The Adventures of Amanda the Woolly Mammoth

AN: I like Hamish X. But the one thing that bugs me, is that there is never enough time with Amanda the Woolly Mammoth. So here is a story about her. Sadly, there are no footnotes, or Narrators Notes. I wish.

Amanda the Woolly Mammoth was named after some weirdo's ex-girlfriend. Why? Because they both had big feet. Yeah, that's right. Big feet. But this is not a story about Amanda's big feet. It is a story about her amazing trip to outer space. And quite possibly other places too, I just haven't gotten there yet.

Once, in the Arctic, not far from a place where notorious cheese pirates once terrorized the arctic foxes in the area, (AN: Read Hamish X one please if you haven't already. I believe that it is on ) there lived a woolly mammoth named Amanda. She was bored. Wouldn't you be bored if you were a woolly mammoth that had been alive for thousands of years? Yeah. That's what I thought. She had been all over the world. But there was one place that she was curious about. One place she hadn't yet explored. Actually, there was a lot more than one place, but dramatic effect is everything. Continuing with the story: That place was outer space! So, after Hamish X and Mimi and Parveen stopped by and defeated the Cheese Pirates, Amanda got to thinking. (AN: Of course woolly mammoths can think! How would you know! You didn't go to Moscow University of True Facts about Woolly Mammoths!) If three small-ish young-ish children can save the arctic foxes from the Cheese Pirates, then I, Amanda the over 10 000 year old large-ish woolly mammoth can go to outer space. Specifically, the moon.