Mike meets the new kid and he instantly finds a friend in him. Unfortunately the others in Glee club, including his girlfriend, wish for him to use this friendship to spy on the addition to their group. Also, Kurt seems a little too interested about Finn and Rachel's break-up.

Chapter 1 {Piano players}

Mike shrugged his backpack further onto his shoulder as he walked into the choir room.

"Kurt's coming back today," Tina nudged him playfully.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks for reminding me." Mike resisted the urge to roll his eyes. It's not that she was annoying it was just that he was annoyed with her. Every single thing she said made him want to rip her blue extensions out. Every time he felt this irritated the more he realized that the Asian fusion was dying out. He didn't want it to die out. In fact he worked harder than ever to keep it alive.

Sure enough, Kurt was there. He was hugging Mercedes tightly and tears were streaming down his face. His mouth was forming a very Kurt-ish pout as he whispered something in Mercedes ear. Tina abandoned Mike's side and ran for a group hug. Mike was glad to see Kurt again but he wasn't good enough friends with him to be overjoyed.

Mike leaned against the wall and folded his arms as he watched as all the girls and (to everyone but Mike's surprise) Finn surrounded Kurt.

"Hi there," Mike jumped, his arms flailed comically as he stood up straight.

"Who-what?" He turned to see a very handsome young man standing at his side. His lips were formed in an amused smile and his brown eyes seemed to be drinking in the entirety of Mike's person making Mike feel awkward but flattered.

"I'm Blaine, I just transferred here." He held out his hand. Mike swallowed and accepted the greeting. Blaine's hand was warm and rough and his fingers wrapped firmly around Mike's hand. His fingers were stronger than Mike was expecting he probably plays and instrument. By looking at the thinness of his fingers he could be a piano player, but by the roughness of his fingers tips I'm thinking guitar.

"M-Mike Chang. I'm one half of the token Asian in Glee club," He smirked and fixed the collar on his shirt proudly.

"Huh, Kurt has never mentioned you," Blaine frowned. Mike then noticed the cap Blaine was wearing. Kurt had been wearing that very same hat when he and Finn announced Mr. and Mrs. Hummel's engagement in Glee club. It looked kind of goofy on Blaine and Mike felt an urge to pull it off his head.

"You know Kurt then?"

Blaine nodded as he pulled off his jacket. Mike felt odd watching Blaine do so. His eyes watched every twitch of Blaine's neck as the jacket slid off his arms.

"He and I are dating but don't tell anyone. I think Kurt wants to reveal that himself." Blaine's smile brightened. "Since no one else has seen me and I'm very nervous about first impressions. How do I look?" He held out his arms and spun around.

Mike took the opportunity to look him up and down. He was wearing black slacks and a simple white t-shirt with pink suspenders. Pink suspenders? Definitely Kurt's type. Or is that too loud for Kurt?

"I think you'll make an impression all right. Good or bad it depends on who we're talking about. My girlfriend will like you." Mike chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, still looking Blaine up and down.

"Ooooo he's here" Kurt's squeal rang through the choir room. Mike spun around feeling slightly guilty for checking out Kurt's boyfriend. Checking out? No, that's ridiculous. I like girls.

Blaine waved awkwardly.

"Lose the hat," Mike whispered. Blaine quickly yanked the hat off his head and tossed it towards Mike who caught it and hid it behind his back.

Kurt practically skipped towards them followed closely by excited girls and a hesitant Finn Hudson.

"Girls…and Finn…this is my boyfriend Blaine." Kurt walked up to Blaine and took his hand.

Mike felt a lump in his throat when he looked at Blaine's hair for the first time. It was wildly curly and messy and incredibly sexy. No, not sexy…interesting. Yeah interesting. His eyes widened in shock at his own thoughts and he looked away from the two boys.

"I'm Blaine Anderson-"

"Before you go any further I would like to say that our Glee club is not in need of spies and if that is your objective than I suggest you leave." Rachel pointed to the door and glared at Blaine.

"Rachel had a bad experience last year" Mike would have said if his tongue wasn't so tied.

There are several things Mike would have said at several different times in his life but his wall paper nature kept him from speaking too much.

When he was eight he would have said. "Mom. I want to learn to ride a bike," instead he continued with his piano lessons.

Last year he would have said. "An Asian Doctor should deliver your baby Quinn," instead he counted the ceiling tiles in the waiting room.

