Chapter 12: { The Dancer}

Blaine was tired, he was beaten down. His eyes were dry but every once and a while a pathetic sob would escape from his throat as he sat in his car with his hands leaning on the steering wheel and his dropped down so no one passing by could see what an emotional wreck he was. He heard children laughing around in the park, celebrating the melting of the snow and new grass and flowers forming. It made him ache for company I need to talk to someone. He thought to himself. I need to talk to Mike.

He heard the jingle of a little bell and his head jerked up. There was a tiny, black-haired boy riding a small tricycle around with his mother close behind him.

"I'll tell you a secret Blaine, I don't know how to ride a bike," Mike had told him one night while during a Disney movie marathon.

"What? Why?" Blaine had responded.

"My parents never taught me, they wanted me to work on my piano lessons. I was too much of a push over to do anything about it." Blaine remembered seeing the sad little pout that appeared on Mike's face after he said it.

"You still are a push over Michael."

"Oh shut up Blaine."

Blaine sat up in his seat and turned on the ignition.

"I'll teach you how to ride a bike someday Michael."

"I'm holding you to that promise. It's humiliating that I haven't learned yet. I'm glad I could tell you that."

"I'm glad that you trust me enough to tell me that."

Blaine shook his head and cursed under his breath as he pulled the car out of the parking lot. "Why am I such a twit?" He stepped on the gas and headed back to the High School. He didn't know what provoked him to go back to the school instead of the Chang's house but he was glad to see Mike's car was still there.

He heard music playing from the auditorium as he walked in the school. There was no singing, just the piano. Is that Mike playing? He crept into the back of the stage just as the music was ending.

Blaine felt like he was trespassing on someone's private property but his curiosity and yearning was too strong to ignore. He sunk down behind a behind a box and peered over to see the stage. He could hear Mike chatting with Brittany on the other side.

Blaine felt his stomach lurch when Mike skipped out and held out his hand to lead a smiling Brittany into a dance position.

"Whenever you are ready Brad," Mike called out and beamed at Brittany. "Ready my blonde buddy?" He said with a laugh when a soft melody started playing on the piano.

"You know it Asian buddy." She winked and they began to dance.

Blaine watched Mike move his body perfectly around his partner. Not a single step was out of place and his feet slid around like they were floating. Mike picked Brittany up in an elegant lift. Blaine didn't pay attention to the way Mike's arms flexed anymore. Instead he concentrated on the face.

Mike was beaming, glowing even. To see him in such a state made Blaine feel euphoric. In his lifetime Blaine had never seen someone so passionately happy.

The way you can cut a rug.

Watching you is the only drug I need.

It was like taking a drug, watching Mike perform. Blaine could feel his heart starting to pound and he moved his hand up to his lips to silence a gasp. Tears were forming at the brim of his eyes as Mike spun around on the spot. As he finished the spin and faced the empty chairs Mike's face expressed everything that Blaine was feeling.

"I love him," Blaine whispered behind his fingers. When he said it was when ever inch of him knew it to be true. I love him, I love Michael Chang. Blaine remembered the speech he gave the day he first met Mike about love. No doubt lingered in his mind that he was staying true to his beliefs in saying that he loved Mike.


Mike Chang

Michael Chang.

Just thinking the name gave him a rush of overpowering emotion and he could help but laugh a little. He wiped the single tear that streamed down his face and looked back up at Mike who was dipping his blonde friend as the final move for the dance.

Blaine shrunk down further and turned around to lean against the box. He wiped more happy tears away and tired to remain silent as Mike and Brittany discussed their faults in the dance number.

His mind was lost in the fog of Michael that he couldn't help but lean back and take a deep breath and whisper the name over and over again.

"Michael," his stomach churned with yearning. He wanted to jump out of his hiding spot and take Mike Chang's hands into his and tell him how he felt. How never in his lifetime had he felt such a passionate desire to make Mike smile. To make him laugh. To make him be as happy as he was when he danced. I don't care if I can't be with him. It would break my heart to be rejected by him but I still just want to see him be this happy for the rest of his life. No one deserves that more them him.

His silly Harry Potter references.

His ridiculous Asian humor.

His smile.

His expressive eyes.

The way his right thumb twitches when something irritates him.

His subtle sarcasm.

His quiet feet.

His laugh.

His humorous facial expressions.

Michael Chang…I love you.

"Alright blonde buddy, I'll see you tomorrow and thank you…this is just what I needed."

Blaine felt his chest and throat burn at the sound of Mike's voice. He swallowed back the urge to call out to Mike and peered to see what Mike was doing.

"Hey Brad, mind if I stay a little longer? I wanted to practice some piano before I head home. My mom has guests over and she doesn't want me pounding away with them there."

Brad shrugged in compliance, picked up his piano music and left the stage.

Mike sat down at the piano and closed his eyes as he began to play effortlessly. Blaine found himself standing up, unafraid of Mike seeing him now.

Blaine recognized the tune instantly. It was from his favorite Disney classic.

Except Mike was making the interlude longer and more beautiful with every key he hit with his slender fingers.

"I can show you the world." Blaine sang as he stepped out onto the stage. Mike didn't miss a beat or open his eyes, instead small smile came to his face.

"Hello Blaine."

"Shining shimmering splendid" Blaine leaned on the piano and ruffled up his hair before Mike opened his eyes.

"I'm guessing you're not mad at me anymore." It was then that Mike eyes shot opened and stared into Blaine's. Blaine felt a shudder go through him as those eyes drank him in.

"Tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide." Blaine shook his head in reply to Mike's question and smiled brightly as he sang. He slowly walked around the piano as he sang.

"I can open your eyes," he threw his hands up and spun around causing Mike to chuckle. "Take you wonder by wonder. Over, sideways and under on a magic carpet ride."

Blaine slid onto the bench next to Mike and began to play the same song on a higher octave. Sitting close to Mike didn't have the awkward sexual tension it used to have. Now it just felt right. He wanted Mike's touch against him at all times, just for the comfort of him being there. But a little sex never hurt anyone either Blaine thought smugly as his fingers grazed against Mike's.

"A whole new world," Blaine continued as he looked over at Mike. He was grinning and his face was red as his eyes followed his own fingers. "A new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us "no" or where to go or say we're only dreaming…"

Blaine nudged Mike playfully.

"I'm not singing Blaine," Mike smirked and still didn't look up.

"Come on, no one is here to listen."

"But you are Blaine, the one person that I would worry about impressing is you believe it or not." Mike's fingers continued to play the song but the words were no longer accompanying it. Blaine felt a smile come to his face.

"You…could never disappoint me Michael." Blaine didn't know what he was doing but he placed a hand on Mike's lap. Mike finally fumbled on the keys and came to a stop. Blaine didn't move his hand and Mike didn't push it off. Instead he turned and looked at Blaine.

"But I have, haven't I?" Mike bit his lip and searched Blaine's eyes.

Not with the lip biting Mike, do you want me to tackle you down and kiss you?

"Never" Blaine whispered.

He was pleasantly surprised when Mike placed his own hand over Blaine's.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Kurt sooner. I was afraid of hurting you." Mike closed his eyes and gripped onto Blaine's hand tighter. "The last thing I would ever want to do is cause you pain."

Blaine found himself scooting closer to Mike.

"No harm has been done Mike, I have forgiven him and Finn, though they don't know it yet….they are probably worried. Anyways, so should you. You are a good friend and they shouldn't lose your company."

"Good friend?" Mike opened his eyes. "Is that what I am?"

"Much more to me actually," Blaine had no control over the words that tripped so easily over his tongue. Nor did he care.

Mike smiled to the side and his eyes glinted with pleasure. He lifted Blaine's hand up to his lips and grazed it softly against them.

"Well then…" he whispered, his hot breath on Blaine's hand caused his entire body to freeze in anticipation and desire. "Where does that lead us Anderson?"

"Somewhere important I suppose," Blaine managed to say. "But I'm really not paying attention to what is in the future. I kind of like where I'm at right now."

Mike looked up into Blaine's eyes and a satisfied smile flashed before he tugged Blaine closer to him. Mike's mouth was soon inches away from his.

"Stop being so cheesy Blaine, or I might throw up rainbows." He whispered as his eyes flicked to Blaine's eyes then back down to his lips.

"We wouldn't want that now would we?" Blaine closed his eyes and brought a hand up to the back of Mike's neck.

"I dunno, I imagine rainbows probably taste good."

"Not as good as this is going to."

It is a scientifically proven that lips are the most sensitive part of the human body. Blaine understood that little fact now as his own pressed against Michael Chang's. He could feel every wrinkle in Mike's lips. He could taste the chapstick that Mike may have applied earlier that day. His lips tingled as Mike gently hummed against them. Blaine scooted even closer as the kiss deepened. He moved a hand to Mike's face and dragged his thumb across the Asian's soft cheek. It was slow and intense as the two of them explored each other, like they wanted to do for the longest time.

Out of every kiss Blaine had ever experienced this one gave him the most feeling. This kiss with Michael Chang was something that he would never forget. He would always remember the texture and the smell of Mike. This kiss, was a love kiss.

When they pulled apart Mike leaned his forehead on Blaine's and stared into his eyes. He was glowing with happiness like he did when he danced. Blaine's eyes started to glisten with upcoming tears of joy. I can make him that happy! I can! I, Blaine Anderson can make Michael Chang happy. Me, of all the people in the world.

"What's wrong?" Mike asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Nothing Michael," Blaine chuckled. He pulled him into another kiss and rested his hand on Mike's chest where he could feel his heart beating rapidly like his own. Mike's hands slid up Blaine's back until they reached the back of his head and tugged playfully at the loose curls in the back.

"Michael?" Blaine said as Mike leaned against the piano keys staring at him, still glowing. His hair was messed and sticking out at odd ends. He looked goofy and pleased.

"Mmm?" Mike leaned on his hand giving Blaine his rapt attention.

"I love you."

Mike's eyes widened.


"I love you. I mean it Mike, I love you."

Mike furrowed his eyebrows.

"Don't tease me. Remember that talk you gave on that subject. Don't tease me Blaine."

Blaine smirked.

"I wouldn't do that. I would never say those three words without mean-" Blaine couldn't finish speaking for Mike had hurried forward and overcame him with a powerful kiss. When he pulled away Mike was smiling and his eyes were looking straight into Blaine's with a strong determination and peace.

"I love you too, Blaine Anderson. More than Ron loves Hermione."

Blaine let out an overjoyed laugh and placed his hands on Mike's face and pulled him in for another soft kiss.

"More than Snape loved Lily," he murmured as he pushed his mouth harder onto Mike's .

The End.

Authors note:

Thank you for sticking through this fan fiction. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Keep on Biking my fellow shippers!