So the number one problem that Amanda had was, of course, getting to the moon. To get into outer space, you tend to need a rocket ship. And as you might have noticed, most rocket ships simply aren't big enough for woolly mammoths and their large feet. (AN: remember, her large feet are the reason she is called Amanda in the first place.) So, Amanda set off across the Arctic to find a ginormous (AN: yes, it really is a word, I know, I was so excited!) rocket ship that would take her to the moon. There is one person in all of the world who could possibly give Amanda that rocket ship. And that person is Mr Greenfacedman. Despite what his name suggests, Mr Greenfacedman does not have a green face, as you will find out when we meet him in the next chapter. Tragically enough, Amanda does not yet know that such a Mr Greenfacedman exists, so instead of locating him, she is trudging through a dangerous tundra filled with carnivorous foxes and bears. Amanda the woolly mammoth was getting rather tired of trudging through this dangerous tundra and being watched by hungry carnivorous foxes. She wanted to eat and sleep and find a rocket ship. So she sat down in the middle of said dangerous tundra and went to bed. While she was sleeping, an enormous air-ship covered in whale skin and driven by vomiting rabbits scooped her up into the sky.