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Signature Slow Dancing

It happened to every school, every year, so it was no surprise that the Palm Woods school would have one again. Just to follow from the success of last years one too. They decided to have another school dance again, the spirit of the occasion to be passed on to newer students and see how awesome a Big Time Rush organised dance is. And the four boys were ready to face that challenge again.

After that announcement, it wasn't surprising that everyone was out, scavenging for some dates to the dance. Everyone has some potential partners that they want to ask, and they plan to without a hitch, hoping that the other would say yes. Even though statistically, more often than not, the other might not want to, and a big fat rejection gets thrown in their face. And it was hard enough trying to get through it all and not wanting to see that teary eyed expression that usually follows, and then coming a stone of guilt settling deep in your stomach. That was why teenage drama was too dramatic for Logan's taste. But never would he even think that it was going to happen to him.

Right when school was over, and Logan was about to go and ask James to the dance himself, he was spun around to be met with the surprised greeting of Camille in front of him. A cheeky grin was on her face, and one of nervousness was on Logan. Deep down, he really wished she wasn't going to ask, but he knew it well that it wasn't the case.

"So, Logan," Camille started to talk as they walk briskly among the same beeline of students leaving the classroom. Logan tried to avoid eye contact with her and wanted to beg James, with his eyes, to come and extract him from this awkward moment.

"Um, yes. Camille? You want to say something?"

"Well, ahem. I was wondering if you would, um. Gosh this is so hard, because I never asked anyone before.." Camille rolled her eyes a bit, just not to meet up with Logan's so she wouldn't get nervous, "would you go to the dance with me?" Then, she finally looked up with hope glinting in her eyes.

"Oh, well Camille, I've very flattered.." Logan tried to look for James, hoping he'll sweep in and save him from Camille. But it seems that it isn't going to happen. So he just gave into those eyes, just so he wouldn't have to see Camille on a rainy day. It was bad enough that the overly dramatic actor hurts on a good day, her upset was going to be worse, and close proximity is going to hurt. Plus he wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of crushing the spirit of such a sweet angel.

"Sure, I'd love to." Logan gave a curt smile to her, exposing his dimple. Camille squealed with delight where she stood, and hugged Logan briefly, followed by a small kiss on his cheek. They discussed it and Camille had to resist grabbing the boy and kissing his lips to oblivion. Logan felt like he was doing the right choice at seeing the bubbly, cheerful expression that Camille has. Except now came a new guilt to fill his gut. That, plus some other worrying feeling he was concerned about.

"Okay, I'll see you around," Camille cheerfully farewelled before skipping happily away

"Yeah, you too," Logan replied, a little lingering present near the end, the gateway to where his panic started to come out from. He rushed into the elevator, got up to the second floor where his haste made him neglect Kendall and Carlos who was going the other direction, through the doors of 2J and immediately went to curl beside James and ask him for forgiveness.

"Whoa, easy there, boy. You look like you've seen a ghost or something," James coaxed the boy as his grip on his forearm started to tighten.

"James, I'm so sorry, you need to forgive me, see I tried to ask you, but you disappeared, and I couldn't let Camille down and-"

"Shh, Logie. Take a deep breath, relax and rewind," James petted Logan's hair a bit to get him to calm down, and he did once his warm breath was felt on the skin of his neck, "Now, Slowly, tell me what you wanted to say."

"Okay, I was going to ask you out to the school dance, but before I could, Camille had butted in before I could ask you. But before I could say no to her, I realised I couldn't because then I'd be exposing us." Logan held onto James' hands and looked up at James' eyes with a puppy like innocent expression, "So I kinda told her yes, and well, I'm going with her to the dance. Please don't be mad?" It was clear in his brown eyes that he wanted forgiveness, but he didn't get it. That is, because there really isn't anything that needed forgiveness at all. That was reassured when James chuckled lightly at his insanity.

"Logan, it's totally fine. I have no problems with it, and you could even go as friends, and strictly friends."

"Except, well you know she and I had a thing. What if she does all this couple-y stuff, like y'know um,... slow dance?" Logan said the last part with a whisper and felt insecurity build up all over. James shook his shoulder in a comfortable gesture, just anything that would make him relax.

