Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte were lunching, as ladies who lunch are wont to do. Miranda was relating her latest conquest.

"It was love at first sight. I met him jogging in the park; I was all sweaty and pathetic, he was all hot and athletic."

"Hothletic!" said Carrie, making a mental note to use that in one of her insightful columns.

"Don't interrupt, Carrie," said Samantha. "So, tell us about his [penis]!" (A/N - She didn't say penis, but the word she used was considered offensive.)

"It was perfect," said Miranda. "Also he is a successful lawyer and volunteers at the homeless shelter and runs the local peewee soccer team and is totally perfect."

"He sounds dreamy, like a fairytale prince," sighed Charlotte.

"Yeah, I thought he was the one," said Miranda. "Then I found out he's got a pet spider, so I dumped him."

"Eww spiders!" screamed the other girls, as the other diners turned and gave them strange looks.

"Trust men!" said Carrie, and everyone laughed as the irritably jangly music kicked in.