This is a teaser/trailer for my [possible] Joan of Arc fic. I wanted to do one that captures her whole epic-ness, as I am reading "A Complete Recollection of Joan of Arc" and I'm getting really inspired. It will have lots of Strong!France and Sad!France and Battle!France and possibly some Conqueror!England and JerkFace!England.

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Anyway, Here we go!

"Since the writing of history began, Joan of Arc is the only person, of either sex, who has ever held supreme command of the military forces of any nation at the age of seventeen."

-Forward from "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc"


Oh merde.

Francis sunk down into his arm chair, his head resting in his hands. Damn that viper. Damn that she-devil. Damn the world itself for giving him a mad king and a pouffiasse for a queen!


Ah! The messenger was still here. Francis spoke, praying he didn't sound as weak as he felt. God knows that this man, who was paid only by the queen, would report anything that would get him something more to line his pockets with. "Monsieur Dupont, you may leave me. Alert me if you have any more news." With a nod and one last glance- oh! And what pity was written on his face! It was the glace you save for a condemned man standing underneath the gallows!

Francis chuckled darkly. Was that not what he was? No more control over his fate than a criminal condemned to die? No more pride than a pig, tied up, hand and foot, by his own queen, to be given over to the Butcher?

And his poor Catherine! To be married to that English pig! And to be assured that there is little hope for her children- his own royals- to know their mother's country! Or for her country to know them! Alas! It seems as though the daughter of France can only bear the sons of England!

Oh, yes. In that fine treaty they wrote it as "Regents of both England and France", but knowing only Arthur, they're sure to only care about England! France will just be that other land. The land that is there to serve England's needs.

Never had France wished he had a strong army as much as he did now.

He needed someone who would protect his needs.

He needed someone who would protect his honor.

He needed someone to wipe away this black insult that was the Treaty of Troyes.

So that's actually more of a history lesson to get you up to speed on what's up with France.


"a mad king and a pouffiasse for a queen" – Charles VI was prone to bouts of insanity and his Queen, Isabeau, was a… well… a pouffiasse [French for *itch]. She actually had a son already, who basically got disinherited by the treaty, and so he got nothing.

The Treaty of Troyes- In 1420, Queen Isabeau concluded the Treaty of Troyes, which granted the succession of the French throne to Henry V and his heirs instead of her son. It also promised a large dowry and her daughter's marriage to Henry V.

She did not have the power to sign it and have it be legal, but all she needed do was get her husband to sign it, and he was crazy, so most of the French people believed she tricked him.

"And his poor Catherine!"- Catherine of France, who was one of two daughters of Charles VI and Isabeau of France, was set up to be married to Henry V who was in his 30s and she was 19. She was very much controlled and she lived in England for the rest of her life.

"the Butcher" "English pig" –Both referring to Henry V. Obviously, France wasn't exactly enamored with him.