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Chapter Twelve: Attempted Escape

Kia shivered slightly as she felt the night's chilly breeze flow through the window, and wrap around her in its unpleasant embrace. The eight year old covered herself with her arms, and tried to create heat by rubbing her arms. Sadly, it did almost nothing for her. Kia could barely create any warmth, and the fact sent an ache through her chest. Why couldn't she be as strong as Lacey?

The dying fire in the fireplace crackled its last ember before slowly vanishing into darkness.

There was no noise. None…except for the shallow howl of the wind.

Kia's eyes scanned the cabin, and she noticed that the door to her room was left slightly ajar. From the time she had spent there, she had noticed that there were four main rooms in the cabin. She was in an empty one that didn't seem to be used for anything. Another was a bedroom with a couple of mattresses to sleep on (probably where the two men that kidnapped her were), a living room, and a kitchen.

As the moments passed, Kia's confidence grew and grew until she was sure she wanted to attempt this.

It seemed easy enough. All she really had to do was run in a straight line.

Kia slowly opened the door, cringing as it creaked. It wasn't all that loud, but to her, it was as deafening as a clap of thunder. Once it was opened enough for her to slip out, Kia took her chance and sprinted silently to the living room.

The eight year old crouched by the couch. Her eyes quickly found the room that the two men were staying in, and tried to listen for any sound to indicate that they were indeed asleep. As she waited, Kia heard the familiar sound of snoring, and relaxed. She would be safe…for now.

If they were to wake up, she didn't know what they would do to her.

Kia chewed on her bottom lip as she took a step closer to the cabin's front door, but froze when she accidently walked into something. She tried to stable it with her hands, and let out of a breath of relief once it was perfectly fine again.

The short girl turned her head to look at the bedroom door again. She was terrified that they were going to wake up and foil her plans of escape.

Her heart was racing, her palms were clammy, and beads of sweat coated her forehead.

Quickly maneuvering around any other objects that could get fall easily, Kia was happy when she finally got to the door…only to be left disappointed when she saw that it was locked by a lock pad.

Knowing that the key would most likely be with one of the guys, she didn't want to risk the chance of getting caught.

Then, another idea popped into her head.

The window.

She could take out of the screen, and get out that way.

'The screen is hard to take out though.' Kia thought to herself, remembering one time she had tried, and ended up falling on the floor while Lacey had laughed and patted her head.

Walking into the kitchen, she searched delicately for a small knife or at least anything sharp. Once she acquired a small knife, Kia slowly walked back into her own room. Growing up, Lacey had always told her to be careful and walk slowly if she were ever to hold a knife for any reason.

She swiftly closed the door, and looked at the open window.

Kia went up to it, and began to cut the screen open. After the hole was big enough for her to fit through, she put the knife down somewhere on the floor.

She then placed some boxes that were in there against the wall, and began to climb through the hole. Kia was halfway out when she looked down and saw the drop she would need to take. It was about a five foot drop, but even that scared Kia a bit because she was slightly afraid of heights.

Closing her eyes, Kia dropped herself to the ground.

"Ouch!" She muttered as she rubbed her knee.

But that didn't matter too much to her, she was free! Well, not exactly. She wasn't out of danger yet. She was still in the vicinity of the two men that kidnapped her.

Once Kia brushed all the debris off of her, she sprinted away from the cabin.

When she was somewhere where she couldn't even see the cabin, she began to slow down her pace until she fully stopped to catch her breath. Looking around, Kia felt a bit disheartened when she realized that she didn't even know which way to go now.

When she heard a twig snap, she panicked again, and ran into a random direction.

Kia ran and ran.

Until she ran into Emmanuel.

"Where are you going Kia?" He asked, chuckling mockingly.

"I wanna go home!" She screamed, trying to run away from him.

"Sorry Kia. My boss would kill me if he found out that I let you get away." Emmanuel quickly grabbed Kia, and started walking towards the cabin.

"No! I don't wanna go back! I don't like you guys!" Kia screamed as she hit and kicked him.

"Sorry kid, but I gotta take you back."

Emmanuel did feel a bit sorry for her. She was innocent in all of this, and they dragged her into this. If he didn't owe Sebastian his life, he would help Kia out a little bit. The poor kid was probably going to be either traumatized for a while or dead by the end of this.

"Hey look there's the cabin."


Emmanuel went around to the back, and opened the door that led to the room that he and Sebastian were sleeping in.

"Why the hell do you have the kid?" Sebastian asked, looking over to them.

"She tried to escape."

"What? Well then, I guess we'll have to cuff her from now on won't we?"



It was around 4AM, and Lacey was sitting near her window. Her mind dwelled on Kia, and she just couldn't get over how frightened she must be at the moment. Lacey had expected him to target her, or her friends, but somehow, she had hoped that he wouldn't stoop so low as to use Kia.

What a mess this had all become…

…and somehow, she knew that Ryan would get involved too. Looking back at him, she knew she would feel extremely guilty if anything were to happen to him. He had been nothing but good to her, and she appreciated him so much.

When was this all going to end?