing more than for her to do just so, Mimi put her hand around Sora's neck and tenderly coaxed it in towards her. Their lips hesitantly grasped each other's in an uneasy motion that started off awkward and unsure. Slowly, they eased into it, their mouths flowing unrehearsed, but knowingly into position after position. Sora searched and searched for more of Mimi's lips to kiss, more of that sweet, strawberry gloss that covered her mouth. The soft, pink, sugary sheen beat Tai's wet, tasteless lips any day.

Sora snaked her arms around Mimi's waist, holding her securely, gently, towards her own body. Sora's chest inflated with a deep breath, savoring the moment as she kissed Mimi ever so passionately. The brunette smelled of roses and dew drops and pink clothes, and she could feel Sora's lips smiling at the corners while they kissed. This instantly aroused her. She closed her eyes and brought her hands up to Sora's face, cupping her cheeks and pulling her mouth deeper and deeper into her own. She rubbed her thumbs along the flawless skin covering either side of Sora's petite nose as she began to part her lips slightly, inviting, begging for Sora's tongue to come in. It did. The red head relished the moment. She could feel warmth glowing inside her chest. A strange warmth she knew she never felt before with Tai: love.


A giant light swallowed Greymon as he began to shrink back into Agumon.

"Now be quiet, Agumon!" Tai whispered to him.

"Mhm," the smaller, orange digimon replied.

Tai crept into the bush and peered out, scanning the beach with his binoculars. He found Matt and Izzy sitting on a big rock, about as tall as themselves but slightly buried in the sand. They were looking into the ocean, talking with each other. Tai tried, and failed, to read their lips. He stared at Matt. Why was Matt always in that sleeveless shirt? And why did his arms have to be so toned? Tai bit his lip and shook the thought away violently after realizing what he was thinking. He crept forward and quietly made his way through other bushes until he was right behind the boulder. He stared at their backs, each one moving every now and again whenever they said something. Tai sneaked out of the bush and on to the sand ever so quietly. He walked down the beach until he stood right behind the two boys. Neither of them knew he was there.

"Do you feel we're being… watched?" Izzy asked Matt.

Just then Tai lunged forward and grabbed Matt at the sides, pushing him off of the boulder and on to the sand. Matt lay there on his back and Tai jumped on top of him, sitting on Matt's pelvis with his legs on either side of his waist.

"Gotcha!" Tai screamed out, his lungs overflowing with laughter.

"Ugh, Tai! Really? Did you have to?"

Tai took joy in upsetting Matt.

"What's up guys?" Tai asked, grinning at them.

He still hadn't gotten up off of Matt. Matt stared up at Tai's face, his childish smirk, his giant chocolate eyes; how could he stay mad at him? And the feeling of Tai's inner thighs pressing against his sides? Matt could just feel his face going scarlet red.

"Well, not much I guess. Matt and I were just…" Izzy began to answer when he realized Tai wasn't listening.

Tai pressed his hands into Matt's chest and leaned his face forward so it hovered just above the blonde's.

"What's got you so flustered?" Tai asked.

Matt could only feel his face redden further, if that was even possible. Izzy's heart dropped. He felt Matt's pain. He knew why Matt was blushing.

"Uh, I'm gonna go pick some fruits," Izzy said, jumping off of the rock.

He wanted to leave Matt alone with Tai.

"Huh?" Tai said, looking up from the blonde.

"Don't worry about it." Izzy said tiredly "Just, I'll be back."

Matt flashed an appreciative smile towards Izzy.

As Izzy walked off, Tai returned to interrogating Matt.

"So," he said, "why so flustered?"

"Cause you pushed me off the rock!" Matt lied as he sat up.

Tai got off of the blonde and stared at him.

"You need to chill a little, dude."

"Talk about the story of my life…" Matt mumbled to himself.

Tai didn't seem to hear.

"So I was just with Sora," he bragged, "boy is she something."

Matt sighed a little, slowly dying on the inside. He was a hopeless mess. Who was he kidding? Tai was into Sora, not him.

"Is she now?" Matt chimed in with a fake smile.

"Yeeeaaah boy!" he exclaimed, looking up at the sky, remembering their moment.

Tai sat with his arms resting on his knees. As he looked up, Matt stared at his neck, begging to be nibbled, his shoulders, just asking to be rubbed. The blonde cringed.

"And does she have a figure or what?" Tai kept his eyes steady, gazing at clouds just imagining his next move on her.

Matt stared at Tai's body hungrily. He could feel his pelvis aching with desire.