"Well then dance with her, just don't do the stuff that means more than it lets on, like don't lead her on. You still love me right?"

"Of course! No doubt about it, James." Logan had his insecurity turn into panic, wondering if James ever doubted him.

"Then it's fine, Logan. Besides, um well, we're short on entertainers so I volunteered myself to be the DJ to the dance. Hope your not mad?" James gave off such a childish outlook, like the same one Logan had done before.

"Mad? Well that's perfect then. Everything's settled," Logan cheered happily along with James. Then that held up insecurity started to fall down on him, and he resumed his panic. See, there was one thing Logan had always heard of, but never had he ever put into practice, he never slow danced before.

Last year's dance, even though Logan rode in on a horse, all the music that played was their own, including a playlist of 'Stuck', 'Halfway There', 'The City Is Ours', and Logan was absolutely sure that the theme as well, 'Move your butt', it all never revolved around a theme involving slow dances. Logan had never slow danced before, and even when he danced with Camille last year, he stood still in one spot, and 'raised the roof' with his hands. He was..embarrassed. If the dance included a slow dance, and he was expected to perform one, he'd probably freeze up in the dance, and probably faint in the middle of the dance floor. He just isn't good with this, and he was at risk of embarrassing Camille. And then, if Logan had to slow dance again with James, he'd also end up embarrassing him, and everything the two of them have built up until now would've been all in vein. Logan couldn't do that, as much as he didn't want to. What was he to do?

"Yo, Logie, you there? You spaced out?" James lightly shook Logan's shoulder and waved his hand in front of his face. Logan shook it off, and stared back at James' eyes. Just looking in them, he could forget all his troubles in that deep pool. But when James had to squint his lids in an expression of concern, Logan started to feel a bit bad now.

"Oh sorry, I was just thinking. I'm glad you're okay with all this, and as much as I want to go with you and all, I just.." Logan started to ramble on, hoping James didn't see through his disguise. But he did, and it was only a matter of time before he did.

"Logan? What's really the problem?"

"Idntknohowtoslodance.." Logan concealed it within his breath.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I said, I don't know how to slow dance," Logan admitted with his eyes kept to the ground and a red tinge most obvious gracing his face. All such that tickled James in a funny yet sweet spot. He didn't even hesitate a chuckle that left his gut.

"James, it's not funny," Logan fake slapped him on the arm before turning his back to him with crossed arms. That of course, was indeed cute in James' eyes. He tried to win his forgiveness, as he began to wrap his arms around his sturdy frame.

"Logie, you're too cute. Are you really stressing over that you can't slow dance?"

"Yes...maybe," James took his hands and pinched a bit at Logan's cheeks, which was a bit annoying but playful.

"So, James, will you teach me?" James stared at him for a bit, then smiled as wide as he felt honoured at that moment.

"Of course, Logan. I'll be glad to. Let's start now," James tugged at Logan's arm and lead him into a more wider space, shuffling tables and chairs, the couch and coffee table in the corners of the room before organising the stereo to play some slow dance music and positioned himself and Logan accordingly in the centre of the room.

"Now, just remember, that man has to lead. I'll play the role of the girl, so I'll follow your lead." James pulled up Logan's arm, entwining his hand until palm met palm, their fingers lacing and a warm hold was conducted between them. James lifted Logan's hand and tucked it behind his back, and he placed his hand on Logan's shoulder, a feathery light gentleness was his approach. They moved closer until chests were pressed close to each other, the ends of their feet meeting, Logan's head tilted up, and James' tilted down, and their eyes locked them into place. They were ready to dance. Well, the awkwardness of it all came from the fact that James, being the girl, was taller than Logan, the boy, but besides that, they were ready for step 2.

"Well, lead me, Logan. Show me your moves," James toyed with Logan for a bit, before Logan took one step forward, and James took his step back, conducting their moves. Every stride felt heavy as they glided across the floor, as they felt determination in their moves. They got the first few steps down, before Logan swung a bit too powerful, that James went flying into the couch. A much needed apology, but said apology being denied later, they tried again, each attempt wanting to be better than the last one.

But sadly, much to Logan's disappointment and frustration, he gave up on his, er largely numerical number of tries. He felt hopeless that he couldn't get this, and apparently it was easy.

