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Summary: James always wanted to be famous, but does he go a little overboard this time? When Logan discovers his little secret, he enters a new world he's never seen before.

Warnings: slash, smut, language (although i try to minimize it), sexual suggestion, etc. (whatever is normally associated with smut) [M rating]

A/N: Like I said, this is a first for me to be writing smut, so I hope I did my best. Everyone can write so well, so this is dedicated to everyone who writes these stories. But a shoutout though to Mochi no Yume, for being the greatest writer, and his kudos for his updating spree that literally flooded my inbox. So if you're reading this, you have my praise, and this is dedicated to their style of writing.

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Dirty Secret

Secrets. Everyone has them, as it was just what made everyone human. They could be big or they could be small, depending on the degree and the severity of the concept. Secrets are as small, little tokens to share among friends for a few laughs, they could be big and conniving that it causes amasses of melodrama to spread. They can be simple as to not even be called a secret, or they can be deep, personal information that could not have been in existence if only one person would know about it. Either way, everyone has secrets, and it's only a matter of the time and place when it will all unravel for eyes to see.

A sunny, beaming sunshine filled day shone down the state of California, more importantly, the Palm Woods down near Rodeo Drive. The heat of the sun provided much energy in the air to be warm, letting a humid breeze brush through the palm trees and rub off against skin. There were crowds of kids, and a few other adults enjoying the poolside and even the water itself, an ice cone stand is being operated by Katie Knight, and the rest were laying in really limited clothing articles, getting as much exposed to be coloured orange and kissed by the sun.

It was definitely a relaxing day. All except for one Logan Mitchell, who was cramped inside apartment 2J, taking in the artificially produced icy breath of wind coming out of the air conditioner. He was wearing a white tank top that was very sticky on his skin, and shorts that were cut off up to his thigh. He was trapped, well not technically, inside because he had a major project due in a few weeks, and being the studious, organized man that he is, he decided to tackle it early before more of his advance class work got piled on him.

"Oh boy is it hot.." Logan said to himself, exhaling puffs of warm air through his lips as he laid back in the computer chair he was sitting in, staring at the blank screen on the monitor, feeling a combination stress of school work and exertion of heat surge through his blood. The hairs on his arm were matter to his forearm from sweat, drips of perspiration cascading down his flawless skin and under the material of his top, tickling his senses in unusual ways. The musky odour from his arm pits that aerated the atmosphere made him feel kind of manly in a way but sort of disgusted. He was so going down to the pool after he was done.

Going back to his chemistry work, working on chemical equations, balancing half equations and production of natural materials, he felt an overload of electricity operating his cranium to its highest potential. Sure, they seemed simple, keeping the Law of Conservation of Matter in his mind, and simple calculations, but it was getting long, repetitive and tedious, he wanted nothing more than to jump out of his three story rise apartment and pray that his trajectory would lead him into the cool, refreshing, relaxing waters. Maybe for once, he should conform with his friends and let it slide for today, on account of the unbearable heat being the reason of exception.

"Okay, time for a quick swim before working on biology.." Logan continued to say to himself inside the confined room. He quickly finished one last one before saving his work. He scanned through folders and files when he closed the window, checking that his work was completely saved, one of his many mannerisms that he condones when it comes to school work. Little did he know what was about to be within his reach.

"Huh? What's this..." Logan scanned through his designated folder, looking through his files. They agreed since it had to be one computer shared between four boys. Mrs Knight couldn't afford to assign five separate, personal laptops to the five students, but could only afford one large laptop for Katie to use, since it'd be more practical to her for the years to come. It was already final year for the boys, and Gustavo was kindly enough to afford a large, fast working computer for them to put their school work in. But having it shared between four boys, it was hard for them to use it all at once, so that's why Logan decided to use the computer first, early before the conflict of procrastination of major works got in his way.

However, like most of us use computers for, a lot of the usage is personal. So, it was surprising for Logan to see this in his folder.