Two weeks ago he would have said "Mr. Shue, that is NOT appropriate behavior towards a student" instead he watched as William Shuester grinded up against Santana in demonstration of "What not to do at school dances."


Mike was jerked out of his thoughts by a lacey gloved hand waving in his face.

"Er..what Tina?" He swatted her hand out of his face.

"Let's go sit down." She pulled him by his arm towards a seat in the back row. Mike glanced over at Blaine. He was now talking with Kurt animatedly about something. Mike's eyes shifted over to Finn who looked extremely irritated as Rachel yapped in his ear. They aren't even dating and I know how he feels, Mike thought as Tina yanked him into his chair.

"Operation 'spy-on-Blaine' is a go Mike." Tina whispered. "We don't want another Jesse-Rachel fiasco."

"Wait, we are going to spy on him?" Mike shifted his eyes from Blaine to Tina's eager face.

"Yes, we have to see what he is really up to."

"You don't think that maybe he might actually like Kurt?" Mike raised his eyebrows and looked at Tina in bewilderment.

"The enemy can't be trusted Mike. Since you already made friends with him you are the first to interrogate him I'll tell you more later because they are coming towards us right now-hey Kurt! Take that cutie of a boyfriend and sit next to us."

Mike noticed that Blaine blushed and grinned. He feels welcome here already, when everyone is just waiting for him to stab them in the back. What a welcoming bunch we are. Kurt pulled Blaine over to Tina's side unfortunately Mercedes and Puck got to the last two seats in the row. Kurt pouted at Mercedes and she responded by sticking out her tongue. Kurt pulled Blaine back and sat next to Mike.

"Hello Mike!" Kurt smiled. "How has your dancing been going?"

Mike brightened up at the mention of dancing.

"Last week I entered a competition at the mall," Kurt already lost interest. Mike smiled and shrugged. "Then I tripped over a baby and all the Asian's threw chicken feet at me causing my untimely death. I'm now coming to Glee club as a ghost, but nobody has noticed yet. I am that good at blending in. Call it one of my Asian ninja skills."

Kurt only nodded and said "Interesting, you'll have to tell me more about that later." Blaine however smiled and coughed back an obvious laugh.

Mike felt a rush of pleasure in knowing that at least someone was listening to him.

"Oh…er…Blaine. Your hat?" Mike held up the cap.

Kurt grabbed the hat from Mike's grip.

"I told you not to take it off Blaine, your hair is a mess," Kurt tried to put the hat back on but Blaine fought him off.

"I ran out of gel this morning." Blaine swatted Kurt's attempts away. "It's nice to let it be free every once and a while."

"But your hair looks sexy pushed back," Kurt pushed Blaine's hair back and looked over to Mike. "Tell him his hair looks sexy pushed back."

Mike opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted by Mr. Shuester.

"Okay class! Big announcement! Kurt has returned and he has brought his friend."

"BOYfriend" Kurt said loudly. Mike glanced over at Blaine who was blushing furiously and twisting Kurt's hat in his hands.

"I think that Blaine should sing a song as an official instatement to our club." Rachel said while she raised her hand.

"What? I didn't have to sing a song to get into Glee club! That's totally unfair" Mike would have said if Blaine wasn't already standing up.

"I was prepared for this. I'm going to be singing Reflection from Mulan. Just let me get my guitar"

Mikes held back a laugh. I love Mulan! That totally has my Asian approval. Blaine retrieved his guitar and sat down on the piano bench.

Kurt leaned next to Mike and said "That's my boyfriend, he is playing the guitar."

What is it with people stating the obvious to me? Do I really look that dumb? Hello, I'm Asian… I KNOW these things. Mike nodded and folded his arms as he watched Blaine strum the guitar and sing.

He was amazingly refreshing from what Mike was used to hearing in Glee club. Naturally he had heard him before and enjoyed the performance of "Hey Soul Sister" but Blaine was something else when he wasn't backed by an a cappella group. His voice was bluesy but rough. Mike could hear the passion in each verse he sang. Mike also found himself staring at Blaine's short and messy curls which bounced a little with every movement of his head.

When Blaine hit the high notes his eyes closed and he threw his head up in the hair as if he was rejoicing. Mike then looked at how thick and dark Blaine's eyelashes were. His eyes slowly drifted from the eyelashes to the lips as Blaine hummed away the last few notes.

He jerked out of his trance and looked quickly towards Tina. She was too distracted by a text message to notice Mike's lingering glance.