"C'mon Logan, it's easy. I know you'll get it if you keep on trying, just don't give up. You were determined to get this, so I'm helping you actually get this. Get up," James yanked a really tired Logan up from his seat and into their same positions they were again, the meaning in it all being lost in their multiple repetition.

"Okay, this time, I'll lead, and you just watch and stuff," James had his arm wrapped around Logan, as his hand laid itself on top of James' shoulder. This position seemed much more natural now, Logan was succumbing to his role. He tried to follow James' lead, just going as well as he did while he was leading though, and he failed. It was now that Logan knew the expression of having two left feet. He just couldn't move his feet and dance in the rhythm of the tune. He tried to keep his eyes on his feet, concentrating on following the lead and his legs ended up tangling themselves up and he nearly fell back, that was until James had a firm hold on him, it made it look like he was dipping him.

"Look, see James. I just can't dance at all. Not even taking the female lead, how am I suppose to dance with Camille?" Logan collapsed into James' arms, tucking his head into James' neck and rested it on his chest. James tended to Logan, working to mend to his broken pride. James held him there, cradled in his arms, and to the soft lullaby of the background music, the couple swayed. Just swayed, that's all they did. And it was peaceful. They sort of danced, in a way. And Logan felt happy to do so. This was something he had control in, because it was simple, it was efficient, it was enough. It was just enough for Logan. It was having James, right here with him, that they were one, and Logan had smiled.

"Logan, I think the problem you had was that you kept on concentrating on your feet and dancing. It's not about the need to perfect the dance, but you need to make the dance flow naturally for you. It's not some theorem you have to wrap your head around, you just gotta let it happen, and I know one secret that'll make any lady fall to your will, the three little words everyone wants to hear," In his lost trance, Logan opened his eyes, awaiting the words that they want to hear, that he could say.

"I love you," In that gentle whisper, Logan fell to the weakness in his knees, embracing himself in James' figure, just losing himself, forgetting his feet, forgetting the dance, forgetting everything. It definitely was something he, no not just himself, but everyone wants to hear.

"See, your relaxing now." And with that, James began to dance. The tempo changed, a new song came on, more upbeat, and James swayed, moving Logan, leading Logan. The sways turned to jumps, their close proximity turned into their original stance for slow dancing, their feet gliding on air. They were dancing, almost perfectly, and Logan was understanding. He stopped thinking at all, shutting his mind down, and being persuaded in the dance, taking lessons from it made him cheerful again. He's dancing, he finally knew how to slow dance.

"James, look. I'm dancing, I'm slow dancing," Logan went on and on at his achievement, James was happy for his success. Their eyes made contact as they moved, and somehow, Logan was leading the dance halfway through. James was so proud of his boy, he was glad he was getting the hang of such things. It was like if he could get this down, he could do anything. At least, that's how he felt, and he liked feeling like that

"See, I knew you could do it. Have some confidence in yourself, and I'll be watching every step of the way." The song reached its final stop, their fingers unwind, they stood in front of one another. But that space apart soon ended, when Logan ran up to hug him in appreciation. Logan had the tightest squeeze on James, while he had a wrap around him, nice and warm, and it was brief before they pulled apart again.

"Cool, I can't wait for the dance, and show Camille my new moves," James chuckled at the enthusiasm. He definitely had something to show.

"Is my tie on right?" Logan asked James, as the two of them were sprucing in the bathroom. Logan's heart was hammering loudly in his chest, the pints of nervousness running wildly. It was bad enough that he was trying to make this night a success, keeping his mind focused on that, but all those little things in between were just making things worse. But of course, Logan didn't really need to be too concerned over this, over everything. He just needed to calm down, and he was glad that James was there with him for it.

"It's fine, you look fine, no wait, you look handsome," James really liked watching Logan in a tuxedo, the full slim black attire covering him from head to toe. It seemed very festive, and special, like there must've been some significance to it all, but really, it was just a high school dance. The last time he went to it, he was riding a horse, in an medieval robe. Now, with James being the DJ of the dance, he figured he dressed the part, so he just slapped on some skinny ripped jeans, a red tee with a silly black design, and a baggy black jacket. It all looked quite emcee-esque, as well as the headphones that wrapped around his neck.