"James' audition tape..Oh, don't tell me James is auditioning for another movie role." Logan groaned over the taller boy and his hunger for fame. It was bad enough that he had to sit through most of his time with James, his crazed obsession with perfection, his rehearsals and his practice auditions, so now when he finds that he's made an audition tape, he was a bit annoyed. But he knew he would have to live with this, now that he's living with him and they're living in Hollywood.

And yet, something about this video tickled Logan the wrong way. Why would he need to make an audition tape in the first place, and more importantly, why is it in his personal folder? Maybe, if it was for some big shot movie role, maybe he'll get a cheap laugh at the expense of his best friend. So, deciding to open the video, he decided to kick back and relax, watching his little video.

"Hello, um, m-my name is James Diamond, I've turned 18 recently, and um, well, this is my audition tape," Logan sat there, observing James' position and his speech. Presentation was vitally important in landing a role, as James keeps on reminding him. But with his perfect hair, his alluring brown orbs for eyes, plump lips, sculpted figure, he had any role down. Except that for girls, he'll leave that for Camille to fill. James could easily gain any role hands down, but seeing James a bit insecure to have made an audition tape, Logan thought it was pretty adorable of James to do that.

"Okay, um, well, here we go." James spoke into the camera, taking a few steps back to get a medium shot of himself in the camera. He had his eyes fixed down onto the floor, feeling a bit bashful and a bright red tint coloured his cheeks. It was a pretty site to see, coming from the pretty boy. Logan thought it was a precious habit of his, that he felt sympathetic that he could go over and wrap his arms around him. Wait a minute though, if this is for a movie, then why isn't he picking up a script? Instead, James began to pick at the hem of his white v neck he was wearing.

Fixed on the video, Logan stayed still, seeing James peel of his white shirt as it rose up his well muscled torso, the soft material run against his skin and sensually showed off the best features. His body was built with a well formed six packed abs, with a small navel hole on his lower stomach. His pecs were well shaped into the flat, rectangular slab that exposed a wide chest. His shoulders were broad and were risen, spheres and elliptical shapes showed off shiny expanse of tan skin that was his shoulders and his arms. His upper arm had little hairs seen on it, but that was not the vector line that Logan was paying his attention to. No, he was staring, and drooling absentmindedly, at the bulge of his arms, stuffed with strength and force in the formed of muscle tissue without even flexing or tensing his strong arms. What, was he auditioning for that new vampire flick? Or was he replacing that hunky werewolf in it. Either way, any girl would be producing rivers of drool when they saw him.

James placed his thumbs in the waistband of his skinny jeans, exposing everything he had to offer as he turned around. His back was full of humps and valleys that were knotted with muscle. His tall build greeting Logan in welcome. He wasn't even thinking about the cool water down below him, because he was starting to get stuffy from watching James. Wait, what? He was getting hot from looking at James? Is there a problem with this image? Because really, the heat was making Logan make his mind blank out right now. All that he could see was James, showing off his best physique.

When James turned around, facing the front of the camera again, showing his starting to move his hand across his chest and rubbing his brown nipples along the way, he started to move down, rubbing his stomach against his fingertips before tracing a pattern and reaching the buckle of his tight jeans. To say Logan was surprised was an understatement. Because his mind was calling out. More, More! Oh, where did he get this brain from.

The jeans he was wearing began to undo under James' hand, popping open and letting the hand slide down and push the zipper down, exposing silk boxers and the label of his designer briefs sticking out underneath. Well now, Logan was all hot and bothered from this image. Or in this case, the video. His breath started to thin out of his system. James dipped his hands down into the depths of his pants, starting to crumple and fall down his hips. Little did Logan realize until later that he was actually feeling himself up. He was rubbing his dick, trying to get it to spring to full attention. Logan, out of impulse, finally put together the exchange of kinetic energy and friction to provide a sense of arousal down there. Oh goodness, just thinking about James trying to spring an erection was making Logan feel hot, his now increased blood pressure flowing into his own rod, feeling it grow long and stiff in his tiny shorts.