Tai noticed Matt wasn't replying.

"Matt!" he shouted, "What are you looking at?"

He turned his head to look behind him, in the direction that Matt was looking. Matt shook his head to get the forbidden feeling out of his system.

"It's nothing," the blonde boy said, looking for a distraction.

He reached up and put his hand on the boulder, looking for a spot to grip and pull himself up from. As he got on his knees in an attempt to stand, his hand slipped off the rock and he fell over Tai, catching himself merely inches away from Tai's face on the sand with his other hand.

"I… I'm sorr…"

"You're bleeding!" Tai yelled out, staring at Matt's finger and completely ignoring the fact that their faces were so close.

Matt looked at his dripping finger and realized how much it was stinging him. He whimpered a bit, grabbing it and holding it in his other hand.

"Suck it," Tai said, "That'll stop the bleeding."

"I'm not putting it in my mouth!" Matt protested.

"Fine, let it bleed," Tai answered back, pushing up his face.

"Tai!" the blonde yelled out, "what else can I do?"

Tai exhaled in frustration.

"Here," he said, "I'll do it."

He took Matt's hand and examined it to find the finger with the cut: his middle finger. The brunette pulled the finger into his mouth and sucked it. He sucked it slow and hard. Matt's heart nearly stopped completely. Was this actually happening to him? Tai's tongue squirmed, massaging the base of Matt's finger with its tip. A warm, wet sensation surged through his finger and into his hand in the place where Tai held him. He could feel the blood rushing to his pants as they began to bulge at his crotch. He adjusted his position to hide it. The blonde could not believe what he saw: what he was feeling. It felt so… amazing….

And in an instant, all hope left him. As he looked up at Tai's completely uninterested face, he noticed the brunette wasn't in the slightest way turned on. His heart crumpled slowly… painfully. He pulled his finger gently from the brunette's lips and inspected it.

"Let me see," Tai said, pulling the blonde's hand back away from him.

Tai's eyes scanned the length of the long, wet, pale finger.

"Look at that, not a drop of blood coming out."

Tai grinned, proud of himself. He stood up and held a hand out for Matt to take. Matt took it and Tai pulled him up.

"You gotta be more careful next time, yeah?"

Matt nodded.

"Well I'm heading back to my sector," Tai said "just remember to send a signal up in the air of anything comes up."

The digidestined had come up with the idea that since they were each alone in their sectors, that if something went wrong, their digimon had to shoot an attack up in the air and the others would see the signal and come to help.

"Yeah," Matt nodded again, "I remember."

Tai turned around and walked to the bushes. He cupped his hands around his mouth.

"Agumon, we're off again!"

Tai's digivice screeched and lit up.

"Agumon… digivolve to… GREYMON!"

Greymon stood tall and roared. Tai walked up and jumped on his back. He looked around and shot a hand up in the air.

"Later dude!" he called out.

Matt waved a hand in the air.

"See you, Tai…" he answered softly.

Matt watched as Greymon took off, Tai's hair bobbing up and down with every giant step.

Matt turned and gazed into the ocean. What was he to do? Tai didn't like him back. For Tai, he wasn't even an option.

"Hey," Izzy called out as he walked back, "Everything alright?"

"No." Matt mumbled.

Izzy sighed. He could hear the hurt in Matt's voice.

"Do you like anyone?" the blonde asked, trying to figure something out for himself.

Izzy fidgeted.

"Yeah, kind of..." he replied.

Matt's eyes widened in surprise.

"Really? Who?" Matt prodded.

Izzy blushed a bit.

"Don't worry about it," he said, "we're focusing on you here."

Matt wrapped an arm around Izzy's shoulders.

"Thank you Izzy… for everything…"

Izzy patted Matt on the back.

"Anytime." his friend replied.

The silence lasted only seconds.

"But WHY?" Matt burst out suddenly, "WHY?"

Izzy knew he was not okay.

"Things will get better, you know Matt. They always do."

"But I like him, Izzy!" Matt broke down, his eyes red with tears he refused to shed, "I really, really like him…"

"I know." Izzy said, letting out a deep, sympathetic breath, "I know."

As Tai made his way back, he was lost in thought. He had enjoyed Matt's finger being in his mouth way too much. And since when was there a tingle whenever he touched Matt's hands? Matt's big, pale, musician hands… Tai punched Greymon in the back angrily. What was wrong with him? He liked Sora. He didn't swing that way.

"Hey, you okay up there, Tai?" Greymon called out.

"I'm fine." Tai lied, "Just fine…"