"You really think so? Do I look fine?"

"You look wonderful, no incredible. Go any further, then I'd probably be really jealous of Camille." James humoured Logan, while approaching him, fixing his collar on his jacket, and adjusting his tie. All while staring at his eyes, James had his hands all over Logan, straightening every crease, aligning every fold, tightening the tie, and keeping every loose lock in line of his hair. It was magnetic, and gravitational, the force of their attraction to one another, and James leaned in close, while Logan moved up. Closer they became, but it was only their fortune that their kiss was halted.

"Hey Logan, Camille's here." They heard Kendall call them, and they both groaned inside. But they didn't know any better, they didn't really blame her. James just went back to fixing his suit, absolutely sure he would've been perfect anyways, and shoved him out of the door to the awaiting woman, hair wrapped up in a special design that would've taken ages to have done. A sleek, pinkish red dress adorned her figure, and she had red lips and heels to match as well. She was breath taking, and stunning.

"Wow..Camille..you look..absolutely, stunning, I'm breathless," Camille curtly giggled at Logan's stammering. Clearly, it wasn't everyday that you see this.

"Thanks, Logan. You clean up pretty nice yourself. Shall we go?" Camille was ready to leave, so was Kendall & Carlos. All that was left was Logan and James, and James was already out following Logan after he pushed him out. He was absolutely ready, so it was up to Logan's verdict. So after his okay, his nerves calmed a bit, all of them started to proceed down into the awaiting limo that was going to take them off to Rocque Records. Gustavo was surprisingly happy to let his studio be let as another dance hall, saying that after all their success, he needed to throw a treat or two.

As Logan walked Camille down to the lobby, followed close behind by Kendall and Carlos, who were surprisingly really chummy and close, James trailed behind, watching Logan very overprotective like a mother would. He'd want to follow Logan's steps, see where he goes, and wants to catch him where he falters. He was happy to do that, so he tried to think in a different mindset tonight. He wasn't Logan's for tonight, he was just the DJ of the dance.

But even when he thought about it, there was no denying that the entity of his heart didn't suffer a scratch.

The night life crawled along the streets of LA, a moon the only thing hanging in the sky. The big lights of Hollywood made it hard to gaze at stars, not to mention that layer of fog shielding it. But it made it feel like California was all but in it's own little world. Sure, the skies were gone, but there was plenty to be mesmerised at. The streets were crowded, and lit up dimly with street lights, then came the neons on the exclusive clubs that blended in. The large spotlights dawned on the setting, setting an atmosphere, very bright and blinding. Whether one could mistake it as the real night, or if it was that moment before you hit the town, no one could tell under the lights of LA.

Either way, the lights covered all of the night time festivities. Whether it was the strobe, or the neons, if it was the coloured lights or the resonance of the disco ball, everything seemed to sparkle in the middle of the dance. Everything was moving wildly, almost lost to the world. And everyone was having a good time so far. Kendall and Carlos are dancing next to each other, although they were facing away each other to disguise the tension between them. But their butts touched occasionally, as well as their hips. Either way, there was a hidden dirty message with each encounter. Logan and Camille were just shaking and moving on the spot, facing each other like they were really a couple, but all they are were dates. But just busting moves with friends were great. And James, he was moving to the beat of the track, acting so professionally, as well as enjoying himself. The rhythm of the dance filling his sneakers and he scratched at his records. It was a real dance of all dances.

It was the middle of the festivities, and things seemed very relaxing, casual and almost an air of romance filling the room. It was perfect enough for James to be able to play that slow song track for Logan to put his skills to the test. Really dazzle Camille with all the practice he's been doing, and impress her with his spent time and efforts. And James would smile at him in the background.

"Okay, all you lovely dancers, we're gonna take things a bit slow now, so you wanna grab your special somebody, sway them on the dance floor and let the night take you away," James put on the track that he and Logan had been dancing to, and the soft melody was a real change from the beating bass. It was going to be a long song, plus this was something James didn't want to miss. He pulled off his headphones, and left the turntables to watch Logan and Camille a little closer, at the snack table. He could use a cup of punch.

