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Today is just another day. This will be my new mantra for this year. I swore to myself that my senior year would be different. That this year, I, Isabella Marie Swan, would step it up a notch.

Today is the first day of my senior year of school. I've been going to this school for the last three years. Forks High School, the epitome of a small school in a small town. The hockey team is what keeps us on the map. I would venture to guess that if we hadn't made the playoffs for the last ten years, we probably wouldn't even have a high school anymore.

They would have just bused us off to the nearest high school in the next town over. I remember going to elementary school here and being with these exact same people, none of them have changed, but what they failed to realize after I moved back here three years ago is that I changed.

I had moved with my mom to Phoenix when her and my father divorced. I was eight, very sad and very angry at my father. Little did I know that seven years later tragedy would strike and I would have to come live with him again.

My father, Charlie Swan, Sheriff, fisherman and hockey enthusiast. Those are the only three words I can use to describe him since I can't say I know him much anymore.

He used to be so much more. I used to call him daddy and run to him giggling as he caught me mid air. How things have changed over time.

When my mother decided to leave him, she broke him. She left him for another man and dragged me along with her. I was young and naive and really didn't know any better. She was my mother and I adored her, I looked up to her and truly cherished all the years we got together up until her and her new husband died three years ago, and I came here to live with Charlie. A broken man. I wish I could say that things are better now, but I'd be lying. He's still broken, only now I have to live with him. He spends his days at work, his evenings in front of the television or at the local arena and his weekends fishing with his buddies on the reservation.

Needless to say, I took my mother's passing very badly, but I know that she still looks out for me. She knows how much I loved her and how much I miss her. Charlie on the other hand can't seem to forgive himself for letting her leave. I don't think he quite knows how to respond to me since I seem to be OK with our situation. If he only knew.

I've forgiven Charlie over the years. At some point, I had realized that my mother was the catalyst behind the divorce and did my best to visit Forks and my father during the summer.

When I first got here three years ago, I was the new girl, sort-of. Most people still remembered me and the ones that didn't became my best friends. I was a novelty to most of these people. The Sheriff's daughter, witch made me the talk of the school for at least three months until Tyler Crowley smashed his car in the quad, then I was old news.

Ever since that day I've managed to blend into the background. Being the Sheriff's daughter, I don't generally get invited to parties, altho I end up being bribed into going by my best friend Alice.

Alice, my best friend, and my complete opposite. I'm short, plain, brown hair, brown eyes and no fashion sense whatsoever. Some would call me funny, others would say I have an attitude problem, but given the situation with my mother, I've gotten away with it for a while now. Alice, on the other hand, is a pixie, cute, bubbly, petite, dark brown spiky hair, green eyes and an infectious smile. The room lights up around her, I really don't see what she sees in me, but ever since we walked into chemistry class my first year in this school we've been the best of friends.

Neither of us have had it easy with our families and have bonded over the pain of loosing someone special. In Alice's' case, she lost her father, her mother remarried the local doctor and she ended up moving to our dismal little town along with her twin brother Emmett.

"Hey Bella" I heard a high pitched voice coming from behind me bring me out of my reverie. I would know the sound of it anywhere, Alice.

"Hey Al, what's up?" She looked nice today. But, then again, when did Alice Brandon NOT look nice!

"Oh nothing, just happy to see my best-est friend ever." She said with a face splitting grin.

"Yeah Alice, like we haven't seen each other in years." I chided, lord knows we hung up the phone like five minutes ago. She wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be late. Like that would ever happen with Charlie around.

"Oh Bella, don't be like that, you know I miss your sarcastic wit when you're not around me." She said with a smirk. And who do I see coming up behind her but her beautiful boyfriend Jasper Hale. He was tall, blond curly hair and deep brown eyes, I definitely knew what they saw in each other, they radiated love, and maybe a bit of lust.

"Hey Bells, how are you this fine morning?" Jasper says while putting his arms around Alice from behind. She moved her head to give him access to her neck where he placed a chased kiss.

