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In the months following graduation, I worked at Newton's Sporting Goods while Edward worked for Mrs. Yorkie at the local Veterinary clinic. We spent our last summer in Forks working the days away and the evening cuddled up together by a fire with the rest of our friends or even sleeping next to each other at his house or mine. Since it was clear to everyone in our family that we would not be separated by distance to attend college, they were pretty lenient on the sleeping arrangements.

Charlie made us keep my bedroom door opened when Edward was in my room but it didn't matter to us, just being together was worth it. On the nights where we slept at his house, Esme and Carlise had insisted that we keep that same rule, something about respecting Charlie's wishes. What none of our parents realized was that no matter what they did to keep us from "sleeping" together. It still happened. A lot.

We'd go on dates that ended with the car parked at a dead end street in the middle of the woods and do it in the back seat of his car. One time, we went camping with Alice, Jasper, Rose and Emmett and ended up keeping them awake half the night with all of the noise we made. What? It's nothing they'd never heard. Hypocrites.

Anyways, after a close call and almost not graduating, Emmett followed Rose to Notre-Dame, where Emmett studied to be a Phys-Ed teacher and Rose studied Industrial Mechanics. The two of them now live in Seattle, where Emmett teaches and coaches at one of the local high schools and Rose owns her own consulting business. They have two great little boys that keep them on their toes.

As planned, Alice and Jasper did attend school in New York. What was not planned was their break up during their second year of college when Alice went to France to follow another one of her dreams. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, in Alice's case, she needed to see the world before settling down. Jasper waited for her because he knew she'd come back someday and wanted to be ready for her when she did. They reunited three years later at Rose and Emmett's wedding and have been together ever since. They both have stayed in New York, the city that had torn them apart has also managed to keep them together.

Speaking of together, the week before I left for college Aunt Mary moved into our house in Forks. Charlie had decided to retire from the force and keep a little job doing mall security. It still kept him busy and gave him more free time to spend with Mary. They got married the year I graduated university. We had a huge party, celebrating their union as well as my graduation. Edward officially proposed during that party, in front of all of our family and friends. I said yes, of course, never dreaming of any other future for myself than one with Edward.

A year later, we were married and had bought our first and only house in Seattle near Emmett and Rose. We were moving fast, but it suited us. Edward had his internship that kept him busy morning, noon and night while I though kindergarten during the day. We both enjoyed what we did as much as we thought we would. Edward loved saving people, a gift Carlisle had instilled in him at a very early age while I loved teaching basic life skills to my little ones. Being a kindergarten teacher was probably the most rewarding grade because whatever I thought my pupils, would help them out for the rest of their lives.

When Edward had done his internship and secured a position at Seattle Grace Hospital, we started to try to get pregnant. To our surprise, it took no time at all. We had twin boys that year and a daughter followed two years later.

Jonah, Benjamin and Emma were and always will be the loves of my life. Well, the loves of our lives really.

For the years that followed, the kids and my job consumed my days and evenings while Edward's love consumed my nights. Whatever we had started when we were mere hormonal teenagers followed us throughout our lives together. In high school, after Jane had kidnapped me and made Edward's life a living hell, we stuck it out relying on each other to make it through. We did the same with every subsequent roadblock in our life. Through our ups and downs, the one constant we always did have was each other.

I will always love my Edward. It just seems strange how my schoolyard crush on a small boy in 3rd grade turned my life around. I keep thinking about the what ifs, like what if my parent's hadn't divorced? Or what if my mom hadn't died? Or what if I hadn't moved back to Forks? Or what if Jane hadn't kidnapped me? But all those questions only have one answer; without any of my heartaches, I would never have known the love of my life and I can't imagine any other life that the one I live every day with my Edward.


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