There they were, the couple of the moment, in the right position, looking so elegant and majestic. They glided, they skated on air, the swift moves were all so special. The dance was special, the moment was special, the night was special. Okay, so Logan lost his footing a few times, but this was one of those first time moments with him, it was cute to see him fumble just a bit. James was laughing just as Camille was humouring him as well. He took more sips of his fruity beverage as he looked with glint in his eyes.

However for Logan, he wasn't getting that natural flow that he did when he normally slow danced. He caught the first few steps well, he mastered them a lot of times in his efforts, but he couldn't get his feet to move at one point or another. He moved with two left feet a few times, and then lost his rhythm at the tricky bits. It just wasn't as easy for Logan than well,.. when he was dancing with James. He promised that he would show some slow dancing skills when the time came, and now, he was disappointing. Maybe he just wasn't ready to slow dance. Maybe he shouldn't slow dance at all.

"Logan, is everything okay?" Camille snapped him out of his sulk. He stared at her for a bit, just a bit dazed and entranced.

"Oh, sorry. I was just...dancing," Logan knew it wasn't going to happen again this time, now he just swayed gently with Camille. He was absolutely sure that he would've gotten to slow dance properly tonight, and he was actually sure that he would.

"Logan, you can tell me what's up." Logan looked away from Camille, he saw James just standing next to the tables, looking at Kendall and Carlos. All the while he was thinking how alone he was. But really, he wasn't alone. He was his. James belonged to Logan. And he still is. This was not natural. No, what Logan could see, and want also, was him and James, underneath the shine of the disco ball, holding each other, and slow dancing themselves, not caring who was watching or cared. Because it would only be the two of them. Dancing together upon a Once upon a time, and into a Happily forever after.

"I kinda think that I'm leaving a friend out of a dance. So, if you don't mind.." Of course, Camille saw how Logan was staring at James. That love that filled his eye was recognised instantly, since Camille once saw them in her direction. But who was she to stand in their way.

"Go ahead, Logan," Camille nudged a much needed shove for Logan in James' direction. Now this was something more steady. Logan had even smiled on the way there, and when James noticed his approach, he greeted him.

"James, would you like to dance?" Logan offered his hand like the real gentleman he was dressed up for, and James blushed at the offer. It was cute for Logan to do so, so James took his hand with a gentle welcome, and things settled into place. Finger twirled together, hands were in the right position, and bodies were close together. They were not in the middle of the spotlight but where they were now, it was just as special.

Kendall saw the two, how the two seemed fitting like a puzzle. He was surprised to see James and Logan, probably looking very unpredictable, and spontaneous at the couple, but he was happy for them. In fact, he even started to grow jealous of them. There they were, showing such affection publicly, it made him feel ashamed that he couldn't even do the same. Really, if there wasn't anything stopping them, then there shouldn't be anything for him. So he decided to go for it. He grabbed at Carlos' hand, spun him round, and danced with him like Logan and James did. Not a thing was an issue, it was all okay.

James and Logan moved smoothly, so majestically. The two of them together like this, it was all so magical. They had the dance down in the first try, much more better than Logan and Camille's try. This was where Logan could showcase his talents, where his sweat had gone into. It wasn't that he couldn't dance, but he could be better when it was James that he was practising on. And it would've stayed that way, for now and ever, just him and James.

The dance moved into a halfway mark, and Logan had trouble getting through this part. Even James knew that he did, but he had to remind him of the vital part of slow dancing. He just had to relax, just lose himself in the beat. And there was one way for him to do so.

"Logan, I love you," James said as they held each other closer. Logan closed his eyes, losing himself to the song, being mesmerised by the dance, and lost in his world. He relaxed under James' hold, his conducting leading the dance into something spectacular. They danced, they twirled, they moved not only on air, they danced into the stars. Camille stood behind them, just watching the marvel of the couple.

The song soon ended and merged into a more upbeat, dancing tune. The moment was ruined, but not wrecked. Either way, this was a dance. And even for this one, James had invited Camille in to join. So she did, and the three of them partied on the spot to the song. More rhythm built in their bodies, and they rocked the dancefloor. Not just them but everyone else around them. It was really a friendly, mutual moment, and everything seemed to be fine. Just friendship.

To wrap up the night, they all danced into the lateness. And out of everything, Logan had only the memory of his proud achievement of slow dancing. He was proud of that.

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