"Hey Jazzy" Alice responds. And I couldn't help but feeling uncomfortable around those two, so freakishly lovey dovey. It was sickening. Jasper was the Forks High Hockey team co-captain. Popular was not even the word to describe these two, I swear I never knew why I was even friends with them, but I love them. They always made an effort to involve me in everything they did and never made me feel too uncomfortable for being the third wheel.

"So everybody ready for our last year of high school?" I asked well knowing we were more than ready to get out of Forks.

"Oh yeah!" they both responded at the same time. We all had a giggle and heard the first period bell ring. I walked over to my homeroom where our teacher would be passing out fliers assigning us lockers and class schedules. `

As I sat down, I felt Mike Newton's presence beside me. "Hi Isabella"

I rolled my eyes, "Oh, hi Mike." I hated Mike Newton ever since he made fun of me for crying in first grade. I can't even remember why I cried, I think I had forgotten my lunch at home and didn't know what to do about it. He had picked up on the fact that I was sitting in the cafeteria crying and just never let the incident go. He was a jackass. Still is.

"Shed any tears lately?" Here we go again.

"You know Mike, it's been twelve years, you'd think you would have forgotten about that by now."

I was glaring at him and gritting my teeth. "I can't believe you're still bringing that up."

A small smile came on his lips, he got what he wanted. Mike Newton got a rise out of me. He turned around, walked over to the back of the class and sat down in the last row. I took my seat in the front row not wanting to see any of them. The teacher handed us our documents and we were free to find our lockers and make it to second period.

I made it out of class without another word from Mike and walked down the hall to the area where my locker was to be located. I found the locker, using the combination on my sheet, opened it and started putting my things away. I had my ear buds in and didn't notice my neighbour coming to put his things away. When I closed the door and turned around I bumped right into him and ended up on the ground on top of him.


"Oh my God Alice, I'm so embarrassed" I was red from head to toe and still shaking.

"Oh Bella, it's not that bad, I'm sure he'll survive. If he can survive being pushed into the ice rink every other night, he can survive being straddled by you." She was giggling at this point.

"I knocked over Edward Cullen, Alice, this is bad." I was slumped over the cafeteria table almost in tears.

"I know, he'll be fine, he's my brother, I know these things." She smiled while she was saying this like it was the funniest thing ever.

"Step-brother Alice, and I know he'll survive, I just don't know if I will" I had a major crush on him in third grade and just never really got over it. I couldn't even look in his direction without blushing from head to toe. The irony in the fact that he lived with my best friend was beyond me. He's never even as much as acknowledged my existence. When I go over to Alice's he's always in his room listening to music or out doing God knows what with Emmett.

Alice's house was a hormonal war zone with the the three of them being the same age. I often wondered exactly what had gotten into Alice's mom, Esme, when she married Dr. Cullen knowing full well that there would be three teenagers in the same house.

Then again, with Alice around, nothing is ever negative or boring. And those boys did have a lot in common since they both played hockey. Edward was the team captain, all around smart mouth and gorgeous. I have found myself gaping at him from afar way too many more times than I can remember. Alice finally asked me if I was her friend because I was in love with her brother, to which I completely denied and told her she was nuts.

These last three years tho, things where strange between Edward and I. I still harboured the schoolgirl crush on him, lets face it, most girls in our school would bend over backwards for him. From what I hear some of them actually do, apparently he's quite the man-whore.

Gorgeous man-whore, tall, spiky bronzed hair that sticks out everywhere, deep green eyes and a gorgeous smile. We never spoke to one another, just eye contact and he'd leave the room I was in, I think I actually made him uncomfortable. Me, of all people. He hated me.

"Stop worrying Bella, you two will get married and have lots of babies someday." she smiled. Jasper came over as she was saying that and he almost choked on the sip of soda he was about to swallow spewing it all over the floor.

"Good lord Alley-Cat, don't say stuff like that without warning me first" Jasper responded while trying to clear his throat.