"Oh.." James let a tiny mewl escape from his lips, a sensual cry filling the silence of the room. Logan could empathize, feeling his own cries beginning to fall from his lips. This video was bringing out an animalistic side to Logan that he never knew he had or even tended to. His eyes started to fill with a shiny black that indicated his burning desire, like a maroon was staining his irises. The heat started to paint his cheeks a full red, feeling flushed and embarrassed from watching James do these things.

"Mmm.." James continued his frictional activity, shaking in his legs as the jeans began to undo themselves under the shimmy. His hips were stirring in his hands and bucking into the palming movement. He even grabbed himself at times, shaking the appendage that was hiding under the undergarment he still had yet to remove.

Wait, that's it. That's when it hit him. He wasn't auditioning for a movie. He was auditioning for...oh, my...

Logan covered his hands over his mouth, seeing what this video entailed, and foreshadowing the ending to this audition. This was for an erotic movie of some sort. But, why would James do this. Was this all some celebrity stunt for some cheap way of getting fame? A celeb scandal to be shown in the tabloid magazines? Oh, James, why would you do that to yourself...

Over that though, Logan could tell why. The more that this was getting into it, the more the audience wants to go further and see what the future holds for their enjoyment. James had sprung into action, hormones raging through his system as he began to pull the confines of his erection down, letting it meet the air as it stood proud and high, sticking up and out. That's when Logan had to really control himself. Right now, he was picturing himself in this. Imagining James standing completely bare and exposed in front of him. The tip of his rod was beginning to leak, a clear, shining liquid emerge from the hole. James let a trailing finger dance across the expanse of foreskin, picking up this strange liquid and letting it cover and wet the organ that was standing proudly. A full exhibition of six or seven inches put on show.

"Oh, J-James.." Logan whispered under his breath, not even realizing he said these things. He was really hot and horny for James. From his well muscled legs and his sculpted stomach, it all made the item in focus stand that much more. Going for a more relaxed approach, James moved over to his bed, lying back onto it. The camera had automatically zoomed in to James, showing a well display of his body. It even panned slightly to show moving displays of his torso to his dick and back again. This intensity made Logan move his hands up to his shorts, fumbling his fingers inside his shorts and moved closer to his cock, feeling it stir in his shorts.

James had his right hand enveloped around his standing appendage, begging for some attention, some action that will provide much relief to the taller boy. His left hand crept up to slide over his lips, slipping between his mouth and his teeth, starting to cover in saliva, feeling it's sticky matter create strands across his jaw and make marks across his neck and chest. While it was still wet, it began to massage the bud of tissue sticking out that was his erect nipple. James began to pump at his pride and joy, letting strings upon collections of comfortable sounds of pleasure erupt. The sensual sounds surging through Logan pushing extra chemicals of hormones to flow through his bloodstream. He continued to run fingers across his thickened member in his shorts, unable to wrap a complete hand across the circumference of his cylinder. A growth of friction caused Logan to lament to the skies, trying to rid of this expanse of pleasure coursing through his body.

James moved his now moist fingers along the crevices of his well toned chest, leaving trails across his bare skin, glistening in the light that shone in the room. Upon reaching his nipple, he started to pinch, tug and swirl around the bud, getting it nice and wet, letting the stimulation pump through his whole body. Knowing nothing but to imitate the same action, Logan traveled his free hand up and under his cotton top, running a shaky hand over his stomach, which was already starting to twist and turn, and finally got his hand up to his chest. Moving his delicate fingers over his bud, letting it twirl between his fingers, he understood the feeling that James was experiencing, feeling his knees buckle and shake in his seat. It even made his shorts begin to descend until his now aroused member sprung free when it was pressed up against his shorts.

The camera panned until the center focused upon the standing, stiff rod that was James' manhood, shimmering under the pre cum that glistened against the pink and red, fleshy head of it. The repetitive pumps of the hand, each one more and more stimulating than the other, made the appendage shake and move in his grip, and his hips push into his grasp, yearning for more and more friction and heat enveloping it. It was so clear that it was begging with a type of need, something that went beyond James' hand. But it was still oh so satisfying, with flicks of the wrist, and rubbing his thumb in circles against the sensitive head, it was pure evident that James was enjoying this. His face twisted and scrunched in pleasure, his eyes shut and is mouth littering sounds of pure satisfaction, saturated with desire and need fulfilled. His breath grew in deep, sharp, shallow breaths, his chain necklace bouncing off his skin climbed into his teeth and was caught wedged between his two sets of pearly whites to prevent any shouts of louder noises filling the room.

