This young man is a promising Earth Adept, just like his father when he started his adventures 30 years ago.

And just like Isaac, who led the famous Warriors of Vale, Matthew is a person of few words but strong convictions.

Matthew is actually in a bit of a dilemma.

Being the strong, silent type he is, he speaks nothing of it to his friends and merely walks onward. The others follow him, trusting in their leader's ability even as he walks into a forest which has absolutely no importance in terms of their quest.

Matthew's friends find out for themselves the dangers of having a silent protagonist as leader.

Sveta recoils as the strong smell of urine hits her sensitive nose.

"Eek! Matthew! What are you doing?" Himi yells as she covers her face with her hands while leaving just enough of a gap to peek through.

The males in the group are equally shocked but far more appreciative.

"He must have been holding this in for ages!" Tyrell remarks.

Matthew perseveres.

"Wow!" is all Eoleo can say. Amiti is equally impressed by how long Matthew appears to be able to urinate.

Karis interrupts the proceedings by blocking the view with her body. "Guys! Guys! Give him some privacy!"

At this point, Matthew finally finishes his business. He turns around and notices his friends staring at him.

"!" he says.

The sole adult in their midst, Kraden has a well of advice for the stricken adventurer. "It's unfortunate that Matthew is only able to speak in punctuation marks. While this is a slight improvement from Isaac and Felix, I'm afraid this means you have to rely on an old tactic."

"Oh, and what's that?" asks Rief.

"Sveta must read his mind. All the time."

And so, Matthew's friends soon find out that there is a direct correlation between silent protagonists and Jupiter Adepts who come to resent mind reading psynergy. Just how so, Ivan, Sheba and Sveta are unwilling to say.

Kraden has a theory that it has something to do with puberty.


Encyclopedia of Weyard

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Period of sexual maturation. The Warriors of Vale all went through this state thirty years ago. Matthew's existence was the logical conclusion of this event.

Next up: Tyrell and Kraden's pigeon finally have a showdown.