Blaine bowed awkwardly and walked back up to his seat while everyone applauded.

"Good job," Mike heard Kurt whisper. "But next time try something a little more exciting."

Mike found himself shaking his head. To his luck no one saw this gesture, except Blaine who smiled before looking back to Kurt.

"Are you kidding me? I nearly popped a guitar string. That is how hard Mulan can rock."

Kurt snorted and scoffed. "Sure Blaine, sure."

"This weeks assignment is dedicated to the one and only Phantom of the Opera." Tina clinged onto Mike with excitement, he smiled but on the inside he was disappointed. He watched Phantom of the Opera with Tina several times, there was hardly anything he could dance to in that movie.

Rachel hand shot up into the air.

Oh please Rachel just give it a rest for once.

"Mr. Shue I would like to take this opportunity to claim the "All I Ask Of You" duet for me and Finn. As we are the lead vocalist for-"

"Oh hell to the no, I'm not sitting through another boring lovey dovey song with these two. They aren't even dating anymore." Mercedes sass saved Mike from another cheesy Finchel duet. They were getting more and more awkward each time due to Finn's total lack of interest and Rachel's over enthusiastic passion.

Kurt practically jumped. He quickly recovered from his surprise and whispered to Mike.

"They broke up?"

Mike nodded, uninterested.

"I think Mike and I should take that duet."

Mike's eyes widen and he looked over at Tina.

"What?"I will rip out your hair extensions, I will rip them out.

"Come on Mike, you're not that bad of a singer. Just give it a shot."I will rip them out while you are sleeping.

"As much as I would enjoy Mike's attempt at that song," Kurt said insincerely. "I think you should give that duet to Blaine and me."

"Yes I like that idea much better" Mike would have said if Tina, and Rachel didn't start shouting protests.

It ended up with all of the girls (and Kurt) arguing. Mike sighed and leaned back in his chair as Tina and Kurt stepped forward to claim the duet.

"Is it always like this?" Blaine leaned over and whispered.

"It's usually Rachel and Quinn. But Tina has a passion for the movie."

"So does Kurt. I like it and all but it's not really my style." Blaine scooted over to the chair next to Mike.

"Same. A lot of singing and no dancing besides a couple of Beginner ballroom waltzing." Mike shook his head and twitched his lips back and forth in thought.

"So you're a dancer then? Not much for the singing?" It was refreshing to have someone ask about his interests. Mike turned towards Blaine with a smile on his face.

"Dancing is kind of my life."

"But I thought you were dead?" Blaine said through a laugh.

Mike chuckled.

"You caught me, looks like my Asian trickery couldn't fool you."

They laughed for a few seconds more.

"So, you play the piano?" Mike said, resisting the urge to look down at Blaine's hands.

Blaine looked taken aback.

"How did you know?"

Mike lifted his own hands. "I've been playing since I was six. Playing the piano for a long time gives you thin and bony fingers. Piano fingers, you…er… you have them."

"You play then? If you have been playing since you were six you must be good."

Mike flushed.

"I'm okay, my parents wanted me to be a performer but when it comes to playing the piano in front of a lot of people I tend to throw up from nervousness. Dancing is a different story. Dancing is something I could do if the whole world was watching. I didn't used to be like that though. Before Glee club I was afraid to dance in front of people. Now I want to do nothing else. It's just so liberating. Dancing is to me what singing is to you. " Mike smacked his lips. It was weird to say so much at one time. "Sorry that was kind of a speech I just gave."

Blaine was staring at Mike with a small smile forming on his lips.

"Fascinating," the way he said it made Mike smirk. It wasn't just a word to show that he was attempting to listen. It was actually fascinating to Blaine. "I've never seen the world through the eyes of a dancer. I can do a fancy side step and a little twirl but nothing to shout 'Hurray' about." Blaine's eyes were sparkling with eagerness. "I remember seeing you dance with that blonde girl at sectionals. It was intriguing. I envy how light on your feet you are."

Mike felt heat rise up in his cheeks.

"To be honest. I think you're the only person that has ever taken their time to compliment me."

"Well it certainly wasn't a waste of my time." Blaine winked. He actually winked. Mike blinked in momentary shock but quickly recovered and smiled warmly in return.

"You know what? I like you. I think you'll be a good addition to this Glee club. Or maybe this flattery is false and you're getting on my good side because you are spy." Mike said with obvious sarcasm.

"I have amazing spy abilities. They would put your ghost ninja skills to shame."