A climbing climax began to fill James' body, his tummy filling with a sensation that expressed pure pleasure. But it wasn't so soon. Logan felt the same way as he sat there, twisting his little nipples, and rubbing his hard member in his hands, the stimuli feeling abused as his emotions sky rocketed into further heights. James had accelerated his hand's motion, creating as much action as possible to gain. His body began to sweat all over, washing off the remnants of spit, replaced with other bodily fluids, exposing a much shinier look for him that was turning Logan on that much more. Another action more, then Logan would be close to the edge.

James wasted no time in letting his shrieks of utter bliss emit from his guttural mouth, letting echo and treble amplify the noise to extremities, enough that it became a haze to Logan's mind. He closed his own eyes, needing nothing more than the sounds of James in perfect pleasure coming from the stereo connected to the computer. The ringing noises became too much for Logan, when he felt an inner sensation build within his dick, a thicker liquid beginning to erupt from his tube. James began to rupture, shaking heavily and violently against the bed beneath him, hearing the slams of the headboard of his bed against the wall, as he violently let the pressure out of him.

In simpler terms, James came. And seeing this plethora of utter pleasure, so did Logan come too. James had shot out ribbons in long distances, volumes of white seeds erupting like lava from a volcano. Streak cross hatched over James' stomach and his chest, another new bodily liquid making an extra shiny coat on his skin. When James came, Logan did too, his own ribbons shooting out into the air and then falling again due to gravity. His top became wet from cum, and what wasn't released at high altitudes began to trickle down his member, creating white pools on his pelvic region. The completely orgasmic sensation made Logan cry into the high skies and the heavens above.

His eyes began to rekindle into the natural cocoa brown, as he let his second, wilder side rest back into the cave hidden deep behind his brain. His breath contrasted against what was once short, wily breaths, into long, drawn out inhales, calming his rapidly beating heart and his unsettling stomach. Running throughout his euphoria, he slowly dawned his eyes, resuming the video as he could see James at his most highest pleasure also, a similar way that Logan was.

"Um, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed it," James said in a soft voice at the camera, feeling much more happier than he was when he started. And it made Logan happy to see that James was happy too. His heart fluttering upon seeing James' amber eyes fill with colour again. His silly grin the last frame showing before the video stopped completely. Returning to a calm state, Logan had just realized what he had done. It was something entirely new to him, and he really liked it. Despite feeling a bit dirty, he couldn't deny his body to say that when he finally experienced an orgasm, it was everything he wanted and more, much more.

Feeling the heat return to him again, he peeled off his top, that was now wet, and went over to put it in the wash. He closed the video file and his folder, letting it return to desktop and got off his seat to get washed up and changed. That's when James came in.

"Hey, Logan. Whoa, it's hot in here. Why don't you come down to the pool with us?" James entered the apartment, wearing nothing but his swim trunks. Upon the sight, Logan couldn't shake the video off his mind, imagining James pulling off his shorts and exposing the now familiar sight. But shaking his head, returning to reality, he just saw James, his normal best friend, standing there with a comforting smile that said he really adored his friendship. And not once ounce more.

"Er, yeah, I'll be down in a second. Mind waiting for me in the lobby?" Logan responded, trying to collect his voice and standing upright, letting the feeling run it's course and decimating eventually.

"Sure, Logie. Hurry up," James said before grabbing a bottle from the fridge and leaving the apartment, making his way back down to the pool. Logan retreated into their room, the one shared between him and James, and pulled off his clothes altogether, standing there naked, and trying to making himself feel clean again. Once he got collected again, he changed into his swim trunks and wrapped a towel around his neck before leaving his room and apartment, going downstairs and to an awaiting James.

While waiting in the elevator, all Logan could think about was his discovery. He discovered James' secret.

Oh, Logan found out about James' dirty secret.

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