Jayne proposed to River six days later, at midnight, on New Years Eve. While the rest of the crew still celebrated in the galley the two of them slipped down to the cargo bay, dancing in a slow, lazy circle in the centre of the room. He hummed, she sang.

They married two weeks after that, his grandmother Maddie the only family he had present. She had cried harder then he'd ever seen her cry, and the tears were of happiness.

A week later Zoe gave birth to Craven Rex Washburne. She'd let Jayne pick the name as a thank you for the crib.

Three months later Kaylee announced that she was pregnant.

Two months after that Mal and Inara got married in the middle of a fight, and never looked back.

Seven months later Kaylee gave birth to Raleigh Tam and James Tam. Zoe bequeathed her the crib, now dubbed 'Serenity's Basket'. Luckily it was big enough for two.

Three months later Inara and Zoe both announced they were pregnant. Exactly five seconds later Mal and Wash both fainted.

Nine months later Corbin Washburne and Dominic 'Dom' Reynolds were born. Book noticed there was now only one little girl on the boat.

After that came Kato Tam. Simon had almost fainted until Kaylee punched his arm.

Six months later River gave Jayne his daughter, Adora.

A year later she gave him Celeste.

A year later she gave him Evangeline. Mal then forbade Jayne to have sex with his wife until he worked out birth control. Jayne then pointed out that Inara had been vomiting that morning. River had hummed happily the whole time.

On December 20th, 2522, Jayne made Mal stock up on ammunition and leave the children with Mal's mother on Shadow. Mal had actually complied.

On December 25th, 2522, the crew of Serenity destroyed the Alliance facility that held the new Academy. Not a single member was injured, not even a scratch. Zoe later reflected that Jayne had seemed hell bent on destruction that day, and not a single Alliance solider had survived.

On December 31st, 2522, Jayne danced with his tiny wife in the cargo bay as their ship floated through the black. High above them three little girls watched their mother and father from the catwalk.

He hummed, she sang.

The End

A/N: I know it's after Christmas, but I just felt like writing some more holiday cheer. The Shakespeare lines are from Romeo and Juliet, the song is Auld Lang Syne. Until next time Browncoats!

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