"Yeah Alley-Cat, seriously, like seriously, are you insane," I glared at her,

"He looked so pissed, he got me off of him and ran off so fast i didn't even have a chance to apologize." Not that I could, I mean, I couldn't even form words when he was around, my brain just melted and turned to putty.

"He'll get over it, just come over tonight and you can apologize then." she said as she got up and met Jasper's embrace.

"OK, I guess, I'll see you later." I got up just as the bell rang, put away my tray and was off to English class.


I was standing at my locker, minding my own fucking business. Trying to open the lock with the combination the school handed out to me when someone just knocked me over. I fell on my ass so fast I didn't even notice who it was until I reached up and moved the body from me.

There she was, Isabella Swan, the clumsiest girl I've ever seen. I swear that girl couldn't walk from one class to the next without bringing someone down. I couldn't say I hated the girl since I'd never even given her the time of day. And she was pretty enough, long flowing brown hair and big brown eyes but, she was Alice's best friend. I'm an ass, but I don't dare fuck with family. I had, however probably fucked about half of the female student body without counting a couple of teachers. What? Don't judge me.

As I walked away, giving up on the locker and just going to my next class I couldn't help but wonder if she still had that crush on me. I heard about it when we were little and never really bothered with the knowledge when she came back to Forks. Don't get me wrong, the girl is cute, beautiful even, in that girl-next-door kinda way, which is why I stay away from her. I respect Alice too much to screw her friends. So I ignore the hell out of Bella as much as I can, which is hard because she's at my house more often than her own.

As I got my lunch and walked over to Emmett's table, I noticed Bella hunched over their table and talking to Alice. I think she might have still been upset.

"Hey man, what did you do to Isabella, I think she's crying again." Mike asked while laughing, I swear that guy is a douche. I'd knock some sense into him if we didn't need him on the team so much.

"Dude, get over that man, we were like six and she forgot her lunch," I said while throwing him a french fry "besides, I doubt she'd be crying over that. She knocked me over earlier, typical Isabella Swan."

"Yeah but man, it was funny shit, you should have seen yourselves." Mike was definitely a douche.

"Seriously, get over it" I told him through gritted teeth so he knew to shut up about it. Emmett joined us fur lunch and we talked hockey season until the bell rang. I put away my tray and made it to next period.

English class. I HATED English class. Why do they have to teach us this shit, I mean we already speak it don't we? I'm a smart motherfucker, probably smarter that the teacher. I have always had the highest grades on our class and have maintained it trough rough hockey seasons and a full social calendar. Being popular was very time consuming.

Thankfully the Sheriff loved me, he always made it to all the games, so, when I got into trouble he would call my father and get me off. My father would let me off the hook a lot. He had a guilty conscience over my mother, Elisabeth Masen, she died when I was born and he was the doctor who delivered me. I'm not sure of the complications but he's always felt guilty for not being able to save her so he saved me when nobody else could.

Elisabeth had no living relatives that could raise me so he made it a point to do it himself, some sort of redemption. He has been the best father any motherfucker could ask for. I never ran out of anything, he has made it to every hockey practice despite the fact that he is an ER doctor at the local hospital. Dr. Cullen, is a lifesaver.

He also saved Esme from a life of waitressing and being a single mom after her husband died unexpectedly. He was the doctor in the ER and there was nothing he could do for them. After a long courtship I found myself having two siblings; Alice, my pixie of a sister and Emmett, the enforcer on our hockey team. The guy is a bear. He is about six inches taller than my six foot frame and has shoulders that shouldn't even need padding to make it out on the ice. He is also the best friend a guy could ask for.

I lucked out between him and Jasper, my future brother-in-law, if Alice gets her way, I have everything a guy could ask for: looks, brains, family and pussy whenever I want it.

"Mr. Cullen," I heard Mr. Banner's voice bringing me out of my reverie, "Mr. Cullen, if you could wake up and join our discussion it would be greatly appreciated."

Oh shit i missed something. "Yes Mr. Banner, I'll do it." I had no idea what it was that I was agreeing to. Whatever it was I'd do it to get him off my back.

Little did I know how bad it would actually be.

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